Improve your Game in COD Warzone From the Pros


It is safe to say that Call of Duty in gaming history is one of the most important first-person shooter games ever made, and it has an enormous cultural and financial impact on both streamers and franchises. As a COD Warzone player, you want to improve your game like any other skilled player. 

Warzone is not a game that is simple to play. As diehard fans of the Call of Duty series, we love watching old games but more recent matches of pro gamers to enhance our gameplay and style. You can also use Warzone 2 hacks from Lavicheats that instantly make any new player a pro Warzone sniper.

This article will cover several topics, including tips and suggestions from more expert Warzone players. It will help players hone their abilities and shooting strategies within the game. 

Hold the high ground 

Since the first shooters invented the horizontal posture, being on the high ground has been advantageous. Nothing has changed in Warzone since. 

Players can establish camps in a variety of prominent locations with massive structures. In Plunder, landing on a skyscraper’s rooftop peak might be one of the most significant locations to get sniper kills and practice.

Modify your game settings 

The game’s flexible options are so many that they are almost overwhelming. Even the simplest adjustments can have a huge impact, regardless of how minor some may be. 

You may change a few basic options to enhance your performance, whether playing Warzone on a PC or a console. 

Additionally, changing your mini-map from the round default to the square option is a beautiful illustration of spatial awareness. This method allows you to see more of the region physically.

If you want to play to the best of your ability, you must change the gameplay parameters to something more aligned with your playing style. 

Create custom weapon loadouts 

Players can set up various loadouts in Warzone, each containing their preferred gadgets and weapons. 

When customizing your loadout, use caution. Weapons with heartbeat sensors and other features that let you recognize your opponent even from a distance are helpful. 

With loadout drops and the option to buy your unique primary weapons from Buy Stations, Warzone 2.0 gives you a few other ways to acquire your custom weapons throughout a match. 

When so many options are available, it can be challenging to decide which weapon or attachment to use. You can swiftly take out a rival player without alerting who you are targeting.

Always accept contracts 

Contracts are a great way to get information and to make money in Warzone 2, especially early on. You can complete various contracts indicated on the map while still focusing on your primary goals. Additionally, contracts add a lot of enjoyment to your gaming experience, which is a good addition.

After being dropped right away, try to pick up a Bounty contract. It will give you a broad idea of where an enemy is for a short while. Although you are not compelled to get rid of them, or anyone else for that matter, you will be compensated if you do. 

The other contracts are all worthwhile as well. Secured Intel will reward you with XP, money, or knowledge of where the next circle will be; taking this chance is always worthwhile. If you can survive the four minutes of being chased by Safecracker, you will receive treasure and money, and Most Wanted will let you release your slain comrades.

Share relevant information 

Without exception, every player must use the ping system. Every time you come across some item that other players might want to utilize, an enemy, or any additional information that your teammates would find valuable and significant. Pinging is a simple strategy and standard practice, yet many players, even seasoned ones, still need to do it.

Explore the map 

In Warzone 2.0, a brand-new map named Al Mazrah is available for players to explore and battle. Al Mazrah features 18 new tourist attractions to discover upon launch, freshwater combat options employing the lakes and rivers, and a brand-new dungeon to conquer. 

Even expert fighters must choose the optimal drop zones and observation points. Try to land in a new spot after every drop. By doing this, players can become accustomed to all the new regions on the map. Expertise in a particular field might mean the difference between success and failure.

Also, having a general understanding of the map is always beneficial, but with Warzone 2.0’s updated circle dynamics, it is even more crucial. To prevent getting caught in the gas, you should always be aware of where the circles are dividing and where they are moving.

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