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It is exactly what the title says. I review a gacha game that I have played. Why? I have too much time. This, and a crippling gacha addiction, is what I can relate to. When I have played/reviewed the games, I will add them to my collection.

None of the things I have said is intended to target fandoms, franchises, or individuals. I am simply stating my honest opinion based on what I have played in the games as well as what I have heard from the fanbase. You can attack me however you wish. You can attack me however you wish, but I don’t want to cause conflict.

Review of ONMYOJI

This review includes notes, a story summary, gameplay, and the positives and negatives of ONMYOJI.


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The first gacha game that I was truly invested in and in which I whaled heavily. I played for a year, got the young Seimei skin, and somehow reached Tier 8. With a fast low-speed Kamaitachi (Suzuka + Taisha + flexible picks Yato/SP Otake/SP Mike/Enmu in order to counter SP Yuki). Gacha neon, a recent Gacha game is completely different from ONMYOJI.

Story Summary

Follow a man to regain his memories, only to discover that his evil and good have been split into two consciousnesses. His evil side is trying to destroy Heian Kyo and release a huge snake serpent. The last chapter of the “main” story is a mini version of an event story (I think), and there is no further continuation. You cannot include the event stories. If you wish to read them, you can find them on Wikia.


3D Turn-based combat. An orbs bar allows you to use the skill of a Shikigami based on how many you have. Each Shikigami can have 2 to 3 skills, including passive. The soul sets are used for improving the Shikigami’s base stats. Crit and speed are the most important.


  • Onmyoji is the name of the things that carry Onmyoji. These events have stories and are only available every two months. There are often smaller events that allow you to get materials or farm material for your upcoming character between events.
  • Materials are simple to grow and have high drop rates.
  • Any shinigami can be good if it has the right soul set. (Nagi-same, the best example of this)
  • The character and skin designs are amazing. Onmyoji is far superior to other gacha games such as gacha life old apk.
  • A relatively small and chilled fanbase (don’t even look at the discord). *When compared to other gacha games.
  • You don’t have to take it seriously. Just hop in a team and set it on auto. Then, go to sleep. You can continue farming until your sakura motchi runs out. You can stack AP and purchase event AP so it never runs out. (I believe mine is at 40K). So you can keep farming even if your sakura motchi runs out. The bento also gives you more for every use, so it will never run out.
  • Chat with friends. This increases your bond points!
  • PVP is a game where you face real people and not bots (not counting PVP events). You need to have a huge brain, especially when you reach higher tiers.
  • It’s very easy to obtain Jades and materials to skill-up/G6 your Shikigami. You just need to be patient, especially in the beginning.
  • GET A GOOD MENTOR! A mentor is a key part of the game’s success. Many mechanics can be confusing for beginners. You can always find a mentor on the official discord.
  • Unlike other gacha games, the CN server is only two months ahead of GL.
  • THE MUSIC! Onmyoji’s music is great, but Gacha’s game music is pretty snappish. The songs they release for shinigamis are on a whole other level. Kinnara’s music videos for Deer are my personal favorites. It is amazing how much music she has composed, but this one hits harder. The BGM gives the courtyard a nostalgic feel, but Shiranui’s courtyard BGM makes it even more so. It feels almost like it was composed in ancient Japan during the Heian Period.
  • Jesus Christ, those 3D models. The CGI animations that the official account posts on youtube are some of the most impressive I have ever seen. This is not an anime or donghua series! A mobile gacha game! Ex-Arm, are you seeing this?
  • It doesn’t break immersion. Although a few shinigami may not be from the Heian period they are made in a way that fits the game’s theme.
  • Shikigami have no limit (except for collaboration characters). If you’re lucky enough, any SSR or SP shikigami can be obtained when their rate is zero, even if there’s no banner. You don’t have to whale to get them.
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  • Gacha rates are very low (SSR 1%, SP 0.25%), and there is no pity system (bonding shrines do not count, you still need to summon a lot).
  • It can be confusing, especially if there is no mentor to help you.
  • Why do we all need 100% crit?
  • If you don’t have PVP, the game can be boring in off weeks.
  • People who are not from the US will find PVP time absolutely a shithole (Asia or Europe be suffering).
  • Every Shikigami new comes out is the new meta. They are only relevant in PVP and may be slightly more efficient than some Shikigami at the farm. The best stats are the Asura and SP Tama.
  • It is frustrating that the new shikigami = meta thing makes older shinigamis weaker. (Day one shinigami are crying in the corner. I said this because the first shikigami I got and max bd with was my Ibaraki. It doesn’t mean you have to simp every shikigami out there. Suzuhiko was the last shikigami that I wanted, and she never came home no matter how many times I simped.
  • The guild system is a horrible thing to me. Although I enjoy the guilds that I have been in, it is difficult to request a guild, especially if there are no guild friends you can farm with.
  • Some people in Dallas are just plain stupid. It’s easy to see that they are good because they have been playing the game for longer than you and have had more whales than you.
  • Some people are hypocritical, too. For example, you can like a shikigami that you like but not another! It’s okay to be down for the shikigami that you love in official discord, but not when someone else is! Fucking, get up! They might go a bit too far from time to time, but they should be reminded that there is no need for them to be shamed publicly. You can take it to the DMS, it’s there because it’s fucking. This may not be a very personal reason but it was one of the reasons that I quit the fandom.
  • Yes, that last one is more personal but I am writing this review anyway because it was what got me started playing onmyoji. When I first started this review of gacha games, I was posting a large-ass thread explaining why I quit playing omj. I wasn’t trying to explain to anyone. I was simply laying it out for myself to shed a lot of weight.

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Let’s Conclude

You’ll be pleased to know that I graduated with my mentor at the top of my class, participated in many secret raids on Ultimate Orochi, and have more than 300 confirmed kills. I am a PVP player and rank among the top 100 of the entire Onmyoji PVP Scene. To me, you are just another opponent. You will be wiped out by my Shikigami. This Shikigami is unlike any other on Earth.

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It was fun. I learned a lot about Heian era history. You won’t regret whaling in Onmyoji. This game deserves to be more popular, as I love the Shinigamis’ designs. It was really my favorite time on Twitter when I could just shout about Kinnara and no one else was clogging up the timeline with 500th tweets about a new Shikigami. It’s not something I play anymore. I do check it occasionally, but it’s too much work to delete from my phone.

Lord knows I’m going back to my old ways if they announce the courtyard theme slaps of sp Kinnara Shiranui. You can watch it on youtube.

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