Online Promotion Techniques for IT Companies


One of the most successful and popular industries today is IT. There’re many companies that work in different directions. Each of them requires promotion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new firm or an existing experienced company. Online marketing is an effective tool for developing any business and attracting customers. Today, we are going to observe the most efficient techniques which can be applied for the promotion of the IT business.

What Is Online Promotion?

It’s the alternative name of digital marketing. The key distinctive feature of online promotion is the usage of the Internet to advertise a business. Due to the application of special techniques, people can become more aware of a brand, product, or service. With a strong online image, which digital marketing helps to build, companies can win the hearts of thousands of clients and create a good reputation.

Online promotion is suitable for both B2B and B2C organizations. It’s already used by many reputable companies, which are known worldwide. The effectiveness of online marketing is connected with the development of modern technologies. Modern people are used to the Internet.

And almost every person has a smartphone and PC. Thus, people spend lots of time on the Internet, which makes it the best way to reach the audience. The key thing is to choose the right approach.

The Benefits of Online Promotion

Along with the effectiveness we’ve just mentioned, there’re many other reasons for business owners to use web marketing:

Advantage Explanation
Cost efficiency It seems that everyone can afford online promotion. It doesn’t require lots of investment and still brings impressive results. There’s no necessity to print dozens of posters or pay for the placement in a popular magazine, which can turn out to be useless in some cases. Opposite to traditional marketing, online promotion brings guaranteed results, so business owners know what they pay for. Let’s consider an example of Google Ads. If you invest $1, you can get around $2 back. Thus, the revenue is twice more than the investment.
Targeting Unlike traditional marketing techniques, online marketing allows concentrating on a definite audience. It’s possible to take every feature into account – demographics, gender, age, interests, and even behavior on the Internet. As a result, only people interested in an item/service will see the adverts. Thus, you can forget about money wasting and hope for pleasant returns.
Great reach It’s an important advantage, especially for IT businesses, which are not usually linked to a certain location. Forget about spending time and money to shift to the global market. Just do it straight away with online promotion, which allows reaching customers from all over the world. There’s even no necessity to open any offices. Business owners can develop their businesses with little effort.
Measurability The results from digital campaigns are very comfortable to manage. There’re many useful metrics, which help understand various issues and change campaigns to make them more effective. Besides, the metrics can help create an image of an ideal client to know who is better to target.
High level of trust and immediate feedback When using the Internet, especially social media, people communicate with each other. Brands can also contact their customers directly and increase trust. In addition, via social networks, it’s possible to reach organic engagement of users.
On-time delivery If in the situation with traditional marketing, it’s necessary to wait before any results will be achieved, web marketing is much faster and can be launched immediately.
Support of the relationships with clients Using various online promotion techniques, it’s very comfortable to be in contact with your clients. Thus, it’s possible to express your concern and care, building a strong connection.
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Top Digital Marketing Techniques

The following techniques are the most effective:

  1. Content marketing (CM). It’s probably the basic and most important direction of online promotion. Without it, the whole Internet will lose its effectiveness. Everything people see on the web is content. It refers to topics, videos, articles, infographics, and various other materials. Content marketing presupposes the creation and sharing of online materials, which encourage the interest in the brand but don’t explicitly promote it. The following varieties of CM are efficient:
  • Blogging
  • Linkbaits
  • Guest posting
  • Video creation
  • Podcasting
  • Content syndication
  • Hosting webinars.
  1. Email marketing (EM). It’s considered one of the most powerful tools due to the application of a direct channel for contact with clients. The key thing is to get an email address of a client (either new, regular, or potential). The following techniques are useful:
  • Segmentation
  • Lead magnets
  • A/B testing emails
  • Automation.
  1. Search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a must-have tool for any IT company because it helps attract as many customers as possible to the website. It can be achieved by means of increasing the ranking of the site in search engines. SEO helps attract organic search traffic. Consider a few useful techniques:
  • Keywords research
  • On- and off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO.
  1. Optimization of conversion rates (CRO). This tool presupposes the application of UI/UX together with copywriting. A few effective techniques are as follows:
  • Web design focused on conversion
  • Headline optimization
  • Calls to action
  • Social proof
  • A/B testing.
  1. SMM. Social media networks are an integral part of our life. SM networks are used to communicate with clients, attract them using visible tools, and make people share your content. With the right application of SM techniques, it’s possible to achieve a great number of goals. To effectively apply SMM, the right channel should be selected. There’re many networks, the choice of which should be made in accordance with the features of the audience.
  2. Paid adverts. In this case, it’s required to pay other people for the placement of your adverts. There’re many advertising platforms on the Internet. Such a tool is able to bring fast returns. Think about using:
  • Google Ads
  • FB
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Retargeting.
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Those tools are efficient in promoting an online casino or any other betting platform. With the help of web marketing, people can know more about a gaming club, become more engaged, and increase trust. Digital marketing can be used together with free spins bonuses, which additionally attract people to gamble games.

Choosing the Right Technique for IT Business

It’s a truly problematic issue for marketers to select suitable techniques for their businesses. The following tips might be helpful:

  • Learn more about your clients. It will help select the right channel and features of the audience to target.
  • Create a set of aims. There should be long- and short-term purposes. It will help choose the right tools and evaluate the results.
  • Indicate a budget. It’s important for the choice of a marketing channel as well.
  • Analyze your team. The skills and experience are significant for the choice of the right channel and techniques. It’s better to choose something the experts are truly good at to achieve better results.

Use a complex of online promotion techniques and develop your IT business in a modern way.

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