Sign Up Bonus: The Best Types of Casino Bonuses

Types of Casino Bonuses

The first thing that attracts players to an online casino is undoubtedly the casino bonuses, especially welcome or sign up bonuses like no deposit bonus or free spins. This is actually one of the most popular promotional offers offered by gambling establishments in order to gain more popularity and become one of the biggest brands in the betting industry. The sign up bonus comes in different forms and also allows the player to get a good start on their online casino adventure by discovering the offers and services available. Let’s see more about sign up bonuses: the best types of casino bonuses.

If you don’t know what the different forms of the bonus are and under what conditions you can claim them to enjoy the best gaming experience, you’re well-advised to read this article. Our experts have broken down the contours of the casino bonuses so that you know what to expect overall if you are newly playing at an online casino. Yet, we’ve compiled a list of bonuses exclusively for you here.

What is a sign up bonus?

As the name suggests, the sign up bonus or welcome offer is a bonus offered by an online gambling site to welcome its players to its platform. This offer is undoubtedly the most popular offer at online gambling establishments, in that it usually determines the experience of an online gambling establishment. If it weren’t for the welcome bonus, players would certainly not be motivated to sign up at a casino to play.

In fact, it is the bonus that sets new online casinos apart from physical gaming establishments where you play without the bonus. If you play at an online casino that offers an attractive welcome bonus, there is a good chance that your stay will be unforgettable. With this bonus, you can discover the different games offered by the site you play at. But how does the welcome offer differ from other casino bonuses?

The elements that characterize the sign up bonus

Sign up bonuses are characterized by certain elements that make them stand out from the many other bonuses offered at casinos.

Firstly, they are the most attractive offers on the market in the sense that they are the main argument to convince players to sign up.

Secondly, this bonus is offered to the player after he/she has created his/her account at the casino. It is credited to the player’s account after the first deposit. But some welcome bonuses can be spread over several deposits at once, allowing the player to play for longer.

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Depending on the platform you sign up with, you will be able to take advantage of different types of welcome offers, including the Make Your Own Bonus, Cash Match, Scaled Cash Match, or sometimes even no deposit bonus, and free spins which we will discuss in more detail below.

What is an attractive sign up bonus?

An attractive sign up bonus is one that gives you the opportunity to play for a long time. Most of the time, operators of gaming sites offer deposit matches that culminate in a certain amount. Beware! A casino may offer a large sign up bonus to attract players while the offer hides very high wagering requirements. A beneficial sign up bonus is that bonus that is not only big but has flexible wagering requirements that are easy to meet. With wagering of 30x for a cash bonus, it is reasonable, but you can find better.

An attractive sign up offer is also a bonus that allows access to several games so you can try your luck on the titles of your chance. Also, while a sign up bonus requires a low minimum deposit before you can take advantage of it, it is attractive because it allows even players with a low budget to use it to play.

Reasons to take advantage of a welcome bonus

The main reason to sign up with online casinos for a welcome bonus is that the offer allows you to boost your bankroll so that you have more playing time. With more money in your account, you have more chances to win. With this bonus, you can withdraw your winnings in cash when you win, but only if you meet the wagering requirements. The other reason we have already discussed is that you have the advantage of discovering the platform and the games available without necessarily touching your capital.

Types of sign up bonuses (welcome bonuses)

Welcome bonuses can be distinguished into different categories, varying from one casino to another. These include:

  • Cash Match Bonus

This type of welcome offer is the most offered at online gambling establishments. If you visit 10 casinos, 7 of them will offer you a bonus of X% capped at a given amount. The so-called free bonus is not as free as you might think, as a minimum deposit will be required before cashing out. You can deposit between AUD100, AUD500, AUD1000, or even more depending on the casino before you are awarded the offer. Since the bonus is offered in the form of a match, the larger your deposit, the larger your bonus. It is also worth mentioning that the bonus is usually followed by terms and conditions that you should definitely check in the online betting platform’s terms and conditions to make sure you claim the offer properly.

  • Scaled Cash Match Bonus

Scaled Cash Match is offered by calculating the amount of money you deposit on the site to play. If you make a deposit of AUD50 at a casino, for example, you can receive a 50% match. If you deposit AUD200, you will receive an extra 200% money to try your luck on the games of your choice. What’s interesting about this bonus is that some betting sites will allow you to make multiple deposits to receive more money to play with.

  • Make Your Own Bonus

Here again, the welcome bonus is offered based on the amount of the deposit you make. A minimum deposit will be imposed and when you make it, you can receive the corresponding amount for playing. It must be said that the casino usually sets a time limit for taking advantage of this bonus and if the time limit has passed, you can no longer take advantage of the offer. Some generous online gambling establishments may offer you a consolation prize when your luck doesn’t run out after the offer has been exhausted.

  • No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is uncommon, and when one is discovered, it will be subject to restrictions. A no deposit bonus is typically given to a player by a brand new casino in order to entice new customers to join. Players will only need to join up or register with the site to receive anywhere between AUD10 and AUD50 for free. This money is regarded exactly the same as actual money, but gamers will have to jump through a few hoops in order to get their hands on it. These normally have maximum withdrawal amounts associated with them as well, so even if you win large, you won’t be able to withdraw all of your money.

  • Free Spins

Free spins are frequently equivalent to giving a player real money to spend on a slot machine. The only difference is that free spins are usually limited to one slot or a certain selection of slots, and any winnings are subject to a playthrough requirement. These bonuses are wonderful because they frequently apply to new or popular slots.

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Tips from the experts on how to take advantage of this offer

The experts know how to get the most out of the welcome offer in order to make more money. With their advice, you can have the best experience with sign up bonuses at online casinos.

First, it is advisable to start looking for the best bonuses by considering a number of elements. In particular, you will need to consider the percentage of the bonus as well as the maximum amount. Then, you will have to go through several platforms to compare the numbers. The online casino that offers you a large percentage with a high maximum amount should be preferred. But beware of the wagering requirements which are sometimes not very high and difficult to meet when the amount of the welcome bonus is high.

Let’s take this opportunity to remind you that it is always wise to consult the terms and conditions of bonuses so that you know what to expect when you claim a welcome bonus. Bonus wagering requirements are always posted at the casino!

Finally, it is worth mentioning that you have the option of declining a sign up bonus if it does not suit you, even after registration.

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