Mullvad Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Mullvad Vpn Review

Mullvad is a superbly privacy-focused VPN with headquarters in Sweden. You can join via Mullvad’s 663 servers, where VPNs create overtures to consumer anonymity.

Within our Mullvad inspection, we will have a peek at what causes this provider distinct, if the organization’s claims of total user anonymity are accurate, and if it is a fantastic VPN to select as the first line of defense online.

The business urges that you pay via Bitcoin money or even Bitcoin cash, ensuring it’s going to know nothing about you personally. If that is a step too far, you can pay as usual via card, PayPal, bank transfer, or Swish. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in this Mullvad Vpn Review.

Mullvad VPN Overview




  • Requires no email or account information
  • Radically transparent
  • Extremely affordable
  • Some advanced features, like multihop connections


  • Cramped, awkward desktop interface
  • Servers in a small range of countries
  • Account number system may confuse some customers


Mullvad has a community of servers in 36 nations. It is sufficient for most needs, although that is a whole lot smaller than, say, NordVPN, which has approximately 5,200 servers. Software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is all open-source favorable for security-conscious users that prefer to understand what’s happening beneath the hood of the applications.

In detail, the organization spells out on the Mullvad site. Merely speaking, nothing is logged by it. Also, it only monitors the number of connections to each account.

We discovered that when we shifted between servers, our IP address stayed concealed, which many VPNs neglect. The business has placed in the effort to guarantee users’ privacy.

Mullvad includes when the VPN fails for any reason, a kill switch attribute that blocks traffic. In other words, to the test many times by closing the link in various ways, and every time the software instantly detected the Problem and blocked our online connection before the VPN reconnected.

On June 25, 2021, Mullvad published its audit results. It appears to have been positive, and also the problems happen to be addressed. This is excellent news, as Mullvad joining the positions of fully-audited VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN can increase its validity as a provider.

Interface and in usage

The interface of mulled is bare in comparison to. You’re presented with a listing of cities and countries from which to select. There is no choice for locating the server for no favorites, no filters, and your place.

Although Mullvad is much more concentrated on consumer solitude than deploying regional articles, we chose to check it out from Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Using Mullvad gained us access to YouTube and Netflix, but that may be sufficient for many users.

But, we did locate the rates of Mullvad impressively. Analyzing it on our 75Mbps UK lineup gave us outstanding rates of 68-69Mbps, and on our 600Mbps US lineup, it delivered 270-310Mbps considerably quicker than the majority of the contest. Just a couple VPNs that price, for example, Speedify and Hotspot Shield, have achieved in our tests.

At length, while Mullvad has not got the broad device compatibility, even using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux service, the vast majority of users will probably be coated. The programs are secure and discuss an identical interface, so there is no learning curve when switching from the desktop computer to your cell phone.

Programs and Server Places

Mullvad has servers in 36 countries throughout the world. That is an excellent offering, but I have seen one much across rivals under the average of 52 states. A massive distribution of servers is unique. It provides clients a lot of alternatives for spoofing their places and raises the probability of locating a VPN server close where you may be in the moment.

ExpressVPN leads one of the VPNs I have reviewed, offering servers in 94 nations without relying heavily on virtual servers (more on this later). Mullvad does not have diversity, one of its server offerings, using only one country in no policy and South America in Africa or Central America.

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The smaller number of countries covered by Mullvad probably will not be a problem for most readers, which will likely need servers close to their places for much better functionality. Notably, a third of all the 669 servers of Mullvad is located in the United States. Many VPN businesses overshadow that server count. ExpressVPN, TorGuard VPN, Hotspot Shield VPN, and Personal Online Access VPN all boast over 3,000 servers, whereas CyberGhost and NordVPN have over 5,000. The number of servers may have to do with the number of consumers, so a more significant fleet does not necessarily equate with greater functionality.

Many VPN businesses use virtual servers, where one hardware server may play host to a lot of software-defined digital servers. Then, maybe configured to look as though they’re in a state apart from that of the server hardware. This is sometimes a fantastic thing. It enables companies to rapidly spin servers up in response to need or provide coverage to a dangerous country by putting the physical hardware at a safer place. The Problem is when VPN firms Aren’t clear about where your information is heading.

This is not a problem for Mullvad. A company representative explained that it utilizes servers, where they state they are located. Mullvad goes farther, although that is excellent. Its host listing shows you its own servers nation and town, in addition to the firm if those servers are leased by Mullvad or possess them and operating the information center. That is an unmatched amount of transparency.


The business has access. Suppose you use a VPN, that requires an immense quantity of trust. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend the steps a VPN company needs to protect your privacy. I discovered that Mullvad has gone to great lengths to preserve user privacy, setting an excellent example for others.

Mullvad tackles the problem of solitude with transparency. In its article on information logging, it breaks down just what info is moved throughout a credit card transaction, that sees it, etc. It is an experience. The drawback is there is a good deal of info that is technical. Brevity isn’t its strong suit, although the organization does a decent job of composing in language. As for me, I empathize.

One characteristic of this coverage that I like is its usage of a Q&A format. Did you ever wonder if Mullvad enforces a limit on simultaneous connections? Well:

Every single VPN server accounts to support. When a client connects to a VPN server, the host requests the vital support to confirm the account number, whether the account has some remaining time, in the event the report has reached its allowed variety of relations, and so forth. Everything is done in memory that was temporary only.

The business is strong in that it doesn’t log traffic, DNS requests, link timestamps, IP addresses, or bandwidth usage. That is all excellent and slightly edges out a lot of the contest in precisely what info is saved.

To its credit, Mullvad is clear about its business practices. The organization supports affiliate partners or doesn’t pay for reviews. When I inquired if Mullvad had earnings from sources past VPN subscriptions, the response was a simple, “No.” Mullvad is coordinated under the parent firm Amagicom AB and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden also works under Swedish law.

Recognizing what rules apply to a VPN provider helps know how your information is protected. Mullvad goes much beyond other people by offering up a comprehensive collection of laws that is relevant to the provider.

The business states that while it might comply with a legal request for information from law enforcement, it could only do this after exploring the claim and points out that it keeps hardly any information that may be found. Additionally, it goes further by committing to “shut the service down” if it is ever lawfully needed to spy on its customers. I can’t say I’ve seen any other business commits.

VPN businesses have commissioned third-party audits to establish their trustworthiness. But not all inspections are as comfortable as others; this is a fantastic development for the market. Mullvad was audited in 2018 by Cure53 and concentrated on penetration testing of its programs (PDF link).

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I want to view its server infrastructure ratings while Mullvad has gone to lengths to make its clinics transparent. TunnelBear, by way of instance, is dedicated to exhaustive audits.

Safety is a problem of trust. It does not matter if you do not trust them if a firm does all right. I urge that consumers consider this information and pick a service according to what firm they believe they could trust.


Our functionality testing started at the kill button of Mullvad with a look. We closed both OpenVPN and WireGuard relations in a variety of manners. Still, the program managed each situation perfectly: it instantly exhibited a Reconnecting message alerting us to this problem, blocked our net connection to protect against any IP escapes, also followed up with a secured telling, moments later, once the link was re-established.

Mullvad is focused on security and privacy, but our tests revealed that good news. Sure it did not get us to Amazon Prime Video BBC iPlayer or even Disney +, but Mullvad did unblock US Netflix, together with YouTube, along with the websites that are well defended.

The support felt full marks together with all the Windows clients blocking WebRTC and DNS leaks.

The positivity was kept to the conclusion, together with our performance evaluations showing excellent rates of 68-69Mbps on our UK test line, as well as 270-310Mbps within an ultra-fast US connection. That trails behind rate winner Hotspot Shield (450-580Mbps), but it is a fantastic result and sets Mullvad well before most VPNs from the performance stakes.

Is It Legal To Use A Vpn For Netflix

Mullvad Netflix

One reason people might want to update their place would be to get region-locked streaming material. For example, if you are traveling in the United Kingdom, you could realize that you can not watch your favorite series. Using a VPN, you pick up where you left off and can tunnel back into the US. Netflix is sensible to the strategy and works to block access.

You may not be streaming with Mullvad. While I was attached to a US server, Netflix was obstructed. This may not last. I have discovered I may not know tomorrow and vice versa.

My perception is that Mullvad is more worried about providing a VPN service that is affordable and secure, which will allow you to see the BBC. For many individuals, that is just fine, however when obtaining region-locked content is your target, Mullvad might not be the ideal alternative.


The Mullvad site has installation guides on how to utilize its functions each. Though there are around ten guides for using things like split tunneling and SOCKS5 BitTorrent, searchable FAQs well were written and complimented them.

It is also possible to email Mullvad service, and we love a GPG key that is available so that you may utilize PGP-encrypted email if you wish to keep private. But, live-chat isn’t accessible, and we’re used to it out of our top-rated VPNswe do miss this.

Final verdict

The mulled Vpn has several features, it is not configurable, and costs are average for long-term customers, but there’s a lot. An account that can be opened by your rates is excellent, along with a top-quality VPN motor that protects your privacy. So, although not up there with the likes of ExpressVPN, it is still worth a look. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this VPN and have chosen suitable yourself.

Mullvad Vpn Review FAQs

Is Mullvad VPN great?

Mullvad is a pleasure. It’s secure, and the rates are fantastic. It’s among the VPNs that deliver an account. You do not need to provide a password, email, or a title.

Can Mullvad keep logs?

Policy overview. Mullvad’s policy is that we never store any action logs of any type. We believe in using an information retention policy since we want you to Stay anonymous.

Utilize Windows, Linux, or Mac

If you flow on a program, Fire TV, Android TV, gaming console, or Apple TV, you are being monitored and limited with the DNS proxy blocker. This implies that if You want to watch Netflix from behind a Mullvad proxy wall, then you Can’t take action on your mobile device

VIDEO: Mullvad VPN Full Review (TESTED – Netflix, leaks, torrents)

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