Norton Vpn Reviews: Top Full Guide 2021

Norton Vpn Reviews

Many security vendors VPN agency Avast’s SecureLine, Kaspersky’s Secure Link, Avira’s PhantomVPN, and Norton Secure VPN (the product formerly called Norton wifi Privacy) is the organization’s entry into this subject.

We’re curious to understand how the service contrasted with all the expert competition. However, the site of NortonLifeLock did not make any attempt to inform us. If you are wondering about this Vpn, let Colorfy show you more information in this Norton Vpn Reviews.

Norton Secure VPN Overview

Based on:  the USA

Logs:  Connection logs

Price: $6.67/mo.

Support: Email

Refund: 30 days


Norton Secure VPN PROs:

  • Simple to Use
  • Strong safety and privacy features
  • No VPN leaks discovered during testing
  • Support for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Advertisement (and tracker) blocker constructed in

Norton Secure VPN CONs:

  • Norton retains some logs.
  • Variety of no control and nations over which cities that you connect to
  • Features change across systems and are limited.
  • No Linux support
  • No router service
  • Subscription cost jumps following the period.
  • Inconsistent and slow rates

Privacy and logging

The Secure VPN site asserts the service provides a more “no-log virtual private network which does not monitor or store your action.” Even though there’s no detail about the page, that is a fantastic start.

A ‘What’s a no-log VPN?’ Support article vaguely states that the support ‘ collects subscriber data for mobile device information, communication functions, and bandwidth utilization, even though it doesn’t log info.’

The report points us to discover more, but that was outdated and bizarrely redirected us. Not professional.

The actual Norton VPN privacy policy states that the support assembles or accesses your IP address or place (anonymized) device name, type, or OS variant (for mobile devices). And ID sequential number, a running total of the bandwidth utilized, and some quite necessary diagnostic information which can solve any problems (an error code, as an example.)

There are no surprises. Obtained or Places are gathered, but not connected with your accounts to assist the Secure VPN app chooses the server. And though the service may collect enough information to recognize a specific apparatus, if it does not connect that apparatus using a session (link dates and times, incoming and outgoing IPs, etc.), that data can not compromise your privacy.

Norton Secure VPN has not set itself through a safety audit, so you are left to carry its phrases while that is all excellent information. Using its systems audited would help guarantee prospective clients Though we’ve no reason to doubt that the firm.


Registering for a service through PayPal means that you don’t need to provide your name and address, but not using Norton Secure VPN: you need to hand if you are paying by PayPal or card.

After parting with our money, the site offered us an opportunity to download a program for our present apparatus, or to send a download link to some other (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.)

We found the Windows client and installed it. This uses the My Norton port as the safety suite, and it wastes more display real estate than the VPN program though it is not tough to work with.

If you’re searching for features or configurability, prepare to be disappointed. There is a text listing of places, a checkbox to turn the tracker blocking off or on, without a server load info or Favorites system, nope, there’s no, and that is it.

Norton Secure VPN is not promoted as adding a kill button, but we chose to stress test the customer to find out if the VPN link fell precisely on what occurred.

The answer turned out to be nothing. The customer interface upgraded when that’d be minimized by us, although we had been disconnected. Also, it had been covered by another window. There is no notification to warn our visitors that they were unprotected.

There’s a power using the programs. The Android offers had added support as we began this review and empowers linking to the VPN if you get an insecure network, for example.

For the most part, it is the story: the Secure VPN programs of Norton are stripped right back and short on features, but easy to use.

Is It Legal To Use A Vpn For Netflix


Norton Secure VPN is marketed mainly on its capacity to protect your information from cybercriminals when you are using wifi, along with the site does not create any vast claims (or even smaller ones) about unblocking big-name loading programs.

That means the VPN can not unblock considerably when it neglected to get us into BBC iPlayer, and Secure VPN got off to a terrible start.

There was no triumph with Disney+ the website refused to load, a problem we have seen with VPNs, although we did not have a geo-location error.

Norton Secure VPN was not finished yet, and it unblocked Amazon Prime Video and US Netflix for us, no problems in any way.

That is not leading edge unblocking functionality, but it is Far Better than we anticipated, and a much better outcome than we have seen with competitions.


Norton Secure VPN felt results in our UK based functionality. A peak, median rate of 66.2Mbps to a 75Mbs link was not wrong in any way. However, the service was quite inconsistent, along with other evaluation sessions gained from 3859Mbps.

VPN rate testing is a business, so we cross-checked our statistics by conducting a test with an evaluation line. Rates were better at 5085Mbps, but an evening downturn watched this plummet to 1015Mbps.

We conducted our tests when net and net and VPN traffic had been above average, and it likely had an impact on our results.

That can not be a whole explanation. However, as other VPNs we have examined lately have habitually hit 100Mbps, 200Mbps, and much more, and the current speed winner, Hotspot Shield, averaged 490575Mbps. Now that is fast.

Number Norton’s Server Places and Servers

Norton provides VPN servers. You’ll be assured that regardless of where you go, you will locate a server nearby if a VPN firm has a varied offering of host places. Additionally, it means you have many sites.

The number of nations can differ. NordVPN, by way of instance, covers 62 nations, online accessibility is in 53 countries, and ExpressVPN provides servers in 94 nations. By comparison, the offering of Norton Secure VPN is on the low side but does the world efficiently span. I like to see protection is not offered by Norton for South America and Africa. Norton does not provide VPN servers in China, Russia, or Vietnam three regions with net policies that are repressive. It will offer servers in Turkey.

As the number of servers, Norton provides a few 1,500 in total for. That is more than much of this contest and pretty high. While CyberGhost, ExpressVPN Internet accessibility, and TorGuard have over 3,000 servers, Notice, however, over 5,200 servers. Servers mean you are less likely to experience a server, although servers twist up and down as required.

Some VPN businesses rely on servers. All these are software-defined servers, meaning many virtual servers may be running on a single machine. Servers may be configured to look as though they’re in a state other than where their server is situated. If you are worried about the locations, that may be a problem. With 1,200 of its 1,500 servers being virtual, Norton Secure VPN depends on virtualization. But, all servers are situated inside the nation.

Client Support

Support advice for NortonLifeLock products may be somewhat challenging to discover. Not the Service area, you’ll get a link on their site to this at the top of every page. Search for a Products & Services menu. As soon as you arrive, you will also find a search box, added tools, and an FAQ section to track down. I found it challenging to get the information I desired scrolled into the bottom of the window and Contact Service that was chosen.

I used the 24-hour live chat system to get more information directly. The service here was quite fast (possibly 1 minute wait period ), and the rep was useful.

There’s a big community neighborhood with discussion forums, thoughts (ideas ), and blogs. Navigating this area may be confusing, so you will want to scan the side of this window down and search for filters you can use to narrow your attention.

Final verdict

If your VPN needs are simple, and you can use a security suite, Norton Secure VPN’s back-to-basics approach might appeal. Experts will be frustrated by the lack of features, though, speeds are reduced, and there are many more capable, faster, and cheaper VPNs. Colorfy hopes that this guide can help you know more about this Vpn and have chosen the best for yourself.

Norton Vpn Reviews FAQs

Why does Norton VPN keep disconnecting?

This error may be caused due to problems with your system link. Wait for a while, If you could join Secure VPN on precisely the network and try linking to Secure VPN. Some programs don’t allow VPN connections and limit VPN access using a firewall or network configurations.

Can Norton VPN allow Torrenting?

Norton Secure VPN doesn’t allow or protects heavy torrent traffic, making a torrent client create on your apparatus. To protect your network link with Norton Secure VPN, depart the customer or discontinue uploads and all of the downloads then turn Norton Secure VPN.

Is Norton 360 being stopped?

Norton 360, developed by Symantec, is an “all-in-one” safety package for its consumer industry. It was released in 2007 but was stopped in 2014; its features were carried on Norton Security to its successor.

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