Mid Tower vs Full Tower Differences: What’s Better? [2020 Update]

Mid Tower vs Full Tower Differences

Here Colorfy will cover Mid Tower vs Full Tower differences for pc cases, in addition to some advice to generate a better-informed choice regarding which one you could need. I’ve grappled with this choice through the last few years and can provide some insight to you.

Full Tower Case

Full Tower Case


  • Full tower cases usually have more excellent cooling than mid-tower instances. With more space to incorporate smaller and larger lovers, coupled with sufficient space for airflow, your PC temperature could be kept at safe levels while getting greater rates even with over-clocking.
  • It’s a lot easier to handle and follow wires whenever there’s an error that needs fixing. You can easily adhere to a cable out of an error point to its origin. Additionally, there’s sufficient elbow space to repair or fix problems without necessarily unnecessarily dismounting hardware parts. This saves time, energy, and lowers the probability of damaging other elements.
  • Full tower cases provide additional space for optical drive bays and massive quantities of hard drives. Consequently, if you’re considering a PC case that can offer you sufficient room for expansion and upgrades, the entire tower case is what you’re searching for. Having a complete tower case, replacing your PC case might not be mandatory.
  • There is ample space for much more of your video cards. With smaller instances, you may have to flex video cards cables at awkward angles to allow them to match. As there usually’s more space for your video cards, cables, and other elements, cooling becomes simpler.
  • You can readily incorporate liquid cooling in the event the need arises without needing to obtain a new case only for this particular purpose. Aside from aesthetics (it seems very cool!), a liquid cooling system is incredibly more effective than an air cooling system.


  • A complete tower case is rather hefty. In case you have reasons to move your computer around a good deal, the entire tower may not be acceptable for you.
  • Size is just one of the complete tower case downsides, particularly for individuals with space constraints. Together with the production of custom PC cases – some appearing like spaceships – lots of individuals would favor something cuter.
  • Owing to the vast area, airflow from the fans may not reach specific hot spot areas.
  • Full tower cases tend to be more expensive than mid-tower instances. That is to be expected, considering their size and performance. However, individuals who want to collect a rig on a strict budget may not locate the entire tower case quite conveniently.

When to Purchase a full tower case?

  • Massive motherboards for use with 3/4 ways GPU configurations
  • Massive amounts of disc drives
  • Advanced/custom water loops
  • Particular case mods or custom layouts
  • Want more simplicity and relaxation with construction in a Situation

Mid Tower Case

Mid Tower Case

The mid-tower case has become the most frequent kind of PC case being used. Ordinarily, a well-built mid-tower instance will have sufficient space to house 2-3 GPUs, 6 – 8 expansion bays, and adequate space for approximately two to three standard motherboards. But note that many mid-tower PC instances are made to house just one full-size ATX motherboard considering its dimensions.


  • Among the chief benefits of a mid-tower PC, the situation provides a balance between functionality and size. It’s never too small (such as a remote PC case), and it isn’t too large (such as the complete tower PC case). This implies that it can fit into smaller spaces and may be moved easily.
  • Second, having around six or even more PCI-E slots signifies that many players may use the mid-tower situation for many modern games. Most matches will run efficiently on two GPUs – a characteristic that’s offered in mid-tower instances.
  • There is also busy airflow with mid-tower instances. Since the distance is compact, air reaches all regions of the unit. With support for up to 6 fans, dust and cooling could be efficiently handled.


  • Repairing issues or making modifications in a little circumstance, like the mid-tower, can pose a small challenge. You might need to remove some elements for others. With all these wires packed into a little area, it gets more challenging to trace defects or dig around in the case.
  • Even though 3 GPUs can fit into a mid-tower PC situation, there is the problem of cooling. The temperature for picture processing units may go as large as 90 degrees, and because mid-tower cases do not have sufficient space for incorporating liquid or water cooling system, keeping your system from heating becomes a problem.

When to Purchase a mid-tower case?

  • You only need regular ATX motherboards using 1-2-GPU configurations.
  • Are conscious of price/space
  • Better active airflow

Mid Tower vs Full Tower Differences

Case size

As we already said, the case size is the significant difference between full tower vs mid tower. That means you would instantly think it merely means more components that you may fit inside.

While that’s correct, a couple more things come into play when choosing the size you desire. That is where the remainder of the report comes in to play.

Let us go through a couple of things to consider when considering picking out the perfect dimensions of your second build.

The Quantity of drive bays

The Quantity of drive bays is a significant element for anybody who wants many drives inside their PC. Elevated storage levels are ideal for anybody wishing to create YouTube videos to get their station and take hours of additional footage.

This is just 1 example. I maintain a lot of movies I have torn out of Blu-Rays or even DVDs. Having additional storage space means I can appreciate a locally saved collection of films or TV shows.

I add my songs to it to stream some of the websites I wish to anyplace in my property.

But, it is not only hard disk bays, which may be helpful. A few other forms of peripherals can use drive bays. By way of instance, audio gear specifically intended for computer drive bays.

There are some accessories available for free drive bays.

There are many reasons you’d need additional storage so that more drive bays may be required.

Total fan count

Most of us want the inner temperature of the computer to stay calm. By having the ability to add more lovers, you can radically increase the amount of atmosphere which you’re able to pass through your circumstance.

More airflow ensures that you can decrease the internal temperature with increased simplicity, so your elements’ remainder can perform a more effective job of keeping their preferred temperature.

With more airflow through your situation has become the most effective first step quickly; you can take to keep your PC cool.

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PC case full tower vs mid tower?

So, which PC case is best for you? What is the verdict on the complete mid vs full tower case?

Verdict: your distinct usage demands will determine which PC case is ideal for you.

It is irrelevant if your computer is going to be loaded right under your workplace or whether you opted to make it the centerpiece of your workplace – the most significant aspect to consider when purchasing a PC case is its use. In the very least, buy a PC case with ample room for several of the different hardware bits you will be installing, such as multiple USB devices.

Video: How To Choose A PC Case [Ultimate Guide]

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