Some Facts About Anxiety Disorder to Understand Its Gravity

Anxiety Disorder to Understand Its Gravity

People often shy away from talking about mental health issues for fear of being isolated, misunderstood, etc. COVID-19 may have had many adverse effects on lives, but this phase taught everyone the importance of being open about this aspect of their health. Among various types of mental illnesses, anxiety is the most common health challenge facing Americans. More than 19% of the population (approx 40 million adults) has this issue. Anyone from age 18 and above can be vulnerable to this disease. While it’s treatable, only an abysmal 36.9% of patients seek medical help. Not considering this condition is risky, as it can lead to other mental issues like depression. 

Treatment options

Medications, therapies, and alternative solutions are available. Medicines are usually safe and efficient. Doctors prescribe them with therapy. The length of treatment can vary based on symptoms, co-existing health issues, and other events. You may take (SSRIs) Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or (SNRIs) Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors types of drugs per the guidance. PricePro Pharmacy in Canada can offer these refill prescriptions at a lower price. You can shop for them online. SSRIs and SNRIs are mood enhancers as they take care of serotonin levels in the brain. There are other drugs also. Therapies include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, etc. Other alternatives like yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, and acupuncture also help. 

Mental illness statistics

6.8 million American adults have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), but about 43% of them take medical assistance. The condition affects both genders and, sometimes, accompanies depression. The abrupt gripping of fear or panic disorder affects 6 million adults older than 20. Both men and women can suffer from this condition. About 2-3% of the population suffers from this disorder each year. Usually, people lack knowledge about its treatment or hesitate to talk about it. Social anxiety disorder is also prevalent and is more common than the previous two anxiety types, forming more than 7% of cases. The disease onsets usually around age 13.

Some people confuse stress and anxiety issues, while the latter is a reaction to a stressful situation, and stress occurs as a response to a threatening event. Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is more common in women than in men. Studies show that about 32% of adolescents aged 13 to 18 face anxiety disorders. Without treatment, they suffer in their schooling and social experiences. They are also likely to indulge in substance abuse. 

A close look at these insights is necessary to understand that anxiety, stress, or any other mental condition should not take a back seat for any reason. If you have financial constraints, search for coupons and medication rebates even outside the country. Choose your healthcare plan correctly and use in-network facilities and services. Refrain from discontinuing treatment or reducing your medicine doses. Your condition can worsen. So, don’t give up hope because of the expensive healthcare cost when you have plenty of ways to tackle your budget. Some people borrow money to fund their medical bills. According to Chiang Rai Times, If you manage your cost smartly, you may need only a tiny amount from others to pay your bills. At best, you may not even take this route.

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