Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Which Is Better?

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Are you considering between Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

Samsung continues to be releasing fresh smartwatches thick and fast over the last year. This also usually means that choosing involving the organization’s scope is currently an increasingly demanding proposition.

On the peak of the shrub is your Samsung Galaxy Watch, the flagship device introduced late in 2018. It has been linked from the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – substituting the first production version, which was just launched a couple of months ago.

Below, we will be comparing the two smartwatches in all of the vital areas that will assist you in choosing which is most suitable for you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Comparison


Size issues

You will also observe the Active two and also the Galaxy Watch come in two distinct sizes alongside different color options. Active two is currently offered in 40 mm and 44 mm. You may select between an aluminum version using a fluoroelastomer band and a stainless steel version with a leather strap. The aluminum version comes from aqua black, cloud silver, and rose gold. The stainless steel version keeps things conventional with silver, black, and gold.

Since both of these choices are smaller than those out there from the Galaxy Watch, the battery can be shorter. The number of times you will have the ability to escape everyone will vary based on several things. If you are using the LTE version, you may automatically expect the battery to drain quicker. The identical logic applies if you will be a regular user of GPS alongside the always-on screen. You can find battery-saving methods you can try. Nonetheless, it would help if you prepared yourself to control the Energetic two every day or two.

Alternately, the Galaxy Watch can be found in 42mm and 46mm. Unless you have a big wrist that requires a bigger size, it isn’t easy to envision this version being comfy. It weighs in at a whopping 63g, which can be more than double the aluminum 44 mm Active 2 version’s weight at only 30g. Whichever size you select, the Galaxy Watch provides a more manly vibe. Color options include silver, gold, midnight black, and rose gold. You can swap out the ring in classic Samsung style, which accompanies it if it does not spark joy.

You will find a larger battery using both models, which means that you may anticipate a longer battery life in return. The 46mm version promises to continue up to seven times, while the 42mm version must last up to four times. Again, you’re going to want to keep in mind that this all depends on how you utilize your Watch. You could have the ability to extend it into the entire amount in case you don’t use the more battery-consuming features also frequently.


If you’d like a lightweight smartwatch, there is no doubt your very best alternative is your Galaxy Watch Active two.

The bigger, 40mm version weighs only 26g. Compared with this stainless steel Galaxy Watch, which weighs 49g for your 42mm version and 63g for its 46mm version, it is a significant point of comparison in these types of watches. Especially for people who will exercise regularly, the Watch Active 2 will probably be a comfortable fit. The 44mm, stainless steel version of this sporty smartwatch weighs significantly less (45g) than the smaller Galaxy Watch.


As we have touched upon, design dimensions do vary considerably in both these smartwatches. And while additionally means the screen size itself will even change, precisely the very same specs are offered across the Galaxy Watch and Watch Active two lines.

Whichever you pick is the best match for your wrist, so you’re going to find a Super AMOLED display with 360 x 360-pixel resolution, and give a choice to stay on continuously.

Rotating bezel

Despite being dumped for the initial creation, Samsung’s signature rotating bezel creates an appearance on the Watch Energetic 2. This allows users quickly and quickly rotate their way via the smartwatch interface, the same as using the Galaxy Watch, even though it works slightly differently.

Rather than behaving like a separate module on display’s an outside border, the Watch Lively 2 preferably has this functionality built to a bit bezel. You might like the bodily feedback of this Galaxy Watch within this brand new bezel, but Samsung has attracted attention to the Lively in a particular form.

Waterproof Score

The two varieties of smartwatches come in packaging both a 5ATM water evaluation and an IP68 tag. This means that both Samsung smartwatches could withstand water pressure (up to a thickness of 50 meters) and be free of dust and water damage.


The features themselves are quite alike, but the Lively two has some extra features regarding health monitoring. Even though the Galaxy Watch contains 4 LED detectors for monitoring heart-rate, Active 2 includes 8, which implies more consistent monitoring and real-time heart-rate data. The Lively two also offers the accession of this ECG screen, which can detect irregularities at your heart’s rhythm and even warn you when you may be at risk. In the time of the movie, the ECG is current on the Watch, but not lively. It is still awaiting FDA approval, but Samsung has reported this attribute ought to be available sometime in the not too distant future.

The excess size and weight of this Galaxy Watch mean it’s a larger battery. You will receive about 3-4 times of typical use from it, while the Lively two is much more like 2-3 days. In any event, the battery life on both these watches is perfect compared to smartwatches from other top brands!

Both watches include a 360×360 resolution display, that’s quite impressive on a smartwatch! The text and images look sharp and bright – superb significant for seeing your Watch outside.

The Galaxy Watch and Active 2 possess the same IP68 waterproof score, operate Tizen OS, and come packed with the same apps. These are both fantastic smartwatches that work well with any Android cellphone, not only Samsung! They work with iOS. The most important difference you will discover when using it with iOS is your inability to fast answer to the smartwatch’s messages. Also, when you receive a call, it will use the mic on your telephone instead of the one on our smartwatch.


Unlike the first creation, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Lively 2 is priced considerably nearer to the Galaxy Watch. The apparatus’s 40mm variant will set you back $279.99, increasing to $299.99 for your 44mm version. There are not many details concerning the LTE variant, although the company indicates it’ll be accessible through all significant carriers in America or UK prices.

The 42mm Galaxy Watch comes in at $329.99, jumping around $349.99 for the 46mm edition.

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What it comes down to is precisely what you are seeking to escape a smartwatch. If you’re searching for something that’s predominantly for monitoring your fitness and wellness, but still gets the excellent smartwatch features like getting notifications and calls onto it. We would suggest that you test out the Energetic 2. It’s a little pricier, but you do get additional features in a smaller package!

The Galaxy Watch, the flip side, delivers all your alarms and data from your phone while appearing considerably more stylish. It has physical fitness features like monitoring steps and heart rate; however, it is somewhat heavy on the wrist to fitness workouts and tight to wear while you sleep (if you would like to keep track of your sleep). Additionally, it is somewhat more affordable.

Overall, Samsung is one of the very tops of the smartwatch sport, and we would happily recommend both of those models to anybody seeking to expand their productivity and wellness! If you don’t live and breathe fitness and health, the Galaxy Watch will provide you everything that you want from a smartwatch. If fitness and wellness monitoring is an integral priority for you, Active two is well worth the excess investment.

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