Private Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Private Vpn Review

Private VPN is a Swedish VPN service staple in some regions and includes a few unusual and exciting features. The system is comparatively modest, with 60 states and over 150 servers (providers such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN have thousands).

However, torrents are encouraged anywhere, and you receive easy to use clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, in addition to installation instructions for Linux, routers, and much more.

The business scores because of its specialized features, such as OpenVPN, L2TP, and IVEv2 service, a stealth way to skip VPN obstructing, port forwarding service, systemwide, and program kill switches, DNS and IPv6 escape protection along with the capability to link up to 6 devices concurrently. Follow Colorfy to know more about this Vpn in Private Vpn Review. 

Private VPN full Overview




  • Quick Regional rates
  • Unblocks UK & US Netflix, more & BBC iPlayer
  • Great new program layout
  • No logging & escapes, DNS & WebRTC no IP
  • Torrenting enabled on all servers.
  • VPN servers in 60 Nations


  • Slow rates on long-distance relations
  • No browser VPN extensions
  • Live chat not consistently accessible.
  • Free trial

PrivateVPN Pricing Program

PrivateVPN is cheap, with a massive 83% saving accessible when taking a two-year strategy. $1.89 a month to the length is a very enticing cost for a ceremony that is the caliber of PrivateVPN.

Payment & Refund Options

PrivateVPN takes several payment Procedures. However, There’s a Choice

  • Credit and debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

Lately, its trial alternative was eliminated by PrivateVPN. This trial period did not need any payment details to register and was our trial that is free out of any VPN support. It created PrivateVPN unique one of the VPNs on the current market, so its elimination leaves PrivateVPN striking than previously.

The VPN provider assured us the free trial will go back at a particular stage later on but refused to provide an estimated timescale. We expect as it turned out to be a fantastic entry point for VPN users that this choice is restored by PrivateVPN shortly.

Importantly, the VPN includes a 30day moneyback guarantee for many customers, and the only requirement is that you use less than 100GB of data from the interval.

You’ll have to provide a motive for requesting your cash, but all refunds are processed within five business days of these being asked in case you’ve got second thoughts.

Privacy and logging

Can PrivateVPN keep any logs? The site appears emphatic: “Our Swedish privacy legislation implies there are NO traffic logs maintained to be captured by authorities. Unlike lots of other VPN providers, even WE do not know what you are doing.”

That does not rule traffic out, needless to say: bandwidth, link times IPs. Since PrivateVPN imposes a six device restriction, it maintains a listing of user sessions, but we can find nothing relating to it. That is a shame, but it is not uncommon, and since PrivateVPN relies on privacy-conscious Sweden, we guess some details will be somewhat safe.

The remainder of the privacy-related small print is much like other VPNs. PrivateVPN keeps your email address. It uses cookies on the site and may use third party analytics; however, there is no indication of information sharing or questionable actions.

While that is excellent news, it nonetheless leaves prospective clients needing to trust PrivateVPN is living up to its promises. Many providers are now placing their methods through public safety and privacy audits, providing users real independent proof about what they are doing. We expect more will do precisely the same.


This piece may seem somewhat technical to your readers, but the encryption that they use for OpenVPN relations is fantastic using HMAC SHA256 information auth utilized, an RSA2048 handshake, and AES256 cipher.

Additionally, the customer has a variety of encryption protocols inside the customer, including PPTP. This protocol is not advocated, though, as it’s not considered powerful enough to adequately protect the user’s solitude. Instead, we urge choosing a few of the following protocols: OpenVPN (UDC and TCP), L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, HTTP Proxy, IKEv2, and SOCKS5.

Even though the customer doesn’t have some DNS escape protection feature, they manage any DNS requests through their servers. To set up this, you need to place your DNS setting that is quite straightforward to perform. You will find guides for doing so on the site.

While this VPN isn’t one of the ones available in the industry yet, they are surely matched by it, such as features, reliability, safety, and speed, which are precisely what men and women search for when deciding on a VPN provider.


Servers in 56 nations operate. Those places include five cities in the US (such as the West and East coast), the United Kingdom, around Europe (such as the Netherlands and Switzerland). Plus: Russia, and Brazil, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Singapore. The places which don’t receive a look in are China, the Middle East, and Africa. Therefore, if these places are of interest to you, you’ll have to appear elsewhere.

Regardless of the number of countries, the number of servers is low in contrast to other providers. Since PrivateVPN is a company that has clients than these rivals, this is. PrivateVPN is a service that is expanding the number of servers as it develops. It is not a concern.

Streaming & Torrenting

PrivateVPN is just one of the very best, Should you require support for streaming. Yes, it works with Netflix and other services such as Hulu and Sky, all of which have committed servers.

And the same is true for BBC iPlayer it can be obtained through a few servers, although not as many. That makes sense considering Netflix’s prevalence.

For sports lovers, PrivateVPN indicates DAZN that allows users to see most leagues of the majority of sports, such as the Champions League for football (soccer) and the NFL. The business asserts that not all VPNs service this support, therefore I guess that is (literally) yet another purpose for PrivateVPN.

Additionally, if you are wondering which server is a streaming service that you would like to use, ask the client service. We have found this to be the way to get with streaming if you’re searching for accessing several popular services.

Ease of Use

The program of PrivateVPN is minimalist, and we enjoy it. Many users will start the program and forget with the software doing the work of Private Network VPN.

Colors and UI could be different. We enjoy the programs that are mobile over their counterparts. This isn’t to mention that PrivateVPN programs are nasty; they can use some polishing. To put it differently, we’ve observed VPN apps.

It’s worth adding that everything inside the programs of PrivateVPN on background and cellular is tagged, and you should not have any problems finding your way.

In the event you want to get advanced options, they’re only a click away. Again, most consumers would not bother to test them out when something suddenly stops functioning, that they must alter the server to get some streaming support.

The one problem may be the absence of integrated service, meaning that if you’ve got a query or issue, you’ll need to pay a visit to PrivateVPN’s site to receive your response (s). Which leads us into another section…


The PrivateVPN Windows offering appears. Mobile type interface On/ Off button location and a listing of others, along with a menu that leads to preferences and other bits and pieces. Seen it? Not.

That is only the beginning. Click Advanced View on the primary console, and you are ready to view and change your protocol (OpenVPN TUN, TAP, TCP and UDP, L2TP, PPTP) and OpenVPN encryption system (AES128/256CBC/GCM.)

Alternative options include IPv6 and DNS escape protection, 2 kills switches (systemwide and program ), a stealth feature to skip VPN obstructing, and various autostart possibilities. And diagnostics tools such as an install/ fix attribute for the Windows TAP adapter (convenient if you install a different VPN and PrivateVPN stops functioning ), along with a pointer into the log files.

All this ability makes for a cluttered interface in areas, and beginners (and a lot more seasoned users) could be confused by a number of the specific conditions.

Use the program for a while, and you may change your mind. Link times are fast; background computers and sound notifications warn you as soon as you’re protected and if you are not, and it is all configurable. (If you despise the alarms, you can flip them off using a click)

There is technology beneath that is capable. Regardless of what tricks break the customer, and we had to close the relationship, it found the problem, increased an alert, and reconnected in minutes.

The kill button had an almost perfect album during our evaluations. It stepped in to block access, without a hint of a flow whenever relations shut. However, if we joined through L2TP or PPTP, a period was only a portion of a moment when visitors may be exposed. Along with the kill, the button warns it can not protect you if you change servers while connected (you are vulnerable until the next link is created.)

There are several features you might overlook. The customer does not possess an auto-connect if you get an insecure network’ alternative, something we see in fundamental apps, for example.

There is definite room for improvement. However, this is a tool that might appeal to some users.


Unlike much of this contest, PrivateVPN does not make enormous but vague promises about virtually every streaming website in the known world. Its programs provide unique places to unblock services such as Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, NBC, Netflix, RTE Player, Sky, SVT Play, and much more.

We did not check every one of these, but PrivateVPN triumphed, such as giving us access to Disney +, US Netflix, Amazon, and iPlayer.

The organization does not assume you after US content. Open the Netflix class, and you might select locations.
Our rate tests were nearly favorable, together with PrivateVPN’s UK servers hitting 6768Mbps on our test line, and European towns altered at 0460Mbps.

Long-distance links can be more of a problem. After we assessed the places, the Philippines gave us 35Mbps, while Indonesia would not link.

These would be the actors, and many nations did a whole lot better. The UK to Australia relations hit 1520Mbps, for example, you could struggle if you are attempting to stream Netflix in Ultra HD (the provider urges 25Mbps). However, that is otherwise sufficient for many jobs.

Our testing stopped on a much more optimistic note. We conducted the privacy checks and discovered our PrivateVPN link passed them all DNS escapes, no difficulties, and every IP consistently tied to our place.


The chat aid can be found via the site of PrivateVPN, but it is not perfect. The chatbox will look in either green or red based on the accessibility. You may use an internet form to send your query and allow the support people to return to you when it is the unavailable address.

You can check the online tools and its FAQ section of PrivateVPN in which answers to frequent questions are provided, and then let’s face it might be utilized for resolving 95 percent of all queries or more.

And it is cold, PrivateVPN provides installation AND remote assistance. We have not managed to check out boy, although this feature. We see something similar to that offered by any applications manufacturer, and we are currently in love.

Final verdict

PrivateVPN provides you lots of features for a very reasonable price. There are VPNs with better-designed customers, but PrivateVPN configuration options and topnotch site unblocking means it may be well worth trying. Colorfy hopes that this guide can help you know more about this Vpn. If you wonder about this Vpn, we would like to see your review in this Private Vpn Review.

Private VPN Full Review FAQs

Is VPN legit?

PrivateVPN is, but the rates are quite high, considering the server system. Through trial and error, we could come across gambling with PrivateVPN, or servers which gave us rates, which means you ought not to have any trouble streaming, downloading documents.

How Can a VPN Work?

A VPN works by routing your device’s internet connection via your preferred VPN’s server as opposed to your online service provider (ISP). When your information is transmitted into the world wide web, it comes in the VPN instead of your PC.

How can you get a Private VPN?

The very first step is to make a VPN profile that you’ll fill out with details from the particular VPN service. Click the Windows button, then go in Settings > Network & Internet > VPN.
Click Add a VPN connection. From the areas on the page, choose Windows (built-in) to your VPN provider.

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