Nintendo 3DS Vs 2DS – Which Is Better Version? [New 2021]

Nintendo 3DS Vs 2DS - Which Is Better Version

If you’re searching for a handheld console, Nintendo 3DS Vs 2DS is consequently a straightforward option. However, as for that specific version to buy? That is a far harder question! Keep reading Colorfy ‘s post to understand more of these versions.

The Nintendo 3DS family has dominated the handheld console area because it started in 2011. With glasses-free 3D in many versions, 3DS includes a massive library of games such as Pokémon Sun and Moon, Animal Crossing, New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Yokai Watch, and many more. 3DS family has also sold 60 million consoles worldwide, far before its mobile rival, the PlayStation Vita.

What’s Nintendo 2DS?

What's Nintendo 2DS

The Nintendo 2DS is an entry-level handheld device of this 3DS family of mobile game consoles declared in late 2013. It belongs to the DS family of handheld systems, which is among those Nintendo’s finest ever handheld consoles. It’s a budget-friendly alternate to the first 3DS using a slate-like form variable, and also, unlike the 3DS, it does not fold.

Even though the hinges shortage makes it less vulnerable to breaking, the hinge-less layout makes it somewhat hard to fit in pockets or put in a tote. It compromises on portability but raises strength at precisely the same moment. It’s powered with a dual-core ARM11 MPCore processor and a single-sore ARM9 processor, together with a PICA200 habit GPU.


  • Plays Nintendo DS and 3DS sports cards.
  • A more battery life.
  • Safer for young kids and people sensitive to 3D effects.


  • Does not possess a 3D camera.
  • The first version does not fit in most pockets.
  • It can be utilized for cheap.

What’s Nintendo 3DS?

What's Nintendo 3DS

The first Nintendo 3DS is a committed handheld console launched in 2010 as a possible successor to its popular Nintendo DS with backward compatibility to perform mature DS games. It is a dual-screen handheld with a clamshell design that gives it a significant advantage concerning portability and simplicity of use. It is easy to stash it away in your bag or stuff it in your pocket.

Contrary to the non-foldable layout of this 2DS, it hinges prone to breaking during unintentional drops. The top display is 3.53-inch, along with the shortened show, which is 3.02-inch. The something which produces the 3DS stand apart is your autostereoscopic display capable of producing wonderful 3D effects with no glasses.


  • Backward compatible with the Nintendo DS library.
  • Impressive 3D images for many names.
  • It can be utilized for more affordable compared to New 2DS XL.


  • Capture and edit 3D pictures.
  • The quality of the 3D effects varies from game to game.
  • 3D art strains the eyes.

Nintendo 2DS Vs 3DS: Layout and display size

From the looks department, the 3DS defeats the 2DS hands down, using its sleeker look and pocket-friendly dimension when folded closed. In contrast, the 2DS appears as a plastic wedge made just like a Fisher-Price toy; however, there’s an upside to this, which does shatter the 3DS layout and upside is that the Nintendo 2DS is significantly more durable and a whole lot simpler for small hands to break since there’s not any hinge because the 2DS does not shut.

The wedge style of this 2DS is better in terms of relaxation, in my view. I can play with it without discomfort cramp in my hands for several hours, but using the 3DS and its clamshell design, I often find my hands hurting after an hour of usage.

You might not detect just by looking at it, but Nintendo has employed one large LCD panel to your 2DS’ display. They’ve concealed this nicely with a little strip of plastic between the two segments of this screen.

Probably the most obvious things missing from the Nintendo 2DS but current on the 3DS would be the 3D slider (that you won’t find on the 2DS since it does not have the 3D attribute ) as well as the stereo speakers. Instead, the 2DS utilizes a mono speaker, and this is not anywhere near as great as the stereo speakers in the 3DS. Also missing is your WiFi slider, which instead is currently a part of this program. There is also a sleeping slider found on the base of the 2DS, which permits you to place it in sleep mode for matters like Street pass.

The display sizes of the standard sized 3DS along with also the 2DS are equally marginally different. The 2DS maintains the same 3.53-inch top screen and 3.02-inch underside display sizes located on the first 3DS. The ‘New’ 3DS as Nintendo phone is a 3.88-inch top screen and a 3.33-inch bottom screen. If you would like to go bigger, the 3DSXL includes a 4.88-inch top screen and a bottom screen size of 4.18-inch.

Nintendo 3DS Vs 2DS – Cost

The 2DS was designed with cost in mind, and in the time of the guide, you’ll discover the most affordable alternative in the committed handheld gaming market (this does not include smartphones). It is available to purchase by itself or as part of a package with a sport or matches.

Mine cost about £140; however, it did include a preloaded match and two additional matches. You can find the Nintendo 2DS for as small as £75.99 using a match, which is a deal in all honesty. You will discover far more costly versions of this 2DS like the Pokémon Yellow variant. The 2DS will market at around the 100 marks, but many retailers go under this price.

The brand new 3DS cost slightly more, and more is accessible at using a sale price of 149.99 at a selection of unique packages that you may check out here. There are naturally other purchasing options like game shops and Amazon.

The 3DSXL is the most expensive of these three consoles. market it for as small as 179.99 on its own using the charger cable included (for some reason, Nintendo determined they did not wish to add one from the box). Have a look at the recent deals Nintendo has for this particular console.

Therefore, if you don’t have the cash to burn and follow a secure bargain handheld console with no 3D feature using a match or two already contained, then the 2DS has you covered. It does precisely the same as both consoles without the 3D function. If you do not like the concept of little screens and want something big and have money to burn, then the 3DSXL is for you.

If you need the usual 3DS, using the 3D attribute that could quickly slip into your pocket and have some money to burn off the standard 3DS is a fantastic idea. I’ll also point out that if you’re trying to purchase a handheld console from this family for somebody under seven years of age, the 2DS is your ideal alternative as the 3D characteristic of another two is not safe for young kids.

Look at the Amazon link below for 2DS, 3DS, and 3DSXL consoles; however, please note that this is an affiliate link that will make me a small commission used to conduct the site).


If you do not have a Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo 2DS is a cheap option if you do not consider the 3D visuals. If your children borrow your Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL and reunite it coated with sticky fingerprints, then get them the more economical, child-friendly version.

Collectors of mobile systems might want to get every member of their 3DS households. Using the new Nintendo 2ds vs. 3ds version, you can perform any Nintendo DS or 3DS match. If cash is not a problem, select the New Nintendo 3DS XL unless you’ve got your heart set on the permanent design of this first 2DS.

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