Nox Player vs BlueStacks – Which Emulator Is Better?

Nox Player vs BlueStacks - Which Android Emulator Is Better

The Nox Player vs BlueStacks would be the very best android emulators. If you’re on the lookout for the top one from those both emulators, here we go with the pros, features of both Nox and blueback.

To pick the best one from these equal emulators to your PC, browse this complete article to know which one you have to download. Keep reading Colorfy’s following article to know better.

What Exactly Are Android Emulators?

What Exactly Are Android Emulators

To emulate ways to imitate or to match. If you employ this respect to working systems, you will find the idea behind emulators straight away. In the technology world, an emulator’s sole objective is to house a pocket edition of a particular system within a program so you can open it on a different system.

This notion forever altered the gaming industry since it allowed old gaming consoles to be immortalized. Otherwise, you can now load a PS1 emulator to play with the classics you only grew up with. Additionally, but emulators are now also used to load cellular operating systems on PCs.

Android’s diversity and versatility as a portable operating platform have made it an ideal target for emulator programmers. Many Android emulators are hurrying into the top, to be considered the best of the sort. But, resulting in the charge are just two programs: BlueStacks and Nox.

About Bluestack

Bluestack is an android emulator based in 2011 and created, developed, and maintained by Bluestacks business. It’s a free emulator that lets you spurt an android device into your PC. You may enjoy all your android games such as Clash of Clan (COC), Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG), Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), etc..

It claims to be a 6x faster rate compared to your regular android device. Bluestack 4 is the most recent edition of all Bluestacks, and with every new edition, Bluesatack is performing the very best of its functionality. This will help boost the Android games playing expertise, and it’ll take its functionality to another level. The Bluestacks operate on the’newest’ Nougat variant.

About Nox Player

Nox Player is just another free and most excellent emulator of Android, which has been designed and preserved by Nox business. It provides excellent service to its customers. With Nox participant, you don’t have to put in most of the programs and games since they are pre-installed. This really is a quite handy attribute, that the right and played games are already available using the emulator.

It’s designed individually for Mac users since Nox Player was practically designed for Windows. Among the most remarkable features of this Nox is also, it includes a frozen version of Android out-of-the-box. Therefore, you get a fully unlocked participant to obtain complete access to Android.

Nox Player vs BlueStacks

Nox Player vs BlueStacks

Gaming Performance


BlueStacks’ most up-to-date variant is thought to be six times quicker than any mobile device in the marketplace. Even though this is a bold claim, everyone has a reason to feel this epic Android emulator is inside for their 4th setup.

Games may be downloaded into a BlueStacks dashboard in the Play Store. However, APKs may also be utilized. Provided that the game could be performed on an Android apparatus, it might be played BlueStacks. Even though the general gaming performance will be dependent on your device’s specifications, BlueStacks nevertheless includes a similar edge against other emulators due to its patented LayerCake technology.

More features will be discussed later within this report.


Do not let Nox’s little memory requirement dissuade you from conducting large FPS games since it sure can manage it. In reality, you may even play around four matches concurrently with multi-instances – a quality that will be discussed in detail later.

Games come in packed with Nox, and if you wish to check out precisely what cellular games the program will include, you can look at their official site. It’s also possible to load more matches through APK files. Nox additionally supports keypad and gamepad mapping. Customizing images and frame rates may also be completed in the configurations.

Concerning overall gaming functionality, Nox strikes all the checkmarks and much more.



  • Gaming Controls: highly personalized and incredibly excellent game commanding features.
  • Gaming Mode: Mapping can be carried out by Keyboard/Mouse to improve gaming functionality.
  • Multi-Instance: It allows you to play several games simultaneously.
  • Multi-Instance Sync: it allows you to replicate numerous cases in real-time.
  • Smart Controls: You can lock the cursor automatically in shooting matches.
  • Device profiles: It is possible to alter device profiles using the Bluestacks android emulator.
  • Recording features: It is possible to capture a movie and be able to catch a screenshot.
  • Disk Cleanup: This supplies a Disk cleanup choice to clean your junk files and boost storage to get much better functionality.
  • Document Size: its own file size is 442 MB.

And a lot more smart and innovative gaming features permit you to control your game quite quickly and efficiently while improving your gaming experience to another level.

Nox Player

Keyboard Controls: It provides intelligent computer keyboard controllers; it is possible to enable keyboard mapping just in one-click; you can experience actual PC gaming by placing up the mouse and keyboard controls.

  • Multi-instances: You can run several instances at precisely the same time to play matches.
  • Macro Recorder: You can record your complicated operations for future implementation.
  • What’s more, it has Virtualization technologies to get much better performance.
  • Document Size: its own file size is 344 MB.

Nox Player is also instead of a very simple but effective emulator. You may quickly increase up your gaming functionality.

User Interface

There is a reason why the two Nox Players and BlueStacks are so standard. They provide high performance paired with a very user-friendly interface. BlueStacks, for example, makes it amazingly simple to configure the emulator to your liking.

If you are brand new to Android emulators, Nox Player might be most suitable for you since it is incredibly straightforward and user friendly. You do not require much time getting used to the way that it functions. Besides, you can easily browse through settings to get what you’re searching for.

When there’s one from those two which comes on top, so far as the UI is concerned, it might be Nox Player.

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This is the point where the Nox Program player is far better than Bluestacks. Nox player needs 1 GB of RAM and 3 GB Hard disk and does not set a load on your computer. While Bluestacks requires 2 GB RAM and 4 GB Hard disk drive, consumers have complained about their PC’s excess load because of Bluestacks.

As you can see, there is not much difference between android emulators. They are rather close in many regions and pay for their deficiencies in the general user experience.


Is NOX secure for PC?

NOX is an android emulator. It’s completely secure; you can log in with your Google account and use it together with your PC or Notebook.

What’s much better, GameLoop, or even BlueStacks?

GameLoop includes a pre-set controller setting for gaming, or else we advise you to utilize BlueStacks.


Nox Player vs. BlueStacks essentially comes down to its own preference. Maybe you may try both to determine which one you like best.

On the outside, the two provide comparable features and gaming expertise. Nonetheless, concerning functionality, BlueStacks is considerably quicker and effective. Nox Player, on the other hand, perhaps more user friendly for novices.

Remember, your own machine can determine that performance. The more strong and resource-rich it is, the greater your own Android gaming experience is.

Video: 4 Different Type Of PC Android Emulators (Nox vs. LD player vs. Bluestacks vs. Smart gaga)

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