Opera Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Opera Vpn Review

Opera VPN delivers a free service that collects your information for “promotional campaigns and advertisements” since they publicly disclose within their Terms. What is more, Opera isn’t even offering a good VPN (a virtual private network), but rather a browser proxy.

This browser proxy doesn’t provide visitors’ encryption on the privacy and safety of a VPN or your system. Understanding more about this Vpn, follow up Colorfy in this Opera Vpn Review.

Opera VPN Overview


Opera VPN Pros:

  • Works with Netflix
  • Pure and Simple to Use
  • Free to use

Opera VPN Cons:

  • WebRTC leaks discovered
  • No client service
  • Logs your action
  • Browser only
  • Slow speed
  • No torrenting


VPN-specific details are restricted. ‘When you utilize our built-in VPN service, then we don’t log any information linked to your activity and originating network speech.’ That is very good to know. However, it is not comprehensive or specific.

On the other hand, the policy describes:’After you set up an Opera program, there is an installation ID created. We may gather your apparatus ID, in addition to this identifier and hardware specification, operating environment and system settings, and feature utilization data.’

Elsewhere, the coverage talks about amassing your overall place to serve targeted information and advertisements. An accident reporting program may log any info regarding your browser version, your operating system, platform along with a few memory information linked to the crash.’

There’s a great deal of scope here to build a user profile, logging place, and VPN usage tying it.

However, every browser maker has scope for conveying information that was a lot more sensitive you logged to a US VPN place. You do not need to provide Opera. That places it.

Pricing and Features

It’s 100% free to utilize the VPN, and there are no information limitations. This, in itself, makes the ceremony among the very generous VPNs. Whether Opera will continue to offer you this level of support is anybody’s guess.

Five VPN server places are accessible to the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and Singapore. This is more restricted than many commercial VPN providers… it’s free! Additionally, it covers a choice of VPN server places, although the United Kingdom is conspicuously missing.

This usually means you won’t be able to use Opera to observe the iPlayer. Regrettably, those needing to get the US edition of Netflix are out of luck… once I attempted, Netflix successfully discovered I was running “a proxy” and refused to perform with. But this VPN can unblock Youtube videos that are limited in your area.


Opera Software ASA is a Norwegian firm with offices in Poland, Sweden, and China. As of November 2016, nevertheless, it’s principally owned by a Chinese consortium located in Hong Kong and led by billionaire businessman Zhou Yahui. Where this leaves the “VPN,” and beneath which authority it operates under, is quite unclear.

Opera Software ASA offered the consumer browser branch to the Chinese consortium, but that doesn’t seem to incorporate the “VPN” infrastructure that, so far as we could tell, stays in Opera Software ASA’s hands. However, Yahui Zhou has functioned as the Organization’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer since June 2016…

Although rated 100 from 100 at Freedom House’s Freedom in the World 2021 report, Norway is a part of this US-led Nine Eyes spying alliance and plays extensive domestic surveillance. All of ISPs and telecoms firms are needed to store documents of metadata and web browsing histories for just six months, even though it isn’t clear if that applies to VPN services.

China is quite enthusiastic about restricting its citizen’s entry into the open net and policies political dissent through observation online forums and societal networking platforms. Despite many feelings, nevertheless, there’s no evidence that it’s some interest in listening to the online traffic of global net users.

Hong Kong has enjoyed a very open and free net. However, anxieties with Chinese authorities eager to exert increased control over the ex-British land raises suspicions that it might be subject to greater surveillance in the mainland.

Merely to confuse things further, the privacy statement for non-EU members describes “Opera Unite Pte. Ltd. (‘Opera’), an Opera group firm” located in Singapore…


Opera VPN’s very brief list of places means it is not a wise selection for unblocking. We were not able to get BBC iPlayer, for example, one of our usual evaluation websites, as Opera VPN does not provide a UK place.

Our Netflix outcomes were odd since the website continued demonstrating that our routine UK Netflix library is using a US IP. We could flow articles, however, without Netflix whining so that you may have much more success.

The problem got worse since we attempted other websites, together with Opera VPN neglecting to get us access to US Amazon Prime Video or even Disney+. We did manage to get US-only YouTube content, but that is so simple that just about every VPN on earth can do precisely the same.

These unblocking fails seemed unsatisfactory until we conducted our performance evaluations.

Opera VPN’s download rates began low, at only 9-10Mbps to our quickest European host, then halved to just 4-5 Mbps when linking from the UK into the UK, a portion of what we discovered in our final review.

Even if you were able to unblock a streaming system, you might not have the capacity to deal with the highest resolutions.

We finished the inspection on a somewhat positive notice, as our escape tests found no DNS escapes, but that can not compensate for Opera VPN’s other failings.


We started our Opera VPN evaluations by downloading the hottest Windows build of the browser from Opera’s download page. Installation only took a minute, and there weren’t any setup hassles or complexities to get in our way.

The VPN is not switched by default, but that is also simple to repair. Click Menu > Settings > Security and Privacy, click Enable VPN, and Opera instantly connects you to the fastest server for your existing site.

Pointing your browser in iplocation.net shows your new IP address and place. The website is very likely to record your ISP as Opera Software, or even perhaps SurfEasy, telling you that the VPN is performing its job.

If the place does not match your requirements, you will select Europe, the Americas, or Asia at the base of the list. When we analyzed the ceremony, these obtained us IPs out of Linkoping, Sweden, Ashburn, USA, and Singapore, but there is no guarantee you will see precisely the same.

In general, Opera VPN is simple to use. However, it is challenging to be anything else once you’ve virtually no operation. This is only about as simple as a VPN is.

Final thoughts

Free is everybody’s preferred cost, and in lots of ways, Opera’s free “VPN” provides excellent support (even though it’s a proxy for your browser, not a VPN).

Unlike many free VPN providers, it’s both infinite (no information limitations ) and quick.

For those just wanting to bypass censorship, geo spoofs their place, or protects their surfing while using public WiFi hotspots; Opera may strike just the place. Colorfy hopes that this guide can help you know more about this Vpn.

Opera Vpn Review FAQs

Is Opera VPN reliable?

The security and safety of Opera’s VPN rely on two significant factors: encryption of online visitors to and from the VPN server without any logging. Your link to our secure VPN servers (and consequently, your information ) will stay confidential and away from prying eyes, making it the safest free VPN provider.

Can Opera VPN conceal IP addresses?

While the information savings feature can help you save information, it will not conceal your IP address. Just browsing traffic that may be optimized goes through this proxy. The VPN feature hides the source for your surfing visitors, but it does not compress the information.

What’s opera VPN slow?

While it does not restrict the bandwidth used for the personal link like some other free VPN solutions, the rate is mostly the problem. Even though the bandwidth is infinite, the online price produced by the particular relationship isn’t quite as fast as every other dedicated private network.

Does Opera VPN utilize Netflix?

Opera includes a built-in VPN that you could use free of charge to conceal your IP address and encrypt it. However, it does not mean it unlocks Netflix. Discover the most secure and quickest VPN to get Netflix to observe unlimited streaming, and you can use it to reinstall all of Netflix’s catalogs.

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