Live Cam Guys and Body Objectification: How Men Bodies Have been Objectified

Live Cam Guys

With the rate at which objectification of women is being talked about, one will easily think it is a woman thing. But in a world where live cam guys culture is on the increase; it is a lot easier to see male bodies being objectified by the female folks. This is easily found in the entertainment industry, especially in Hollywood, where most male actors have experienced real-time scenarios of this trend.

It is rather hypocritical how most women always scream about female objectification but are easily thrilled upon sighting a well-built masculine physique. Indeed, this is a double standard on the side of the female gender, but whichever way they term to explain or deny it, the point remains that just like the live cam guys trends, male objectification is real

The media has a term to tap into this double standard to feed the female folks with more men’s sexual content to blush about. Those in the TV section always try to come up with appealing male sexual content, giving their female audiences something to fantasize about. On the side of magazine companies, they have resulted in a similar method by creating both textual and graphic males-dominated content that the female folks find comfortable with. They know that as much as they will want to delay their sexual excitement about such contents, they are covertly objectifying over those contents.

But come to think of it, the women folks don’t seem to have a problem with being objectified. This is proved in their latest incessant display of nudity, cleavage flaunting at the beach, hotel pools, and most public recreation centers. So, if the female gender is embarrassed when their attention is called on after flaunting a considerable amount of flesh, why do they have to apply the same objectification method on men with fitting masculine structure? As irrelevant as most men think the objectification trend is, we will be explaining some of the ways male bodies are being objectified by the female gender. 

4 Known ways Male Bodies are being Objectified and the Role the Live Cam Guys Play 

1. Persuading Him for Commitment 

Normally, it takes time to get to understand someone, especially those you just met, but when objectification comes in, it becomes selfish. Women who indulge in such acts mostly find these men attractive, hence only wanting to push them closer to themselves without giving them a reason to decide if it’s what they want. Sextortion or compelling or blackmailing people into a sexual relationship just because you want to savor their bodies is wrong.

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2. Trying to Change His Lifestyle

You can imagine a woman trying to change you, not because you are living a self-destructive lifestyle, but because she wants to take advantage of you: she admires your body so bad that she wants it all by herself. Some of these girls go as far as restricting your movement to other places like clubs and recreational centers. They can even restrict your access to other women using some lame excuses. To some, they might think they are doing them good, not knowing they already objectified their bodies, and looking for a way to monopolize them. 

3. Restricting His Movements

No matter how much you think a man is into you, they need their space. But this won’t go well for women who are seriously objectifying a man. In most cases, these women go as far as stalking the man, always trying to be where they should not. Such treatment makes most men uncomfortable, and while some can speak out, others prefer to live in silence. When you are outside the relationship (as in, a third party) you may think such women care, little will you get to know that they are in for just the body and nothing more.

4. Fantasizing about Them

This is common among stars, especially actors, athletes, models, etc. with a fine masculine physique. Most of these gals are well into live cam guys’ materials, and they have their favorite actors as well. Most women who gush at the sight of these men don’t have emotional attachments with them. They are only after their physiques; thus, a one-night stand makes the whole love thing go away. This is why you often see most women have souvenirs of most of these stars on their walls.

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Finally, no matter how you think these women don’t care about male sexual acts, the thing is, they care. No matter how you wish to put it, male objectification is real, but the fact that most men don’t care much about it is what made it look like a mere rumor.

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