Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Samsung Gear IconX: Worth The Upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Samsung Gear IconX

Are you considering between Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Samsung Gear IconX? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

There are many talks over the net if the brand new Samsung Galaxy Buds are rivalry into the Apple AirPods? However, it must be observed if they’ve improved it to a decent degree out of their old version Samsung Gear IconX in itself that premiered in 2018.

With Many choices ranging from $20 to $300 from little off-brands to the giants such as Apple who has offered tens of thousands of earbuds until today, Samsung attempting to Obtain a place introducing an impressive update of its older Gear IconX

Although Samsung has lots of fanfare around them, its a thousand dollar question when their lovers are all set to devote a hefty price?

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds


  • Longer battery life
  • Wireless charging
  • Better quick charging
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Less expensive


  • No onboard storage for audio
  • Deficiency of exercise detection
  • IPX2 water/dust immunity

Samsung Gear Icon X (2018)

Samsung Gear Icon X (2018)


  • IP67 water/dust immunity
  • 4GB of storage that is onboard
  • Automatic/Manual workout detection


  • Restricted to wired charging
  • Shorter battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Restricted Bixby controller

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Gear IconX Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Samsung Gear IconX Comparison

Samsung Gear iconx vs Galaxy Buds Design

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The case comes at a pill-shaped box made from plastic. There’s a Samsung logo at the surface of the case, and the case also reveals noise by AKG. There’s a LED light away from the situation that indicates that the battery level of this circumstance. Underneath the circumstance, there’s a USB Type-C interface for charging.

When you start up the scenario, you can view another LED light there, suggesting that these earbuds’ battery. If it shines greenway, it is fully charged, it shines yellow means partly charged, and whether it glows, red signifies it is time to charge up them. You do have the connectors within the instance, which can enable you to charge up the circumstance. The event of those earbuds may also be billed through the Qi wireless charging pad.

The earbuds themselves are incredibly tiny. There’s a touchpad for those purposes like play-pause, jump forward or backward monitor, etc. on both sides of the earbuds. When we consider the inner portion of these earbuds, there’s a hole to your mic and metallic hooks utilized to bill them up. There’ll be replaceable ear hints and ear wings in your earbuds. They look little and miniature and have a fashionable appearance.

Samsung Gear IconX

The situation here has a tiny, slender form. There’s a Samsung logo at the surface of the circumstance. Additionally, there are two LED lights away from the situation that shows you if the earbuds indoors are charging or not. On the rear of this situation, you have your USB port for charging. When you start up the scenario, you’ve got the left and right tag to set the earbuds in their location.

The earbuds here are tiny, and it appears like it’s specially created for gym functions. The earbuds have the touchpad to control the functions. These have a “wear discovery” attribute, so when you set them on your ear, they will automatically turn on. So, there is no on-and-off switch after you put them on your ear, so they automatically trigger, and when you eliminate them out of your ears, it’ll turn away.

Samsung Gear iconx vs Galaxy Buds Comfort

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Since the Samsung Galaxy Buds possess a little and tiny profile that they match perfectly in the ears, and they’re comfy too in a fantastic method. These earbuds provide an excellent seal that would also help in sound isolation. If these earbuds aren’t providing you with the tremendous seal, you can substitute the ear tips and ear wings.

Together with a set of ear tips and ear bubbles around the earbuds themselves, you’re getting another two pairs so you may get your right fit following the size of your ear and relaxation. The medium-sized one will include earbuds themselves along with the big and small-sized ones that you receive together with the box. This way, it is possible to find the perfect match and decent relaxation as you desire.

Samsung Gear IconX

So far as comfort, these may be the best items that hit the fitness center. I’m blown away by those, and these would be the significant go for gym functions. I tested the comfort and fit, I place them, and I started doing jumping jacks, push-ups plus they won’t proceed.

I did the shake evaluation by beginning shaking my head as tough that you’d not do at the gym, and they match perfectly, and they don’t move. When you set them on your ear for the first time, then no fixing, no attempting to find the ideal fit. Whenever you put them on your ear, they provide the perfect match there, not moving. These are all incredible.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs icon x Features

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds come in an easily packed box. Within the box we have, we get the event of the earbuds we receive the earbuds themselves; we receive the USB Type-C cable, and also we receive additional pairs of ear tips and ear wings that are pretty much. The Samsung Galaxy Buds can be found in three distinct colors black, white, and yellow.

We’re obtaining a touchpad for your hands instead of buttons which dip to the ears. Concerning operation, the touchpad works perfectly. The touchpad performs the acts like a single tap into play-pause, a double-tap to jump forward the trail and answer or end the telephone, double-tap tap to jump backward, and on media and maintain we have the option to select from. We can pick any of those from fast ambient mode or quantity up/down and voice helper on each earbud side.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are showcased for Bluetooth 5.0. The paring process in them is as simple as the Airpods. For paring these for your apparatus, to begin with, you have to turn the Bluetooth on your device and open the instance. The earbuds will be displayed in your device then you need to tap on them and undergo the connectivity process.

As soon as you set them up for your first time, the linking process will be easy, so once you open the instance, it’ll automatically get joined. Concerning connectivity, I hadn’t faced any problem in any way. I checked the connectivity by going 50 feet much from the apparatus, there weren’t some dropouts, and it worked perfectly.

So far as the telephone quality, it worked reasonably nicely. In my end, it was loud and crystal clear in precisely the same time that the individual, on the other end, also noticed me properly. They said initially I seemed them at a means of small static, but once I moved a little away from my phone, I heard me. I also checked the lag latency in these earbuds. I mean by slowdown latency, there is some delay in that which we see and what we hear. There was no log whatsoever, even while viewing youtube movies, Netflix, etc..

You’re receiving a program named Galaxy Wearable program along with those earbuds. When you start up the program, it will demonstrate the battery percent on either the right and the left earbuds. Then you’ve got your equalizer presets bass, lively, soft, clean, and treble boost.

It is possible to select the one that you want out of these. You do have the telling setting for your applications. It is possible to pick the program from that place on that you would like to flip on/off the read-aloud the telling choice for the earbuds. Following that, you’ve got your touchpad settings in which you may customize the left and right touchpad functions, and you can also turn off the touchpad therein.

Then you’ve got the ambient sound style there in the program. You can turn on/off the neighboring audio mode from the program or by the earbuds themselves. Additionally, when you flip on the ambient noise manner, you get several different selections like to increase or reduce the ambient noise you turning and listen on/off the voice attention that would assist you in creating your voice stick out. Finally, you receive the “Locate my earbuds” attribute, which would help you discover your earbuds if you’d lost them within your house or office utilizing noise.

Samsung Gear IconX

We receive the Gear IconX cord-free physical fitness earbuds in three unique colors; you get black, white, or blue. Since the provider asserts, these are wireless, so you receive a match in layout, you also get three distinct size earbuds big, moderate, and small; you have a standalone physical fitness tracker, which means it is possible to set this up with your Swellness program or you could use this stand status and track your steps, you can trigger ambient noise mode to listen to your environment, and you also get 4GB of internal memory that is a fantastic enough for around a million tunes so you can even wirelessly stream your audio.

Within the box, you receive your typical novels, some sized ear bubbles, your USB connector such as micro USB to USB; you receive a micro USB charging cable, earbuds, and your charging instance.

Since you’ve got touch-sensitive controllers, it controls the functions as you tap to play-pause songs, double-tap to tracks, answer and end calls, triple tap to visit your past track, should you swipe that’s down the volume, swipe that’ll be quantity up, and if you tap and hold that is your menu readout to your S health actions and to trigger your nearby noise mode.

It’s likewise simple to join; when you place the earbuds, it will be displayed on the telephone to connect. When you tap on the link, it is going to get connected immediately.

When you start up the program, it shows you how your battery on every side of the earbuds. It is possible to control the quantity, and really, it is possible to do this from the real earbuds itself also. You can initiate the work out with your S health program, which shows you all of your measures, heartbeats, anxiety level, spo2 collections; you might even play audio directly in the earbuds if you’d downloaded any songs or out of your mobile phone. The touch-sensitive controls work well. When you proceed to preferences, you can manage your songs, handle monitors, shuffle your songs, command your audio, and you’ll be able to play music directly from the phone or in the Gear.

Then you’ve got your alarms settings from the Gear program there, which means that you can record all of your program notifications, and also, you may receive alarms to read to you as you are working out. You get your workout sound manual, and that means you receive help as you’re exercising like using a tiny personal trainer. You then have the ambient noise style, and for me, the audio seems just a small bit more hollow with all the ambient sound mode on. You get read menu choices, you receive your voice manual with 15 distinct languages, and you may also choose which earbud is your primary earbud.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs iconx Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Buds

You will receive 6 hours of battery life using the earbuds that are reasonably good at this budget. The situation will provide you an extra 7 hours of charging, so adding one complete charge you’re becoming. You do get the fast charge feature; also, 15 minutes of fee provides approximately 100 minutes of playtime.

You can control the situation either with the support of this USB Type-C cable coming using these or by employing the Qi wireless charging pad. These support wireless charging. In case you’ve got a mobile-like Galaxy S10 that supports wireless charging, then you may even use them up to bill this circumstance.

Samsung Gear IconX

The Samsung Gear IconX is powerfully tiny. So far as battery life, even if you are streaming audio, you are only likely to get about an hour and a half worth of battery life but should you enjoying audio straight in the earbuds, you are likely to get approximately three and a half an hour. You can control the earbuds up with the charger that comes with it, and it just takes about one hour to control entirely.

If you would like to control them, you have to keep the earbuds in, close up the case, and then you’re able to observe the LED come on. Therefore it’s going to be charging. If you have to control up the case, plug in the USB cable in your battery charger, either your computer or anything you have, and begin charging.

Samsung Gear iconx vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Sound Quality

Samsung Galaxy Buds

I tested the sound quality of this Samsung Galaxy Buds together with the maximum quantity. I attempted a lot of different genres of music. I’m very impressed with the caliber of audio at this budget. These work well concerning vocals and mid-tones. Additionally, the high-tones and trebles have been producing a fantastic noise by not being overly sharp. However, the bass is exactly what somewhat lacking in them. Nevertheless, you can boost it up with the equalizer’s assistance placing “bass boost” from the program. In general, the sound quality is good at this price range, in my view.

Samsung Gear IconX

Sound-wise they seem crystal clear and pleasant, but not overpowering bass, but they still seem ideal. I am blown away in the audio quality. These are the sort of headphones that sounds fantastic, which makes you need to work out. When you buy these on your mind, you’ve got nothing to consider your music, and it is going to seem like it is right in mind.

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Galaxy Buds vs Gear iconx: Worth The Upgrade?

YES, Certainly Samsung Buds are an improved variant of this Gear IconX.

Concerning cost, you have them packed in cost range very similar to that of IconX or lower than it.

Galaxy buds are small, Light, and also have a comfy fit. So as the charging case became compact than ever to carry easily inside pocket.

Concerning technological improvements, you get the latest low power Bluetooth 5.0 protocol that ensures high excellent signal transmission with no latency, Wireless-charging capacities (keep the situation over your telephone ), Customizable sound capacities with a single tap, New color choices, and super light than previously, what do you want?

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