Misty Loman: Mugshots that made her viral

Misty Loman

A sheriff named Adam Bieber in the year 2019 posted a series of mugshots that quickly went viral. Those were Misty Loman pictures. She was a meth addict and got arrested for drug use. The sheriff posted these pictures to discourage people from using meth. Since then, Misty has not been in the news, but her story has interested many people.

About Misty Loman

Misty Loman’s face went viral on the internet after Adam Bieber shared it. The pictures showed how her body transformed after she became addicted to meth. But as every coin has two sides, many people were interested in hearing her narrative after seeing her photo. After the mugshots, she never appeared in public. However, later on, it was also made known that she was battling cancer, which touched the hearts of many.

Misty Loman Personal life

Misty Loman - Where is she today? - BOU

Misty Loman was born in 1979 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in the United States of America. She is presently 45 years old and practices Christianity. This person of American nationality made headlines after her mug shots went viral on the internet. She is a well-educated woman who finished school at a local school in her hometown. She also completed her higher studies at a well-known university.

Misty Loman is married to Gary Glass Jr., her long-term boyfriend, and they have two children, Jacob and Corey. She was expecting twins, but sadly one of them died in the womb and the other one died in less than a month.  Due to the traumatic events that occurred to her when she was pregnant, she went into depression.

He never got into any controversies until her images went viral. But once the photos went viral, people started checking into her. They found she served time in jail for the possession of meth and other illicit narcotics.

Full Name:Misty Loman
Marital Status:married
HusbandGary Glass Jr.
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorBlack
Birth PlaceBowling Green
KidsJacob and Corey

The Misty Loman Controversy

Before a tragic event caused her to lose two of her children, Misty Loman was enjoying a joyful life with her family. She experienced a shock and turned to medicines to help her recover. Misty was arrested for crimes she committed due to her serious drug addiction.

During her prison time, there were a few images that Sheriff Sdam had clicked of her and shared on the internet. The picture warned the generation not to use meth and discussed the potential for addiction. The extent of her addiction was evident in the photographs, which depicted the enormous changes she underwent both when she first started using meth and over time.

The sheriff intended to depict the issue of how drugs can ruin people’s lives. However, she became the subject of criticism because of those photos. Some cursed her for such drug abuse, while others were too sympathetic toward her. She was accused of using various narcotics while intoxicated in public. Misty went to jail for possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Misty Loman battle:

Faces of Meth Progression': Woman's Mugshots Reveal Story of Addiction and Recovery

Her addiction to drugs was just one side of the story. Misty had other medical issues, including scleroderma, lupus, and bone cancer, further research into her past revealed. When she lost three children, one of them was stillborn, her heroin addiction battle began. And none of the children died as a result of her drug addiction.

However, the loss of her children was only the beginning of her traumatic experiences. To overcome the depression, she was on the drug to a great extent. She had tried almost every drug, but her meth addiction was severe.

Misty Loman had several other health issues for a long time along with her drug addiction. She was undergoing treatment for bone cancer, lupus, and scleroderma. Upon her arrest for drug possession, Misty claimed that the drugs found were for nausea, which is one known chemotherapy side effect.

After her images went viral, she did not make any public appearances but later clarified the rumors surrounding her mugshot appearance. She disclosed that she has underlying health issues that have altered her body. Misty was also traumatized and depressed from losing three of her kids in infancy. But she did not lose hope and finished her long-term treatment at the Sisters in Sobriety center located in Kentucky.

Is Misty Loman alive?

Misty Loman is alive and responding well to the statement. In one of the interviews, she released a statement in which she said that she had no confidence in herself and did not want to live. She was homeless and sick, and there was no way out of this situation for her. While using drugs, all she could think about was getting high until she died. After her long battle with health issues, she gave her life to Christ, and since 2020, she has been sober.

Misty Loman social media

Misty is not that active on her social media accounts. Her meth addiction case, on the other hand, was world-famous and drew a lot of attention on social media. After her treatment, she started her journey for Christ and is now completely sober.

Her public appearances:

She never made a public appearance until she felt it was time to clarify the misinformation that went viral about the mugshots. Later, she was with Brandon Jerrett in an interview, where she spoke about doing different activities in sobriety. Kathy Shoemaker, a Facebook user, also called her to discuss her journey, which she shared with others.

Ending Note:

Misty Loman had seen the worst in her life, and starting life from zero is no joke. Her optimistic attitude towards life and belief in God certainly set a good example for the younger generation. Today, she believes she is serving a bigger purpose in her life. Even if she still has a battle with cancer to fight, she believes that she is already at peace. She doesn’t fear death anymore. Further, she has now mended her relationship with a loved one who is back to having her in their life too.

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