Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Upgrade Or Not?

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

If you are considering between Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Samsung Galaxy S8, Colorfy is here to help you determine better. Keep reading!

The Galaxy S8 is now over three years old, and at the smartphone marketplace, that is equal to eternity. It has still got a fantastic screen, dependable cameras, and a tremendous processor, but in contrast to the S10, it is outdone in only about every category.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Comparison


The Samsung Galaxy S10’s design is not a massive divergence from the Samsung Galaxy S8, which started two decades back. It evolved by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that a further two decades back.

Both phones have dual-curved screens that dominate buttonless fronts. Both have metal rims and glistening, glass springs. Both put their cameras into the middle of these springs rather than the side, such as the Apple iPhone household. These two are IP68 rated, which makes them almost dust and waterproof.

However, examine the fine details of these elements, and you will see just how much the Samsung Galaxy S10 has developed. Its screen is much longer, with an aspect ratio of 19:9 as opposed to the Galaxy S8 18.5:9.

This usually means that the S10’s screen fills the front of the telephone far more, with minimum top and bottom bezels to the song of a 93.1percent screen-to-body ratio. The Galaxy S8 only oversees 83.6 percent, as a result of its chunky brow and chin.

To facilitate this growth without resorting to some pop-up selfie cam, Samsung has integrated the front camera to the S10’s screen. It is there as a tiny cut-out at the very best right-hand corner, and it is a method that Samsung calls Infinity-O. A knock-on consequence of this is that the Galaxy S10 has dropped the detector grubbing required because of its iris-recognition characteristic. It will not be missed.

There are two or three evolutionary differences about the back of the telephones, also. The Galaxy S8’s particular camera module has expanded threefold on the S10, and it moves across the majority of the width of this telephone consequently.

Below that very long camera module, you may observe a lack. Contrary to the Galaxy S8, there is no fingerprint detector on the Galaxy S10. That is because Samsung has stashed an extra-secure ultrasonic sensor directly under the screen. This represents a prospective step-up from the first creation of optical in-display detectors found from this OnePlus 6T. Therefore we’ll want to see if the operation has improved.

The S10 will be available in the following colors: Prism White, Prism Black, or Prism Green. The S8 family currently stretches to seven colors: Midnight Black, Orchard Grey, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold, Rose Pink, and Burgundy Red.

Specs and features

Despite its favorable screen-to-body ratio, the Galaxy S10 is slightly larger than the Galaxy S8. We are talking a couple of millimeters added into the width and height – the new cellphone’s two g heavier. In precisely the same time that it’s fractionally thinner compared to the old version.

You do not need to look far to find the main reason behind this overall growth. The Galaxy S10’s screen is not only longer than the S8’s; it is flat out larger. We are speaking 6.1-inches for the S10 from 5.8-inches for the S8. In that circumstance, it is very impressive that the available size gap is indeed marginal.

Apart from being more significant, the Galaxy S10’s display is, on paper, a nice step-up in caliber. It boasts service for the HDR10+ benchmark, and it becomes super-bright to the song of 1200 nits. The Galaxy S8 just about twenty-seven over 1000, which is still far from poor.

Aside from that, the two screens discuss their Super AMOLED standing and QHD+ resolution. Samsung understands what it is doing in the screen section.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S8 – Specs and features

If it comes to energy, the Galaxy S10 seems to have a much larger lead over the aging Samsung Galaxy S8. The new apparatus makes the switch into a Snapdragon 855 (such as the US and China) or an equal custom Exynos chipset (for anyplace else) assembled using a bigger and more efficient 7nm or 8nm process.

By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S8 runs on a Snapdragon 835 or an Exynos 8895 chip, each constructed utilizing an octa-core 10nm process. We will have to do some benchmarking to make sure, but it is safe to anticipate a substantial performance benefit for the more recent phone.

The addition of a brand new vapour room cooling system also signifies the S10 ought to have the ability to keep peak performance for more. As the last performance advantage, the Galaxy S10 runs on 8GB of RAM; double the 4GB used from the Galaxy S8.

While we are discussing memory capabilities, the S10 far outstrips the S8 with 128GB of storage. It is also possible to go with a whopping 512GB alternative if you so want. Galaxy S8 users may rely on 64GB as regular, though both mobiles can take up to 512GB of enlarged storage via their microSD slots.

Last, the Samsung Galaxy S10 sports a bigger battery compared to the Galaxy S8. Its 3400mAh unit further clarifies the Galaxy S10 is a bit heavier than the S8, which has a 3000mAh battery.

While the two mobiles encourage rapid wireless charging, the S10 has the extra plus of controlling other wireless charging products. This is meant to power Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds, but it must utilize almost any Qi-compatible device.


The S10 will comprise a 6.1at Dynamic AMOLED Quad HD+ (3040×1440) panels using a body to display a ratio of 93 percent, which will contain 550 PPI (pixels per inch). You will also find a ‘punch-hole’ from the display that houses the front-facing cameras, instead of a notch. There’ll also be a fingerprint scanner buried to the display of this S10, which isn’t something we have seen much of before, however, is something which 2019’s flagships will be proudly boasting.

The S8’s screen was the very first iteration of this infinity screen’ that has lead to many versions following this design fad; the SuperAMOLED 5.8-inch display still looks great for this day and defaults to Total HD+ at 2960×1440 in a pixel density of 570 PPI that’s still fine and impressive.

The newest S10 is undoubtedly likely to get the better display; however, the S8 is certainly holding its own concerning features. A couple of years ago indeed appears to be a very long time and the smartphone marketplace goes incredibly quickly. However, the S8 is a fantastic bargain at present rates.

Processor and Hardware

The Galaxy S10 will likely be powered by Samsung’s very own Octa-core 8nm processor Exynos 9820 processor or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, based on where on earth you’re. There’ll be a few distinct storages and memory versions to pick from – between 6GB and 12GB of RAM and an unbelievable 1TB of storage in case you genuinely need to dab.

The S8 homes the Exynos 9 8895 or the Snapdragon 835, which for many people is still plenty fast enough for playing games and surfing between multiple programs at the same time.

The S10 is undoubtedly likely to be the quicker phone. However, the S8 is going to carry out exceptionally well for the vast majority of users. If you are considering using your telephone to surf the world wide web, watching TV, and sending emails afterward, the S8 will be sufficient.


The Galaxy S8 has the same camera as the S7, which will be a 12MP Double Pixel having an f/1.7 aperture, optical image stabilization, and 4k recording capacities.

Samsung has had great cameras in its flagship telephones. This trend will become 2019 with the triple-lens installment debut with a 12Mp standard wide-angle, 12Mp telephoto plus a 16Mp ultra-wide-angle lens providing a huge quantity of flexibility.

The S10 will even feature a Double Pixel 10Mp front camera compared to the only lens 8Mp found on the elderly S8.

If you are a budding photographer, you are going to love the gain in-camera technologies between both generations, together with the S10 offering a more comprehensive experience on what the S8 attracts – that remains impressive to this day.

Video: [CAMERA TEST] Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Price & Availability

The Galaxy S8 price £689/$724.99 as it was fresh, but nowadays you can pick up one for only £389 in Amazon UK, or even $414 in Amazon US SIM-free.

The Galaxy S10 is substantially costlier as 2019’s flagship telephone at £799/$899 that you can purchase here. It is relatively normal for your cost to find a fast fall in the first couple of months, so if you’re trying to find the best bargain possible, then you might consider waiting.

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Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been among the best tablets on the market in its day, and it remains a competent actor. You can see its influence on the plan of this Galaxy S10. But there is no escaping progress, along with also the Galaxy S10 is the more significant phone in almost every way. It is shaping up for a risk-free update choice for Galaxy S8 owners.

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