Keepsolid Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Keepsolid Vpn Review

New York-based KeepSolid’s VPN Unlimited is a service with a few features which you won’t always find elsewhere.
The VPN network appears somewhat small at just ‘400+ servers’ (ExpressVPN asserts over 3,000, NordVPN 5,000+).

They are broadly spread across over 80 places, with the latest additions such as Libya, Serbia, Costa Rica, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

P2P is encouraged only at five places: Canada, France, Luxembourg, Romania, and the US (California).

Protocol service moves past the typical criteria of OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, and PPTP: VPN Unlimited has added beta service for WireGuard to its mobile, macOS, and Windows programs.

There is a further protocol bonus at the organization’s very own KeepSolid Wise, which leads visitors via the TCP 443 and UDP 33434 interfaces to make it even more challenging to discover and block. Let Colorfy show you more details about this Vpn in Keepsolid Vpn Review. 

Privacy and Security

We examine how great VPN Unlimited is to provide Privacy and security for your online actions.
By Safety, we suggest that the capacity to prevent other people from reading the messages which move back and forth between your personal computer and anything you link to on the net.

By Privacy, we imply how secure you are from somebody understanding what you do online or figuring out your individuality.


VPN Unlimited employs the industry-standard AES-256 encryption standard to keep unauthorized individuals. Additionally, it uses the industry-standard OpenVPN protocol to produce. You receive access to KeepSolid Wise, for concealing your traffic, the company technologies.
KeepSolid Wise creates the messages passing between your devices. The business recommends utilizing this technology when connecting from countries such as China, Russia, and Iran to the VPN. Add it all up, and VPN Unlimited gets your Safety.


Whether you are streaming movies or playing at a bitcoin online casino, you need to be free to perform it without being snooped on. The privacy-friendly VPNs possess a”no-logs” policy. They maintain no logs of your actions that may be used to identify you personally or everything you can do online.

The very best of the best have proven they don’t keep any logs. By choosing an outside company to audit them, some do it.
Whether you’re streaming movies or playing at a bitcoin online casino, then you need to be free to perform it without being snooped on. The privacy-friendly VPNs possess a”no-logs” policy. In other words, they maintain no logs of your actions that may be used to identify you personally or everything you can do online.

The very best of the best have proven they don’t keep any logs. By choosing an outside company to audit them, some do it.


VPN providers comprehend that customers are interested in their coverages, and many try to create this clear on the site, leaving phrases such as as’Zero Logging!’ Prominently exhibited in fonts that were reassuring.

The VPN Unlimited site does not create an attempt to emphasize its procedures, and its front page does not mention the problem.

The privacy policy provides an overall description of data that may be gathered when you utilize the programs of KeepSolid or visit the site. These include IP addresses; device name, code, language and manufacturer; time zone, link time and Wi-Fi system name, and also the whole quantity of visitors for each semester, together with session dates.

A fast check of the VPN Unlimited internet console revealed more identifying info. A console did record that we’d linked, for example, from a Windows 10 system. Also, it saved the computer name as well as the Windows user account’s title.

When there’s no logging of action, that can not help anybody join an online activity to your accounts. However, we are still somewhat uncomfortable about a third-party that amount of information concerning our apparatus.

These issues aside, there is no indication of VPN Unlimited carrying any liberties. We would enjoy peace more than words on a site. Other providers are going via third-party audits to confirm their no-logging asserts TunnelBear has annual independent reviews of its programs, infrastructure, location, and much more and we expect VPN Unlimited to perform precisely the same, quite shortly.


KeepSolid performed throughout our pace testing. Our nearest UK servers handled 60-70Mbps on a 75Mbps fiber chip line, around 5 percent to 6% back on our routine non-VPN speeds.

Assessing our speed tests gave us outstanding outcomes at 200-300Mbs on a line. That is considerably up about the 130-150Mbps we found during our final review, a real accomplishment, particularly with net and VPN traffic significantly higher as a result of coronavirus lockdowns.

Linking in the UK to servers delivered decent outcomes. Most European servers attained 60-65Mbps, US servers handled 55Mbps, and much more, and the majority of the common locations also achieved well (Libya consistently hit 40-60Mbps).

Was Malaysia, which for us was unusably slow at about 1-2Mbps. VPNs have a couple of poor actors; however, our rates will not necessarily apply to everybody. Your experience might be different if you are closer to the host.

We tried switching from OpenVPN (our favorite protocol for testing) into WireGuard. However, the results were mixed: sometimes a bit quicker, sometimes a bit slower. So we’re not likely to draw any conclusions, yet the wire guard is now in beta.

We now used ping checks and geolocation libraries to verify their places while assessing these servers. That is essential, as some providers utilize virtual servers that aren’t from the states they assert, but we found no location-related trickery. Each VPN Unlimited server seems to be in or near its site that is advertised.

Server Places

VPN Unlimited has servers in over 70 locations across the globe. As stated by its VPN Server Places Map, these 70 places are dispersed across approximately 50 nations. They struck European countries but also had several servers in Canada and the United States. This can be a distribution of servers.

Should you require access in smaller markets such as Ecuador, or in most nations that place heavy controls on Web access like China or even Russia, VPN Unlimited is probably not your very best alternative.

Browser extensions

Linking via a program to a VPN will direct your system traffic. That is good for protection, but it might also result in a problem, such as if some of your programs do not utilize the VPN, or there is a noticeable reduction in performance.

KeepSolid’s Chrome, Opera, and Edge extensions operate as proxies, just protecting your traffic. That is not great for solitude, but it might be all you require for site design and a browser-based interface, making it quite easy to use.

The Chrome extension is simple to operate and looks great. By displaying your present location and IP address, it opens; you could join to the server using a click or pick another as needed.

The extension has place pickers’ most fundamental. There is no server downtime information, no ping instances, zero Favorites system, only an alphabetical list of state names along with a lookup box. Nonetheless, no doubt keeping it effortless to use.

There is a similar stripped-back appearance to the Settings menu, in which you will find just two essential choices: WebRTC leak protection, the capability to utilize KeepSolid’s stealthy Wise protocol, along with a setting to automatically link whenever your browser starts.

All these are features, but a few contests provide you more. Hotspot Shield’s Chrome extension permits you to pick which host to connect to if your browser begins, and also the capability to specify if individual sites are obtained via the VPN, or not. Additionally, it throws in malware, cookie-cutter, tracker, and advertising.

Can the Firefox expansion give some functionality to us? We installed it to check and discovered that the response was no. In reality, it’s equal to its cousin in each detail. (Total marks for consistency, even though we’d have enjoyed more energy.)

KeepSolid’s add-ons are not mediocre; however, they don’t have any substantial attribute surprises that could win you over. They offer away, and that is it.


The costs of keeping solid are among those things for VPN Unlimited. It supplies a variety of programs for 5 and 10 apparatus that are connected. Of the applications, give you unlimited visitors with no bandwidth throttling.

The costs in April 2021 appeared just like that:

As you can see, VPN Infinite programs’ pricing is reduced, using its 1-month, 1-year, and 3-year programs for five users priced under average. It beats NordVPN low prices. Then you will find the pricing strategies that are Lifetime. These could be deals.
Lifetime usage of VPN Unlimited for one payment of $199.99 for five users or $299.99 for ten users. I’m of two minds with this pricing approach.

On the one hand, needing to worry about paying for my VPN service rather than making one payment could be significant. You pay for six decades of support and find an infinite number of decades, together with the VPN Unlimited Lifetime programs.

Six years is quite a while in the world. Will it be the service for you six + years from today through VPN Unlimited is now the service? Will the provider even be in business six years from today? According to the article from Time, a company’s lifespan is just ten decades.

For me, the notion of paying in a market that changes as the VPN market today for six decades of service does not make sense. But should you see things differently, VPN Unlimited Lifetime plans can lead to a VPN service with Time.

Customer Support

The first line of service of VPN Unlimited is its internet knowledge base, where you will discover a scattering of FAQ pages along with setup guides.

These posts are structured and short on detail. By way of instance, the guide about the best way to use the Windows customer wastes space describing what menu items such as leave comments,’ Check for update and Support’ imply, and pointing one to site links, so you are in a position to purchase more stuff. However, it can not find the Time to adequately pay for the protocols or indicate why and when you may want to change them.

The service website directed us and claimed to provide live service. But one opened our client’s New Message window, while another opened a contact type, prompted us to input our information and query, and clarified that the service team would return to us through email.

Although service won’t ever be as easy as the live chat available with providers, including ExpressVPN, KeepSolid gets too close as we have ever seen, with a response. A fluke? Nope. It was the story for our review. We would like to have a live conversation as an alternative, but if answers can be so fast, it is not substantial.

Our VPN Unlimited bargain that is exclusive Provides a saving.

Final verdict

KeepSolid programs that run, and deliver exceptional performance for a price. It is brief on servers, so the device management is bothersome, along with work needed by the Windows kill button, but it is worth a look if you’re able to live with these hassles. Colorfy hopes that this guide can help you know more Keepsolid Vpn.

Keepsolid Vpn Review FAQs

Is KeepSolid VPN?

KeepSolid is a service with dependable rates, although not blazing. Additionally, it is a platform for obtaining streaming services if you are merely or abroad procuring your connection. Notice: This inspection is part of the Finest roundup

Can VPN unlimited keep logs?

Though VPN Unlimited asserts having zero-log coverage on its site, the truth is that it will seem to maintain some restricted connection logs (bandwidth utilized ). we don’t keep the records of all those sites our clients see. We just store the information linked to the total amount of traffic downloaded from the consumer.

Is KeepSolid VPN free?

KeepSolid does provide a free version of VPN Unlimited. This service gives you access to a VPN function, and functions on Android, iOS, and macOS.

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