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Proton Vpn Review

All VPN providers claim to be specialists in solitude, but there is no proof. Swiss-based Proton VPN is different since the business has a track record of safety, it is behind Proton Mail, the most popular end to end encrypted email support.

Proton VPN’s community has increased considerably since our last inspection and provides a fair-sized 722 servers around 46 nations. Most servers are located in Europe and North America, as usual, but there are also places in Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, and much more.

Proton VPN manages and owns its servers, and they are on the internet utilizing the company network. Aside from providing Proton VPN great control on how the service is installed and handled, it also shows us that this is not just some shell business making profits from reselling other people’s kit. Let Colorfy show you more about this Vpn in Proton Vpn Review. 

Proton VPN Overview


Proton VPN Pros:

  • No log files (by their TOS)
  • Free version available
  • The Fantastic staff and eyesight
  • Works using Netflix for today
  • Industry-standard protocol & encryption

Proton VPN Cons:

  • No actual support
  • Restricted torrenting
  • Unfinished product


Proton VPN brings out all the stops when it comes to safety. To begin, the business is located in Switzerland, which does not share information with European authorities or the US and has privacy legislation. Proton VPN also has among the most effective no-logging policies we have seen. Is that the period of your login effort, and that’s overwritten each time you log into.

The most fascinating and one of a kind characteristic that Proton VPN provides is precisely what requires Secure Core. This means that if you link to a host with Proton VPN, your link is routed through several Proton VPN’s most protected servers. Because of this, even if you get a malware-infected site, history and your IP address can not ever be discharged to community attackers.

Proton VPN also supplies a built-in kill button to protect your IP. There is no choice to automatically have the VPN turn on if you connect to a public WiFi network; however, you can automatically place Proton VPN to start a link automatically once you turn on your PC.

Regrettably, Proton VPN’s server system is more compact than several VPNs that bill prices that the company has spread over 50 nations. There are few servers across Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East, but if you would like to join Europe or even North America, many nations have up servers out there.

Obsessives will be delighted to remember that Proton VPN provides Tor over VPN, which incorporates your relation to the Tor anonymous network. In a click, all information is routed via the Tor system, which provides the consumer access to websites. That was Onion in addition to an excess layer of privacy. Apart from Nord VPN, we can not name.

Ultimately, Proton VPN does possess the capability to unblock geo-restricted streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney, however merely on Plus programs and over. This is a superb feature for any VPN. Still, seeing providers such as Surfshark offer precisely the same for a far lower price. If you are trying to find a streaming VPN afterward, Proton will appear pricey it is the innovative security that is going to draw folks in.

Programs and Server Places

Concerning supply, Proton VPN covers 51 nations, a bit below the 52 countries provided by VPNs typically. CyberGhost includes ExpressVPN, 94, and 90 nations. More server places are great since you are more likely to locate a VPN server close to you, giving you more excellent performance. Additionally, it means more choices.

Proton VPN deserves credit for improving its distribution. The business currently offers server places in Africa, a whole continent frequently ignored by VPN businesses, in addition to servers in locations in India. Proton VPN has one area in South America, yet another oft-ignored locale. I’d love to see more choices, but Proton VPN does better than many.

Proton VPN provides servers in areas with repressive online policies, such as China (Hong Kong), Russia, and Turkey. Having servers in such areas does not necessarily enable users to bypass censorship, but it might provide a modicum of privacy and security. Be aware that legislation has prompted a few VPN organizations to eliminate their Hong Kong servers.

Proton VPN has sized networks of servers and one which has grown through recent years. It currently stands in 954, which will be a far cry from the 5,000 or even more accessible from CyberGhost and Nord VPN. While many servers are undoubtedly beautiful, they do not necessarily mean better support.

Some readers have voiced concern utilizing servers. All these are software-defined servers, which means a single physical host can perform host to a lot of digital ones. These may also be configured to look as though they’re in a state apart from their physical server. The issue is that folks wish to know precisely where they’re linking, and throughout which nations their advice is passing.

That is not to mention that using virtual servers is poor. GoldenFrog Vypr VPN, as an instance, utilizes virtual servers in places regarded as protected to be able to support areas where the corporation can’t guarantee the protection of its hardware. An agent for Proton VPN informs me that the provider rents “bare metal” servers committed to Proton VPN, meaning they aren’t shared with other tenants and are precisely where they state they are.


Proton VPN’s Swiss residence gives it a direct privacy advantage over the majority of the contest. The nation has compelling privacy legislation, is out of US and EU authority, and is not a part of the 14 eyes defense system.

The business says its logging coverage quite clearly: “Proton VPN is not a logs VPN service. We don’t monitor or record your online activity, and so, we cannot disclose this information to third parties.”

Session logging is practically non-existent. The organization stores the timestamp of the last successful login attempt, but that is it. This can be overwritten when you log in, therefore it just ever reflects the previous session.

Proton VPN partners your accounts using an email address when you join, yet this speech may be anything you like. The business proposes using Proton Mail if you would like to stay completely anonymous.

Subscribe to the free program, and you also won’t need to provide any payment details. Pick something different, and you may choose to pay by Bitcoin. Should you use PayPal or a credit card, the payments are processed with a third-party, and Proton VPN will not find your billing details.

A Transparency Report or ‘Warrant Canary’ page that in concept reports ‘notable legal asks’ and what occurred. It sounds helpful, but it appears to have been recorded one request (no information was passed over), which has been dated January 2019.

Better news came in January 2021 when Proton VPN declared its programs were open-source and published separate audit reports on all from safety specialists SEC Consult.

The results were excellent, with just 11 vulnerabilities found throughout the desktop computer and mobile programs, and those only from the low or moderate class.

Eleven may seem a whole lot, but it truly isn’t. The entire purpose of this sort of audit is that it is exceptionally comprehensive, identifying even the smallest problems, and not one of Proton VPN’s vulnerabilities were showstoppers.

In 1 thing, By way of instance, SEC Consult recognized the Windows client saved data about the session for processing. That is hardly surprising when the program is closed, and also the information disappears. Unless an attacker gets access to a system, manages to ditch a copy of your RAM, take it off, and identify the VPN process and determine its own data structures, it is not likely to be a problem.

Put all together, and Proton VPN deserves credit for exposing itself. There is scope to go, so such as the audits of TunnelBear do cover its programs; they appear at the back end of its infrastructure and front-end systems of the site. However, Proton VPN nevertheless tramples all the majority of the contest, who do not possess the guts to put themselves during any audit.


Our speed testing started by linking with the fastest host from two places (one UK, one US), subsequently assessing performance and benchmarking sites and

UK rates were reasonable at 66-69Mbps, an 8-9% fall on our results together with the VPN turned away. That is below average we see reduction around but you are not likely to know the difference unless you are also running speed tests.

Proton VPN’s rates from our US test place appeared at 12Mbps, and so were frequently less, hugely disappointing once you consider our evaluation place could manage speeds of over 600Mbps.

All these results were so bad we could believe them, and better outcomes were shown by testing out of the UK into the US, with a range of 50-65Mbps.

The inspection occurred in late March 2021, when a lot of the US was at home after coronavirus related limitations, so it is plausible that it played a role. Individuals using Proton VPN more frequently, overloading the servers folks gobbling up bandwidth.

That appears unlikely for a whole explanation since Proton VPN’s outcomes were poor in our prior inspection (6 months before ) in a summit 25Mbps. But we can not know that for sure, and since the present situation is so unique, and there are many unknowns, we are not going to rely on the slow rates because of a significant black mark.

Is It Legal To Use A Vpn For Netflix


Proton VPN sells itself, but our tests showed positive effects and a few improvements since our last inspection.

We were able to get BBC iPlayer. The UK and US Netflix are available with the Plus program. However, as we have seen previously, the player occasionally took a lengthy time to perform anything and sometimes timed out, forcing us to test again. ProtonVPN unblocked Disney+ though with comparable performance problems. Plus, it got us to Amazon Prime Video without the speed problems in any respect.

Interface and in usage

Proton VPN provides Android and iOS apparatus in addition to programs for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The user interface is contemporary and clean, using a map showing all of the company server places.

Linking takes approximately seven minutes, and it is somewhat slower but not bad enough to influence endurance. We also appreciated the listing of servers that would be color-coded to exhibit their latency and load so that you understand just what to expect before linking.

Proton VPN’s’profiles’ features are a usability hint that allows you to store your frequently used settings. By way of instance, there is a server you have noticed well for P2P or for obtaining US Netflix, but you regularly utilize a connection for day to day surfing. Save both as profiles, and you’re going to have the ability to link to either in one click.

In regards to analyzing server rates, we had mixed results. When linking to servers in Europe, we averaged rates of approximately 15Mbps, but when connecting to Canada, our price jumped to almost 25Mbps. However, it is a speed reduction either manner.

Performance from the UK was improved, with rates averaging approximately 66-69Mbps on a 75-Mbps line. That is still not the screen we have seen. However, it is usable.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Proton VPN supports split tunneling. This permits you to track programs or programs, like a single browser, while you’ve got a VPN connection busy. Combine this with the kill button and leak protection, also Proton VPN provides a package of resources to get the maximum.


Proton VPN’s service could be more powerful, and the provider offers support via email. While there is an internet knowledge base, it will not cover a variety of topics, and also the included guides are brief. However, for questions regarding the setup or restarting a relationship, you will probably have the ability to obtain.

We want to find some chat executed. It is more useful you might think, and since the vast majority of those players offer this. VPNs of all sorts can endure problems with servers or incompatibilities with applications and having the ability to acquire a solution in moments or seconds is much better than having to await an email response. Nonetheless, in Proton’s defense, our evaluation emails were answered in an afternoon and provided comprehensive solutions.

Final verdict

Proton VPN unblocks everything, and it’s well-designed apps are audited and open source. We have had speed problems, and support is somewhat slow, but this is a decent company, and we must applaud. Could you try one time? Colorfy hopes that this guide can help you know more about this Vpn.

Proton Vpn Review FAQs

What are the Advantages of Proton VPN?

Proton VPN delivers benefits concerning client support, safety, speed, market, performance, and dependability. It is a VPN.
You can compare under the Qualities of proton VPN and Nord VPN.

Can nations Proton VPN pay for?

With Proton VPN, you’ve got 749 servers in 46 countries around the world. You’ll have the ability to get a good deal of articles from overseas.

Can Proton VPN sell your data?

Proton VPN, however, is an exception to this principle. Our VPN is the only person on earth with no bandwidth limits, no malware, no logs, and no advertisements. We do not sell your information because we do not collect it in the first area, and we do not Try to Create revenue from our complimentary customers.

Is Proton VPN encrypted?

When you utilize Proton VPN to surf the internet, your Internet link is encrypted. By routing your connection, Proton VPN’s innovative safety features ensure that an individual can’t eavesdrop on your relationship. Additionally, it lets you get.

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