Kaspersky Vs Bitdefender: Which Should You Choose? [Updated 2021]

Kaspersky Vs Bitdefender

If it concerns the very well-known and reliable antimalware applications, two titles continuously crop up in everybody’s hunt: Kaspersky Vs Bitdefender.

Every one of these parts of software boasts a broad bevy of features and contains excellent protection ratings all around the board. That said, it can be hard to pick the best choice since every competitor differs in another.

In this guide, Colorfy is going to be comparing Kaspersky v Bitdefender so that will assist you in determining which one is the better choice for your PC. Although the two contenders provide similar features and possess comparable pricing, this guide will be moving over the smaller gaps that may help you figure out the best alternative for you. Additionally, note that there’s not any consensus on what is best between both on Reddit.

Kaspersky Vs Bitdefender Pros And Cons

Kaspersky Vs Bitdefender Pros and Cons

Pros And Cons Of Bitdefender

Bitdefender scores high marks concerning value for money and also for with an impressive collection of features and functionalities for such a reduced cost. The main pros and cons of the famous software package being as follows:


  • Better customer care than Kaspersky
  • 100% detection rate
  • Affordable packages available
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee
  • Intuitive and Simple to Use
  • Minimal drain on system resources


  • Slower to operate scans

Pros And Cons Of Kaspersky

With Kaspersky, it is true of paying a slightly higher cost to get a quicker anti-virus suite, which gets the job done in record time. The key pros and cons to this evenly popular bundle being as follows:


  • 100% detection rate
  • Numerous packages available
  • Simple to Use
  • Excellent features and functions
  • Extremely Fast and robust scanning


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Substandard customer service

Kaspersky Vs Bitdefender Comparison

Kaspersky Vs Bitdefender Comparison

Security Features

A great antivirus must include robust security features. However, quite an antivirus may seem; it needs to be well equipped and capable of tackling any dangers your system may encounter. Let’s see how every anti-virus fares within this section

Kaspersky Security Features

Unsurprisingly, Kaspersky gained exceptional scores as it came into protection functionality. Kaspersky was able to ace the tests of AV-Test and AV-Comparatives.

AV-Test gave Kaspersky perfect scores throughout Nov-Dec/2019. Kaspersky was able to maintain this evaluation even after the sector average increased from 100% to 99.1 percent. Furthermore, it felt excellent marks in functionality too.

If it comes to AV-Comparatives, Kaspersky passed on the various tests with flying colors in the October 2019 evaluation without any false positives.

AV-Comparatives also went forward and gave Kaspersky an Advanced+ evaluation in functionality, which is the maximum score possible. Kaspersky was able to maintain this evaluation ever since October 2014.

Bitdefender Security Features

If it comes to Bitdefender’s security features, there is no denying that it is among the very best in the marketplace. This can be further compounded with the fact that every laboratory we consulted gave Bitdefender distinctive marks. In addition to this, it is often updated for your computer to remain protected against the ever-growing risks and cancerous parts of the malware.

That said, Bitdefender may be a little overzealous in regards to its safety features sometimes. Luckily, this is a matter which may be remedied by employing protection profiles so that you may go about your everyday business with as little hindrance as you can.

While we are on the topic of labs, let’s begin by AV-Test, which, between November and December 2019, gave Bitdefender an ideal six from six when it comes to protection and 5.5 from 6 when it has to do with the functionality.

Another laboratory that discovered that Bitdefender has been 100% successful is AV-Comparatives. In its October 2019 analysis, Bitdefender did not yield any false positives and functioned flawlessly during all of the situations.

In terms of performance, AV-Comparatives blamed three begins from three in functionality. It went on to provide it an innovative + evaluation that is the most excellent possible rating. Bitdefender has been keeping this score because of May 2015.

Which Antivirus Offers Better Protection?

Is Kaspersky great? Absolutely yes. Is Bitdefender for Mac and PC worth paying? With no doubt. But which of those two provides the most effective all-round protection?

That is what we’ll be having a look at in this independent Kaspersky vs. Bitdefender overview, but we did a complete Bitdefender review.

In both cases, you are taking a look at a strong and all-inclusive antivirus package in an established and respectable defender security firm. Whether looking to protect your house pc having the most elementary safety for Windows or require company security to a higher degree with all the Bitdefender password supervisor, the two firms provide many different packages to suit all tastes and budgets.

But, there are significant differences between the two as it comes to user-friendliness along with the reach of the features available. Not to mention, the significance of money of those assorted Kaspersky and Bitdefender deals available at this time.

Keep reading for all the info you will have to choose if Bitdefender or Kaspersky is the correct option for you.

Look and feel

Bitdefender includes a traditional design with the primary items you want front and center. As soon as it’s control panel is not the easiest to use, for the most part, you will only ever use it if you set up the program, after which you can forget about it. That is having been said, it will not take too much time to determine what you are doing, particularly if you’ve used antivirus software before.

Kaspersky’s program feels somewhat more thought out using a simple, yet functional design with almost every control you’d need available from the very first display. Settings are easy with a slider for scanning frequency and choices to pause desktop action with Game Mode in Windows 10. This seems somewhat more polished than Bitdefender’s profiles but seems to have a notable impact on gaming functionality.

Both these bundles can remain reasonably lightweight, though Kaspersky has gone to lengths to make its applications sense lighter, and it just uses substantial system RAM while doing a scan.

Both programs have a web interface that’s capable of launching scans and upgrading definitions. Bitdefender Central and My Kaspersky have been excellent additions if you would like to supervise your security software from a different computer online.

Customer Ratings

In the end, let us see how existing clients of both businesses speed their products. Many third-party sites collect consumer feedback and issue a score according to this. Two such resources would be the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumeraffairs.org.

To begin with, we will assess the BBB, that utilizes an A to F scale to rate businesses. On this site, Bitdefender retains a mean C evaluation, whereas Kaspersky isn’t rated from the BBB.

Another respectable consumer review origin is Consumeraffairs.org, which provides ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

By the site, both Bitdefender and Kaspersky maintain a 3-star rating, indicating average client testimonials.

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Cost Comparison

Any comparison between Bitdefender Total Security 2021 vs. Kaspersky Total Security 2021 will be incomplete without even comparing their costs. Having a 50% reduction, Bitdefender’s Total Security goes for approximately $39.98, while the same offering from Kaspersky goes for $49.99 (as well with a 50% reduction ).

Kaspersky’s Internet security prices $39.99, whereas the of Bitdefender prices $34.99. In terms of the entire Anti-virus program, both programs are at a level as each of these costs $29.99 to the identical variety of apparatus.

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Kaspersky or Bitdefender – Which should you buy?

If it comes down to it, these are two of the most significant choices for anti-virus around, and they exchange blows in only about every category. Which one you select will get to do with which one feels to utilize or fits in along with your use more.

Even though Bitdefender’s outstanding programs and simple online controls are good to use, Kaspersky’s alternative feels somewhat more complete and can be faster to learn and comprehend. If you think you’ll find a great use for Bitdefender’s stable browser or perhaps it is file shredder, then you can not fail with the remainder of the package. In general, Kaspersky feels just like a mature product, and it’s the testimonials to back up its efficacy.

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