Private Internet Access Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Private Internet Access Vpn Review

A VPN is your ideal instrument for ensuring crooks do not monitor your internet traffic by spies, advertisers, or your ISP. Online Access has been atop our listing of the highest VPN services we have tested, but it has struggled to stay competitive. It offers a group of features, a slick interface server, and ten connections.

Private online Access does not appear as exceptional as it once did Though the competition has stepped up its match. Let Colorfy show you more details about this Vpn in Private Internet Access Vpn Review.

Private Internet Access Vpn Overview


Private Internet Access Pros:

  • Cheap
  • Torrenting let
  • 3300+ servers
  • Strong encryption
  • No leaks detected
  • Works with Netflix

Private Internet Access Cons:

  • Situated in the United States
  • Restricted “Live Chat”

Plans and Pricing

Private Internet Access Vpn (PIA)  does not provide a free trial, so readers will have to pick between three paid choices to get into the VPN. However, a 30day moneyback guarantee will keep you protected if you are not delighted with the service.

First off, there is a monthly plan for $9.95, perhaps the most expensive group. However, costs fall pretty quickly, and following up is a one year plan, which comes in at $3.33 per month, only $39.95 a year.

If you’d like to have the very best price, you will want to opt for the two-year strategy. Offering a saving of 73 percent, the monthly cost is $2.69 or $69.95 for two decades’ worth of pay, and PIA is now offering two months with its two-year program. PIA is priced keenly compared to rivals, although You’ll need to pay that lump sum upfront.

Like a lot of this contest, PIA frequently provides promotional bargains and earnings, so return on Tom’s Guide.

A fantastic thing about the programs of PIA is that you can cover them with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. VPNs are about protecting your identity online, so we’re happy to see support for all these secure payment procedures.

Interface and in usage

Online Access existed for some time, so it is not surprising it may be set up on lots of apparatus and operating systems, such as macOS, Linux, Windows, and Android. PIA has also released a Chrome VPN expansion and you for Firefox also, so you can easily handle your server link while surfing.

Regardless of what device you use to conduct online accessibility that is Private, getting started is a breeze because of a lightweight installer document. After loading, you may believe the PIA interface seems somewhat necessary, but that is because advanced configurations are tucked away within a menu.

On mobile devices, you will come across its clients not to become more minimalist than that of the PIA interface. With the Android program, by way of instance, most display space is left vacant except for a vast connection switch in the middle of the display. You’ll find out a listing of host areas along with your IP address to pick from.

We’re consistently pleased with the stability and rate of PIA’s host relations in terms of operation. Linking to some machine was completed, without any slowdown or lag while. On our UK lineup that was 75Mbps, PIA delivered rates of approximately 6470Mbps. VPNs have performed better, but there is not a gap.

When connecting to servers farther afield, relations dropped. However, they stayed consistent and dependable. None of our relationships failed throughout our testing.

As streaming VPNs, Utilizing services is a huge selling point, also for this purpose, maybe they utilize their VPN for. Even though it formerly had difficulty in this region. We are delighted to state that PIA now does not have any trouble accessing Netflix, permitting us to see content from all the various libraries we attempted, such as the US, Japan, and Australia. But, PIA can not get into the BBC iPlayer that is hard, but YouTube could be unblocked quickly.


VPN’s privacy features begin with its usage of this OpenVPN protocol on mobile and desktop devices. That does a great deal to protect you, but specialists can proceed to tweak protocol configurations to match their demands. In a click or two you are in a position to place encryption form (AES128 or 256, CBC or GCM, possibly turn off encryption altogether if you are only after rate ), data authentication and handshake methods (RSA2048RSA4096), select the connection type and establish local or distant ports.

The MACE attribute blocks Access to domains of PIA utilized by trackers, advertisements, and malware, providing you with an excess layer of protection.

Online Access provides its DNS to decrease the likelihood of DNS leaks. The programs are elastic; however, the Windows client can be put to utilize some other customized DNS of your selection or your default DNS.

There is also a kill button when the VPN drops to disable your net Access. Unlike some of the contests, this is on the desktop, the Android, and iOS customers get that.

Get connected using the Chrome expansion, and you’re going to come across a lot of bonus solitude features (block place accessibility, third party biscuits, site referrers, and more). You can set these; however, the extensions allow it to be simpler, and they do include rewarding layers of protection.

Best of all has open-sourced different components programs and its customers and libraries. This permits other programmers to openly inspect the source code, assess its quality, report bugs, and perhaps check to find out whether it is doing anything which may compromise the user’s privacy.


While VPN’s assert they do not log visitors or client actions, there is seldom much to back up this. I hope they are honest, and you are expected to cross the hands.

Private online Access is a lot more confident, promising to be confirmed’ because of the sole proven no logs VPN service.’
The business appears to be talking about court instances where subpoenas are served on PIA requesting account information. Still, the only data provided was that the overall location of the host IPs. Absolutely no user-related information was given up.

Private online Access additionally arouses a Transparency Report detailing some official asks for data, and user information is given over. The complete six-month record for January through June 2021 recordings six subpoenas obtained, without the logs produced for one of these requests.

The Privacy Policy is generally the best place to start looking for additional information about precisely what a VPN performs. Still, PIA is mostly about the site and says virtually nothing about the VPN.

Finally, we found a service article,’Can you log the visitors of your customers? which said that Private online Access”absolutely doesn’t store any logs, of any sort, period.” It clarifies logs that might otherwise be preserved are redirected into the null device instead of being written to the hard disk so that they vanish.


Each VPN promises a highspeed, ultrareliable system, but the fact can be quite different. That is why we look beyond enthused marketing and place each VPN. We examine our intensive evaluations.

We were linking to a sample of 20 Private Online Access places starting. We logged the link time, conducted ping tests to search for latency problems, and utilized geolocation to confirm that every server seemed to maintain its publicized site.

Just attempting to connect with your VPN will tell you a good deal about the support, and Private online Access performed nicely. We conducted the link test twice and did not have one matter. Link times were substantially faster than usual. Even though these unsurprisingly improved with space, this was not greater than we expected rather than sufficient to become a problem at any moment.

Our relocation evaluations also gave favorable results, together with evaluation server places matching those maintained by Private online Access.

Download rates from our closest UK servers were fair at about 6470Mbps on our 75Mbps evaluation link, a typical 10% lesser than our prices with the VPN switched off. We have seen fractionally better ExpressVPN averaged 69Mbps. However, you probably won’t detect any difference in real-world usage.

Download functionality from distant servers was not awful, either. We joined New Zealand (the place with the maximum latency, as stated by the PIA customer ), conducted more tests, and struck download speeds of about 1525Mbps. That is a significant drop, but we’d anticipate that if linking to another side of the earth, and even this worst-case scenario remains fast enough for many internet jobs.

Is It Legal To Use A Vpn For Netflix


Linking to utilize Netflix and streaming solutions may enable you to access all types of sites, avoiding those annoying ‘ on your area’ error messages.

To check the unblocking skills of Private online Access, we joined numerous US and UK places, then tried to get only Netflix and YouTube content, in addition to BBC iPlayer.

Bypassing YouTube’s protection is simple, and so long as you have an IP address that appears to be in the state, you need to be OK. Sure enough, online Access enabled us to see the only contents it’s US servers on each.

BBC iPlayer is much more of a struggle. Online Access did not get us through our review of the service, and it did not work this time.
Obtaining Netflix is a site unblocking a test. PIA has been a leading actor here, but we were able to resurrect Netflix in Australia, Canada, and Japan.


P2P is supported by online Access, and also we do not just mean on a couple of specialist servers hidden. You can use torrents without any bandwidth or limitations, from any place to limit your actions.

There is an odd bonus in Private online Access’ service for port forwarding. This empowers redirecting links to skip a NAT firewall, and in certain instances, can help improve download rates.

You should not expect help on the site with any of them. Looking for ‘P2P’ or ” torrent’ from the knowledgebase pointed us to not so relevant posts, such as ‘My ping/latency is large.’

The port forwarding record just mentioned in passing that the tech can”possibly shorten torrent functionality, “without offering any additional hints.

The business scores on the principles of a big community, no Bitcoin service, and on balance, it creates a torrenting choice that is reasonable.

Programs and Server Places

Server places mean you’ve got more options and a fantastic prospect of locating a host to wherever you happen to be if you link to the worldwide web. Online Access has a mixture of places. That is OK, but it could use improvement. Private online Access offers one particular server place in Africa and just two choices in Central and South America. That is still better than competitors who dismiss these areas. ExpressVPN has a collection of host locations.

The number of servers isn’t a fantastic indicator of functionality, because a VPN will probably twist servers. It’s well worth noting that online accessibility has over 3,000 servers. Whereas CyberGhost and NordVPN have over 5,000 each Hotspot Shield VPN ExpressVPN, also TorGuard VPN could boast breaking 3,000 servers.

Some VPN providers take advantage of servers, which mimic a host in a state that is specific but might be found. Though the upshot is precisely the same, your visitors seem to be coming out of the nation you pick consumers might have worries about where their information is going. Not every country has agreeable privacy and data protection laws. A company representative explained that it doesn’t use servers. A recent statement from the company claims that online Access will comprise prominent places that are digital, to provide accessibility.

Following the passage of a federal security law impacting Hong Kong Internet Access declared that it removed its host existence. Private online Access is currently organizing for servers outside of China to provide VPN support. For this writing, the transition is continuing. The business says it’s done the same for different nations such as Russia, Brazil, and South Korea, before.


With previous PIA models, we have discovered a deficiency of chat service was among this platform’s flaws. We are delighted to announce that yes, it was addressed, together with live chat customer support representatives available 24/7, about time, even if you ask us. Advisors are friendly and very helpful, but there is also a ticket-based program accessible.

But the majority of problems with troubleshooting posts yourself thanks to a support center filled. There is wealth as a best practice safety guide, which provides a fantastic summary of PIA’s various encryption choices.

However, we want to express how thankful we are that chat has made its way. The VPNs in the marketplace have experienced this customer care attribute for quite a while, and among the critical failings of PIA has been its omission. We’re spoilt, but we are thankful that PIA has chosen to invest in client care ultimately.

Final verdict

Private online Access is not ideal, but it scores from Important areas: that VPN runs on anything, is Simple to Use, crammed with features, and provides adequate performance for a fair price. Colorfy hopes that this guide can help you know more about this Vpn. If you are interested in this guide, we would like to see your review in Private Internet Access Vpn Review.

Private Internet Access Vpn OverviewFAQs

Is online Access a VPN?

Online Access is a VPN that is ever-improving with time. With robust security-based features desktop and mobile customers, plenty of Netflix and servers unblocking, PIA Is a Superb Selection for both beginners and pros, and 24/7 live chat’s inclusion has made it more attractive.

How can online Access VPN Work?

The VPN works by setting a connection involving our server and your computer. What happens is the ISP provides you. Our support encrypts this link, which makes it protected and anonymous.

Does online Access VPN keep logs?

PIA does not store any logs, of any sort, period. At online accessibility, solitude for the entire world and our users is in the spirit of what we do and how we approach creating our program and working together with companies.

Does online access VPN use Netflix?

Private online Access offers servers in 34 countries. … Like many other VPNs, PIA has concentrated solely on unblocking the many in-demand Netflix libraries, and consequently, the Huge majority of its servers Won’t allow users to flow Netflix overseas

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