Mac OS Monterey: A few features you might not know about


Apple’s latest Mac OS release took place on October 25th, 2021, and has gone down to mostly positive reviews from critics and consumers alike. And one thing’s for sure: it’s packed with features!

So many features, in fact, that you might have missed some. So, we’re about to go through the best bits. The chances are that you’ll find a few things in this article that you didn’t know about before, and that’s always a good thing if you’re a Mac user.

Perhaps you’re not a Mac user? Maybe you’re thinking of switching to the Apple world? Either way, you’ll get a good feel for how Mac OS Monterey looks and feels as you read on.

We all know how great the hardware is. Mac computers are fast, have plenty of storage, and have stunning screens. Seriously, playing games on these devices is such a wonderful experience that even the most basic games, such as online casino games, look fantastic on them. These games don’t require any download and can easily be accessed on a Safari browser. 

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FaceTime SharePlay

Here’s something a lot of us have been waiting for a long time. The ability to watch movies and TV shows in real-time with your friends. Why this hasn’t been a thing before is beyond us, but we’re good with the fact that it exists now.

Further to that, you can also listen to music with your friends. Just share a song or a movie straight into the call and your friend(s) will be able to listen along in real-time.

There are a couple more cool things about this function. Smart volume means that you can hear your friends talking when something else is playing thanks to rapid changes in volume for the media that’s playing. Plus, you can add things to a queue so you don’t forget what you want to share each time.

‘Shared with you’ in Messages

Those of us who own an iPhone, as well as a Mac, will be familiar with the ‘Shared with you’ feature of each chat you have in iMessage. It shows you all the links, photos, and videos you’ve ever sent backward and forwards with the other person in the chat.

Now, that feature has come to Mac. We’ve always found that Messages for Mac has been primitive compared to the features you get on an iPhone and it seems like Apple has recognised that and is trying to do something about it now. Good times.

Safari updates

In line with Mac OS Monterey’s release, Apple released a bunch of cool updates for the built-in web browser, Safari. The main functional one here is the ability to organize your browser tabs into groups, and we’re big fans of that.

There has been heavy visual redesign as well. For example, the sidebar has been completely revamped and it looks great. We love the new Safari and feel like it’s a serious contender for the likes of Chrome now.

Universal Control

Another great functional update for Mac OS this time around is something called Universal Control. It enables you to control your whole Apple ecosystem as one. 

A good example of how this works is the fact that you can use your iMac keyboard and mouse on your iPad now. That removes the need of buying a whole bunch of accessories and will end up saving users a lot of money for that reason. Thanks, Apple!


Finally, it’s possible to cast media from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. It seems strange that you’ve been able to do this on Apple TV for so long yet not with a Mac. This is a great feature if you like to use your Mac as a TV like a lot of us do. Especially now the displays are so good and so big!

This is also a cool feature for audio. If your Mac is hooked up to your home sound system, you can control it straight from your phone and have a party.

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