Wondering If Playing Online Slots is Worth It? Here Are A Few Pros and Cons

Online Slot

Most online casino visitors will tell you that they love being able to play their favorite slots from anywhere. But if you’ve never played online yet, you might be wondering if there are any serious advantages to playing virtually. Or whether it’s even possible to recapture the essence of being in a casino by playing online. 

According to review sites like bestpokies.net, it’s possible to have just as great a time playing online as you would in a casino. Furthermore, many people when given a choice will choose the privacy of their home every time. 

Whatever your preference, there are some definite benefits of getting on your phone, tablet, or laptop to play. For example, the free spins and other bonus offers you’ll receive when you sign up for a reliable website or pokies app. 

Let’s Consider the Pros First

Here are some of the reasons playing online is better than offline. 

  • Game Selection – No one can say that online casinos disappoint when it comes to game selection. Pokies are in abundance, with every casino offering hundreds to choose from. In addition to new games coming out constantly with features and themes that are sure to attract and keep your attention. 
  • Bonus Offers – As mentioned above, there’s one undeniable advantage of playing online. The fact that you can claim free cash or free spins just for creating an account. Further to the fact that you also collect loyalty points when you play which you can trade in for more rewards.
  • Convenience – Of course, this is obvious but still worth noting. You can play online pokies any time that works with your schedule. Plus, with the ability to play on mobile devices, you can also play from anywhere, without the need for a desktop computer.
  • Better Odds of Winning – Here’s something most people don’t realize about online pokies. That you actually have better odds at winning online. The reason for this is that online casinos do not have the same types of overhead costs as land-based ones. As such, most of the games will have a percentage or two higher payouts. This doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re a regular, you’ll end up gaining more in the long run. 

The Only Disadvantage of Online Casino

There’s only one main disadvantage of playing online, that’s the fact that you can’t treat it as a social event online. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing in your pajamas or your underwear online. No one can see you. For some, this is great, but others love the opportunity to dress up and head to their favorite casino with friends. 

As far as socializing goes, you can set up virtual poker games with friends, or play live dealer games online. Which allows you to play at the pace you’re familiar with, just as in a casino. However, slots don’t have this capability. 

The good thing is that developers do their best to make new games with the same atmosphere and realistic gameplay that you’re used to. 

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