Netgear Orbi Vs Eero – Which Mesh Router Should You Pick? [New 2021]

Netgear Orbi Vs Eero - Which Mesh Router Should You Pick

Netgear Orbi Vs Eero are just two of the top-rated WiFi systems in the marketplace nowadays. Both systems are famous for their capacity to fit the ever-increasing requirement that the apparatus puts on house WiFi.

Following four decades of using different mesh systems and a single month of hardcore side-by-side testing, I discovered two distinct Eero Pro configurations (Eero Pro + two Eero Beacons) or (2 Eero Pros) were much better than Orbi since they equilibrium great applications and functionality.

Netgear Orbi RBK50 (2-Set) is best for power users that wish to get more from their internet rate or desire extra ports.

Euro Pro WiFi System

Euro Pro WiFi System

The eero Pro WiFi System delivers quick and effortless installation together with excellent protection and rates. Control via the eero program is straightforward, providing entry to the fundamentals that many users want. Also, it supports Apple’s HomeKit Secure Router attribute for complete smart home safety. But, it’s stingy on ethernet ports, lacks advanced features with no subscription, and it is priced considerably higher than the contest.


  • Simple program setup and management
  • Covers around 6,000 square feet
  • WiFi rates up to 1Gpbs
  • Supports Alexa and Apple HomeKit
  • eero Secure service extras


  • Expensive
  • Restricted ethernet ports
  • Security features need a subscription.

Netgear Orbi RBK50 WiFi System

Netgear Orbi RBK50 WiFi System

Though the Orbi RBK50 provides setup and management utilizing a friendly program, it includes more box features. This program supports Alexa, along with the Google Assistant, which has four ethernet interfaces per satellite, also includes parental controls with no subscription. This system only includes just two satellites; its policy area isn’t quite as fantastic as the Eero Pro.


  • Cheap
  • Four ethernet interfaces per satellite
  • Covers up to 5,000 square feet
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Disney Circle parental controls comprised.


  • Just two satellites included
  • Netgear Armor service surpasses extras.
  • Larger, bulkier design

Netgear Orbi Vs Eero Comparison

Netgear Orbi Vs Eero Comparison


Aesthetics: Eero

Eero Pro is little (4.75″ x 4.75″ x 1.34″) and slick, and Eero Beacon is small and plugs into a socket with no cable. You do not require a countertop room or an open plate. It remains out of the way and conserves space.

Aesthetics: Orbi

Orbi RBK50 is enormous (8.9″ x 6.7″ x 3.1″) and awful. In comparison to Eero Pro, it is eight times taller and six times larger by volume. You can not hide these away readily.

Practicality: Eero

There are two Ethernet interfaces on Eero Pro, which leaves one with only one usable Ethernet interface for hardwired devices because among these can be used to your modem. Eero Beacon saves space. However, it does not have any vents.

Practicality: Orbi

The Orbi “router” gets the Ethernet interface for the world wide web, then three extra Ethernet interfaces, along with a USB port. Together with the two-piece installation, you will have seven interfaces to nerd-out o.



If it comes to ease of installation and installation, Eero can’t be beaten. The product excels in these regions, consistently getting rave reviews. Just plug in the components, download the program on a mobile device, and follow the directions.

After setup, the Eero program lets you quickly see your system, track device utilization, and discuss or restrict your web as you see fit. You may even enable guests to get WiFi when maintaining your passwords off-limits. Probably the most useful aspect of this program comes in the kind of parental control.

Parents may easily set which occasions specific devices can connect to the web. The installation is fast, hassle-free, and easily customizable. And after setup, Eero automatically upgrades and troubleshoots itself.

The only real downside for Eero’s setup is precisely the identical thing, which makes it right: the ease of this program. While great for many, Eero may lack the complex customization which more educated consumers seek.

Netgear Orbi

While maybe not as unique as Eero, Orbi also features a speedy and effortless installation process. Just plug from the satellites and join the bottom router for your ISP modem. You will then have to connect your device to the router. As soon as you’ve completed that, you will only follow the easy step-by-step guide. This is a simple process that needs no tech-savvy.

There is no requirement to assign IP addresses or hassle with renaming networks. The process of incorporating extra satellite components is likewise relatively straightforward. Plug them in and power on.

Both products are quite simple to install, installation, and usage. Eero gets the advantage here, although not because of some wrong-doings on the section of Orbi. Eero’s installation process is incredibly easy. Their program provides you simple control on your WiFi system, the likes of which can not be found everywhere.

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Software: Eero

Overall impression: After four years on the market, the Eero app has been iterated and finely tuned for mainstream users. Eero has great parental controls and is a must-have for parents.

Overall impression: Following four decades of the current market, the Eero program was iterated and finely trained for mainstream users. Eero has excellent parental controls and is a must-have for most parents.


It is possible to make a profile for every individual in your family and “Family Profiles” and set all of every individual’s apparatus. From that point, it is possible to pause all devices assigned to an individual or provide them with scheduled accessibility. It is brightly set up for parents to limit internet time and if kids have to have access.

You may play advanced configurations like bookings, port forwarding, and DNS settings. As you can not tinker with as many configurations as possible using Orbi, Eero is smart regarding the defaults that it selects for you.

An Alexa Skill is to do things like turn off a person’s profile turn off-net access to all apparatus.

HomeKit support enables you to insert your Eero system into the Apple Home program. This makes a firewall between your network and your smart devices, making it more challenging for poor actors to get your whole system when one device is compromised.


Eero does not have a web-based interface. Nevertheless, it is hard to see why somebody might require an internet app since the phone program is well done.

Though it’s possible to observe real-time bandwidth use per device, there is no way to track your daily, weekly, or monthly bandwidth combined. In case you’ve got a data limit, and your service provider does not have the means to monitor bandwidth, I strongly suggest going with Google WiFi.

Eero is determined by the cloud to function.

Software: Orbi

Overall opinion: Orbi includes a web-based interface that allows you to personalize whatever you need (such as you can with a standard Netgear router). However, the telephone program user interface is slow to load, badly equipped, has annoying advertisements. Also, it lacks customization preferences as well as native parental controls.


Orbi includes a web-based interface that allows you to personalize a lot of settings.

You’re able to name apparatus, pause them, and reboot the machine from the program.

There is no dependence on the cloud to operate, while Eero requires online access.

“Traffic Meter” logs your bandwidth for a week or month, but it is poorly equipped, and you can not filter the information.

You can request Alexa to empower your guest community, reboot your router, or even tell you your WiFi preferences.


The interface seems terrible, and phrases are often cut on the monitor.

I will frequently open the program and see that a “Router Not Setup” message, but when I tap “Blow Off,” my system is up and functioning correctly.

Orbi does not have native parental controls.

Communication between the program and Orbi is slow and occasionally delays multiple moments.

You can not edit the port forwarding or DNS configurations from the Orbi program.

QoS remains referenced in Orbi’s documentation. However, it is not found in the web-based interface menu at which it ought to be.


We know that mesh systems provide good excellent WiFi. All these are the systems of their future, and it is not tough to see why. They outperform conventional WiFi systems in virtually every place, certainly each important one.

But how can these two specific mesh systems compare to one another concerning functionality?


It required Eero-a startup company based in ancient 2015-some time to locate its footing. When the first creation of Eero was published, the product was definitely behind the curve. Even though the design was intriguing, the product could not maintain its rivals’ speed and dependability.

Being the young, ambitious business they are, Eero continuously upgraded and improved the very first generation Eero system. Building upon this progression, Eero outdid themselves entirely with the next generation of the product.

Eero currently utilizes three tri-band routers instead of dual-band, which permits the system to pay a much larger place in high-quality WiFi, while also enabling many devices to join. This constant improvement has turned Eero’s system popular for most consumers.

If it comes to WiFi rate and dependability, Eero has made all of the appropriate changes required to maintain Orbi. While maybe not quite as powerful as Orbis, the WiFi their method provides is still speedy and dependable.

The one place where Eero falls considerably behind is place coverage. Three distinct Eero WiFi kits can be bought. The tiniest kit comprises:

  • 1 Eero Router and 1 Beacon Unit – This kit satisfactorily blankets a 1 to 2 bedroom house with insecure WiFi, offering approximately 2000 sq. Feet of policy.
  • 1 Eero Router and two Beacon Unit – This second beacon provides an extra 1000 sq. Ft. of policy, taking the policy area with this particular kit around 3000 sq. Ft. complete, that’s that the size of a typical 3-bedroom home.
  • 3 Eero Routers – The most significant kit offered only contains 3 Eero routers, making the smaller beacon units outside entirely. This kit provides stable WiFi throughout a place of 3500 sq. Ft. If you are home or workplace is more extensive than this, you will have to obtain extra routers or beacons as vital.

Netgear Orbi

Orbi provides a number of the quickest WiFi it is possible to imagine. The product is loved because of its super-fast rates and stability. Even the most significant homes usually fall readily within this product’s policy array.

Though Eero has taken giant strides in catching up, Orbi nevertheless provides the quickest WiFi available. Their tri-mesh systems enable you to shoot your device anywhere in your house without disconnecting and reconnect with various components.

With Orbi’s WiFi system, you receive just one continuous web of incredibly high-quality WiFi from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

The standard Orbi systems provide this WiFi across a place around 5000 sq. Ft. This exceptional coverage region implies that fewer individuals need to obtain extra components, which is a massive plus when dealing with these expensive systems.

Orbi is also always improving its technologies. Their newest upgrade caused daisy chain media. “Daisy chain” is a phrase that refers to one way in which devices can connect to the router.

Before the daisy chain, it had been necessary for every satellite device to maintain reach of the major router. Still, with the daisy chain, the aquariums may connect to the router to other tanks, providing you a great deal more flexibility when selecting the positioning of components inside your property.

Orbi has also begun supporting ethernet backhaul that enables your system to keep functioning during any occasion you may have an increased variety of customers and nodes.

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The Final Verdict

These are a couple of the very best systems available on the market nowadays. Both are broadly popular and usually well-reviewed, and the two performed unusually well in our testing.

In general, these are two excellent products. Each system has its own little set of defects and a significant set of advantages. There may be just one winner, nevertheless, and in our opinion, the Netgear Orbi’s strengths proved to be substantial.

Video: Why I Returned The Netgear Orbi Whole Home WiFi System

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