Kaspersky Vpn Review: Top Full guide 2021

Kaspersky Vpn Review

Kaspersky Secure Connection is a low-cost, easy-to-use, and torrent-friendly VPN service from big-name security vendor Kaspersky Labs.

The service is directed in a non-technical consumer marketplace, and that reflected in the site. It clarifies some general advantages of a VPN solitude, unblocking sites but contains virtually no details about the number of countries or places readily available, the supported protocols, DNS problems, kill buttons, or whatever faintly low-level. Let Colorfy show you all information about this Vpn in Kaspersky Vpn Review.

Kaspersky VPN review 2021

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.Kaspersky.com

The title Kaspersky requires no introduction in regards to cybersecurity space and the antivirus. You may have employed a Kaspersky product before or might be using one right now.

A secure connection is an effort in the cybersecurity giant to generate space for itself.
However, one truth is that Kaspersky partnered with AnchorFree and utilized their Hotspot Shield technologies to provide VPN support.

Hotspot Shield is your VPN service that’s famous for using its proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol. The protocol permits Hotspot Shield to provide top rates.

It isn’t easy to comment on the safety element of the protocol because the firm seemed much interested in revealing its specifics.
The magnitude of the “venture” involving Kaspersky and AnchorFree can also be a puzzle. It may tell if Kaspersky uses just the technologies of Hotspot Shield or several other sources.

We’re currently hoping to find a lot of similarities between both VPN providers, but are ready for some surprises.
You may get to see the mention of Hotspot Shield a lot though the product below the spotlight is Kaspersky Secure Connection.
Safety and privacy are always likely to be the core issue regions, and so it is possible to expect some thorough analysis of both of these sections.

It is also going to be fascinating to determine when Kaspersky Secure Connection uses precisely the very same protocols like Hotspot Shield or not.


  • Speed: The rates on the service are superb. We obtained velocities all and lots of the host places attached.
  • Encryption: They also provide 256-bit encryption. It is impossible to breach encryption.
  • Client Support: The client service on the agency is just one of the very best experiences on VPN services. The live chat
  • service addresses the majority of the issues very quickly.


  • No Server Sorting: There are just a couple of servers from the system, and that also with no categorization. The
  • service provider might have made this part a ton better.
  • No more Support: The support IPv6 is supported by nor cubes it. A mismatch can flow the IP of this consumer.
  • No Switch: there’s not any kill button on the customer. It’s to protect against when the VPN connection drops any information leaking.

Privacy and logging

It is always tough to know if you need to anticipate any VPN provider using your solitude. It is particularly true with Kaspersky, following the US government announced that it was banning using Kaspersky applications on sensitive government procedures (Pentagon, GSA, NASA).

We have yet to find any signs that Kaspersky has done anything wrong, however, and the chief focus of this concern appears to be Kaspersky’s antivirus program. Kaspersky Secure Connection does not have precisely the identical type of access to documents. The organization does not control the internal VPN system, either: it is powered with the California-based Hotspot Shield.

Should you be worried? We can not say for sure, but we are not going to let our inspection be influenced by those problems, as there is no indication of wrongdoing on Kaspersky.

We are interested in Kaspersky’s logging coverage. Still, the site barely mentions the problem beyond a single line on the front page: “Kaspersky Secure Connection will not log what you are doing online and will not retain any records of that site you go to.”

It is not the entire story, while this seems definitive. Hotspot Shield’s Privacy Policy clarifies that though there is no logging in where you are going online, the agency documents lots of info regarding your connection sessions.

By way of instance, the product logs the length of VPN sessions, the bandwidth utilized, your approximate geographic location, the information in your ISP or provider, and a unique ID for your device, enabling building a pattern of usage over time.

The policy also states device IDs are connected’ with different information we collect (such as for measuring bandwidth usage, providing support, understanding the way you interact with our VPN, and other analytics and marketing and advertising functions ).’
None of this implies Kaspersky can see precisely what you are doing online, or join any online actions back to you personally, but it is still a bit more logging than you could anticipate.


Getting hold of this Kaspersky Secure Connection edition that is free is straightforward. The bundle comes bundled with a few Kaspersky products, or you may grab customers for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. That is a substantial improvement on Bitdefender’s VPN, which may only be utilized as a part of a package with the other Bitdefender product- it is not available stand-alone.

The Windows program is compact and contains a straightforward interface. You can connect and disconnect, and by default, a server is selected by it with a click. Update to you, and the version may pick one of the 27 accessible places, but it is still quite necessary. There are host loading or no times, and no Favorites method frequently used sites.

Connect times are fast, however, at hardly 1-2 seconds (additional VPNs can take 5-15 minutes to attach via OpenVPN.)
We anticipated the optimal attribute to pick our nearest host, but we were primarily connected to Sweden, the Czech Republic. The client displays the nation, and that means whether it is something you see.

A Settings dialog allows configuring the program to connect as it launches and enables setting up quite adaptive rules for things to do once you connect with an insecure wireless system. You can get the program to allow the VPN mechanically, ask you precisely what to do, or merely join as usual, as an example. And rules are saved per network, which means that you may get the VPN to turn itself for systems that could be unsafe and leave it off to many others.

The Windows client does not have a configurable kill button to block net access when the VPN connection drops. Known Issues support file clarifies that Kaspersky Secure Connection will not protect your information during at least any interruptions at the protected connection (if you switch servers or network connection).

However, when we dropped our VPN connection, the customer warned us instantly, permitting us to stop everything we were performing and reconnect. That is great, and it seems like better information is on how, as ancient Kaspersky 2021 beta variations imply, there is a kill switch in the next release.

The Android program of Kaspersky feels and sounds much like the desktop computer build. No tweaker is substantial. You can not play with protocols or interfaces, or anything innovative. Nonetheless, it’s simple to use, may automatically connect if you get unknown or insecure networks, and features some 7-day trial of the entire plan if you want to discover more.


The Kaspersky site sells more solitude and safety features than any website or service unblocking skills. There is a line describing that it”enables you to access more websites and articles,” but there is no reference to Netflix or some other website you may especially wish to look at.

This silence did not fill us with assurance, but Secure connection did reasonably well in our tests, failing with Amazon and Disney, but is getting us access to BBC iPlayer along with US Netflix content.

Download rates were okay just about anyplace, with the support hitting 60-65Mbps from our 75Mbps UK connection and 40-50Mbps when connecting from the UK to the United States. The most remote locations, such as the UK, to Brazil rates, attained a.
We re-ran our evaluations from a European data center with a 350Mbps+ Link to find a better sense for its best rate, and the outcomes were much better than most at a competent level.

The agency scored on our closing privacy evaluations, and numerous sites confirming our customers had no DNS or even WebRTC leaks.


Security is a VPN service’s spirit, and it was the intent of VPN services right back in today. It is supposed that there is VPN support protected.

The main reason for this thinking is because it’s correct that nearly all of these VPN services are safe. The standards protect it.
Tech has created exponential advancements and has the techniques to undermine and compromise it. Cybercriminals are thinking up new ways to breach networks and systems regularly.

This requires much more powerful and adequate security measures that may continue to keep the damaging components from the consumer’s data.
Possessing encryption alongside enough protocol will suffice in most scenarios, but not in all of them.

There are many ways that the consumer’s data could be compromised nowadays that even a little chink in the armor could prove to be deadly.
Assessment of safety measures on Kaspersky Secure Connection appeared, such as the revision of safety Hotspot Shield. But we had been hoping that to be the case anyway, so it wasn’t a major surprise.

Kaspersky Secure Connection frees the user’s information with 256-bit encryption, which is practically impossible to decrypt using brute force.

This ensures that if a person can breach through the tube, the data remains encrypted and so protected.
Sticking to the protocol today, Kaspersky Secure Connection employs the Catapult Hydra protocol. It’s the proprietary protocol of AnchorFree, that’s the parent firm of Hotspot Shield.

These services had the Catapult Hydra Protocol, and the two exhibited speeds. There is any VPN service that comes to our mind that can conquer both of these services concerning rate.

We’re unsure of the safety with this protocol back of reviewing Hotspot Shield in the time, and we are uncertain of it. You can know a little more about this proprietary protocol.

The promises of the manufacturers of this protocol sound reassuring; however, makers are always so convinced about their products.
We do not have any data that would lose some light about the safety of this protocol, but we’ve sufficient proof to declare it is a protocol.

Speaking about safety features aside from encryption and protocol, Kaspersky Secure connection protects users from DNS leaks. However, Google Public DNS servers are used by them.

Many VPN providers utilize public DNS servers. We’re a firm because the participation of a third-party within privacy-related assistance, as the VPN ones, isn’t desirable.

The service doesn’t support IPv6, and they do not obstruct the requests that are IPv6. A mismatch can flow to the consumer’s IP address, meaning there is a chance that consumers’ privacy can be compromised.

The customer lacks an Online kill button. A kill button stops the traffic when the VPN link drops and saves the user’s information from reaching the net without a VPN’s protection.

Secure Link lacks the safety features front. The simple fact that Kaspersky is a cybersecurity giant and overlooking extra safety features in one of its products can be somewhat upsetting to us.

There’s a good deal more, which can be done to produce this VPN service more protected.

Client Support

When it comes to client satisfaction, customer care is the power behind the punch.
Folks from all walks of life use the net nowadays, and it’s clear that many of them do not have a lot of understanding of VPN and associated subjects.

However, they also need a private and secure online experience. It’s not a huge deal while coping with these kinds of applications that they encounter problems.

When they want some advice, they may encounter situations.

These circumstances require the support provider to develop mechanisms that can help these users and direct them through the problems.
This mechanism could be anything ranging from a FAQ section to your chat service. What matters is the fact that it needs to be helpful.

Secure Link has several such mechanisms set up to assist the users.

They provide the consumer with a service page that addresses the majority of the consumer’s questions, but in our humble view, it lacks a great deal of pertinent info.

There’s no discussion of the specifications of the product. Vague information doesn’t help that when the consumer is about this service’s service section.

Not all of the information provided on the page is immaterial. They’ve discussed the majority of the problems linked to payment and the subscription in detail.

Final verdict

Inexpensive, Quick, and easy-to-use, Kaspersky Secure Connection might be a selection for novice consumers with security requirements. But more seasoned types are searching for features and may be better off searching elsewhere.

Colorfy hopes that this guide can help you know more about Kaspersky Vpn and you can choose the best for yourself. 

Kaspersky VPN Review 2021 FAQs

What’s Kaspersky VPN?

Kaspersky VPN is. These function to browse the net without limitations or censorship and conceal your identification (IP) from strangers and third parties.

Could I Get Kaspersky VPN for Free?

Sad to say, the Kaspersky VPN support isn’t free for consumers. You will have a selection of five days to cancel the service if you’re not convinced. This is free.

Can my IP change?

No, the VPN of Kaspersky hides your IP. However, that does not mean it changes. Your IP will still be there, and it’ll continue to be visible as soon as you opt to disable the Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN.

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