Mobile App Development Trends of 2021

Mobile App Development Trends 2021

One of the main trends is the transition of the bulk of users from PCs to smartphones. This trend is increasing every year, so any website or web application should have a mobile version. People want to rent a place, pay bills, and even make an appointment with a doctor on the go online. That is why mobile app development trends of 2021 has become one of the most popular areas.

Tricks 2020 vs. Trends 2021

Mobile applications have long been used in all spheres of human life. In a couple of clicks, you can:

  • Organize an online meeting with colleagues from different countries;
  • Sell shares;
  • Launch cryptocurrency for sale;
  • Buy or rent real estate;
  • Take out insurance;
  • Buy plane tickets;
  • Make an appointment with a doctor or even get an online consultation.

In 2021, the developers plan to significantly expand this list. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used everywhere. But one obstacle appeared – not all countries have sufficient Internet speed for large applications to work correctly. This limitation could further exacerbate the difference between developed and developing countries.

More detailed forecasts for 2021

Here’s a list of mobile app ideas that will evolve even further in 2021:

  • Virtual reality is gaining momentum. Virtual reality glasses can already be connected to almost any application that shows video clips. The developers are working on making it possible to show 3D images without glasses, using the phone as a projector.
  • Cloud storage technologies are also becoming more popular. The power of modern electronic devices is growing rapidly. But progress still doesn’t keep up with the needs of today’s audience. Therefore, more than half of active gadget users already store some of their personal data in the cloud.
  • From the previous trend follows the need to develop technologies for the security of mobile applications and the entire Internet as a whole. Digital giants are also constantly working on this.
  • Another layer of work is the integration of all smart functions into watches, players and so on. The smaller the device, the more complex the integration process. But people no longer think about it when they pay at the supermarket checkout with their phone or watch. Which gadget will be next? Will we be able to open the car door or pay for gas with wireless headphones? Quite possible!
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Smart things in our house

The IoT or Internet of Things is a very important area in the development of mobile applications. Leaving work, people can turn on the air conditioner at home in advance or start cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner. Mobile applications allow you to control any home appliances, turn on the lights, open the garage door, and so on. And the developers continue to improve these capabilities.

Blockchain and e-commerce

Blockchain technology first appeared as a protocol for Bitcoin, so it was initially associated with cryptocurrencies. But now Blockchain is being integrated into business management systems, including Internet commerce. Thus, orders and payments will definitely not be lost. It also opens up additional opportunities for better identification of the needs of the target audience and the development of a loyalty policy of top eCommerce website builders.

Aggregator apps and chat bots

Services that collect information about all similar businesses in one place are very popular. A mobile app where you can compare prices and place an order right away is the perfect app. Also during the pandemic, food delivery services became very popular. People want to look at the menus of several cafes and order what they like best with home delivery.

As for communication with managers, the less the better. Everything in the application should be intuitive. But if you still have a question, it is better that the answer can be received in the chatbot, without calling the company.


The main goal of mobile apps in 2021 is to make people’s lives even easier. If people save time with your product and get a quality service, they will be happy to use this application in the future. There is also the integration of individual businesses into a common service, which makes the choice of people wider.

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