Ivacy Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

IvacyVPN is a Singapore-based VPN that. The Servers page on the website claims to provide over 2,000 servers in over 100 places across 50+ states.

A vast assortment of programs comprises downloads for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac, in addition to Chrome along with Firefox extensions, and you will find directions for manually preparing the support for routers, Kodi, Linuxconsoles and much more.

Privacy is torrent-friendly; there is malware blocking, no logging, the service supports up to five simultaneous connections. Also, it’s a kill switch to protect your privacy when the link drops. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in Ivacy Vpn Review.

Ivacy VPN Overview

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.ivacy.com

Ivacy provides VPN services that are compatible with nearly every device in the market, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs, and your own Xbox.

While Ivacy provides an authentic sparse network of just 450+ servers around 100 places +, the servers in question are highly optimized to its cost, which you’re paying (as you may see in a moment ).

They create a breeze using P2P optimized servers in the united states and Canada and allow their clients to connect to their VPN service, working with all significant protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2.
Add to this, Ivacy provides a kill button along with five links.

And, fortunately, they offer you each of these features (and a lot more that we’ll discuss in a minute ) for roughly the same cost for a cup of java.

Ivacy Pros

  • Affordable
  • Safe and safe
  • Authentic no-logging coverage
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Great customer support

Ivacy Cons

  • No TOR compatibility
  • Sketchy “money-back guarantee.”
  • “Five Eyes” empowerment
  • No Netflix compatibility

Features and services

Privacy for Windows does not have options. You can opt to start Ivacy when Windows starts when Ivacy opens, and you could also auto-connect to the VPN. Additionally, it supports DNS and IP flow protection and even an internet kill switch, which disables all traffic when the VPN connection drops.

Ivacy offers programs for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Additionally, there are directions to conduct Ivacy on Linux, a router, Kodi home theater applications, and connect consoles such as the Xbox into the VPN via a different gadget. An Xbox within a VPN is an excellent alternative if you chance to play games with competitions that like to DDoS your link with your capacity to mess with.

Ivacy also includes a”split tunneling” alternative, which lets you run specific programs through your routine IP address through the VPN and many others. The business says it was the first to introduce this feature to consumer VPNs back in 2010.
Privacy is priced at $40 annually and supports up to five apparatus connections.

Privacy and logging

Ivacy has a privacy policy that spells out what it documents in detail that is clear. Here’s an Integral paragraph:
‘We strictly don’t log or track, online browsing tasks, link logs, VPN IPs delegated first IP addresses, surfing history, outgoing traffic, link times, data you’ve obtained, and DNS questions generated from your conclusion. We’ve got no information that may associate actions ‘
Suppose you have spent an era inspecting a VPN’s little print and encourage website searching for a sign of a hint regarding its privacy policy. In that case, you will appreciate how rare it’s to find that much info crammed into a few sentences.

The policy details the private data Ivacy does accumulate (name, email address, payment methods), and other set methods (program crash reports and diagnostics, Google Analytics on the site ). This is not perfect, but it is far better than many competitions, and it was great to realize that Ivacy also lets you ask the deletion of your personal information through the Members Area of its site.

There is no way to confirm some of the information. Additional VPNs are increasingly putting themselves through public safety and privacy Regulations – TunnelBear has had three-yearly audits of its apps, infrastructure, site, and more – however, Ivacy has not completed that yet. Hopefully, this will change.


Enrolling with Ivacy functioned, we used it. We picked a strategy and payment system, given over our money, Ivacy delivered us a Welcome email with a hyperlink to prepare our password, and also the site provided links to Ivacy’s many customers.

We downloaded and installed it on the Windows client. There were a few little hassles the installer gave us a file not found’ error for a Visual C++ redistributable, the Windows firewall requested (only once) for consent to permit an Ivacy activity – however, we accepted that the default alternative in every scenario and the customer was prepared to go inside a couple of seconds.

The customer interface appears like many VPN programs. The opening screen has a sizable Connect button that automatically links you to the closest host, or you could pick your location from a list. This listing could be displayed as cities or countries. However, there aren’t any ping times or host load amounts, no research box, filters or right choices, and also no Favorites method to store widely used servers.
The left-hand toolbar can help you select servers for tasks. Just click Streaming, for example, and you are in a position to choose platforms you’d love to unblock and see (Amazon Prime Video, BBC, Hulu, Netflix, and more).

Alternatives include Unblocking to allow you to get geo-blocked websites, also Secure Download,’ where seemingly the support’ scans for any malware or viruses from the information being downloaded and eliminates it at the server level.’ The site page on this attribute states it eliminates and scans documents before they make their way and viruses.’

That makes it seem like it is assessing the contents of these documents you are downloading. However, our tests indicate it is probably using a very simple DNS blacklist to block harmful URLs.

Settings empower picking your favorite startup mode, for example. There is a choice to change protocol (OpenVPN UDP or TCP, either L2TP or IKEv2), split tunneling, a kill button and (new addition as our last evaluation ) a Multiport setting that allows scan for many interfaces that will assist you in bypassing port blocking (a straightforward technique directed at blocking VPNs.)

Desktop clients typically feature many features. However, Ivacy’s Android program is amazingly competent. It uses the Identical connection modes (downloading, streaming, unblocking), a link list displayed by state or town, a kill button, split tunneling, and multiport style.


By taking a look at link occasions, our performance evaluations started. We have seen problems with this in sure Ivacy testimonials, but this time they were very acceptable, such as linking via OpenVPN at as little as 6-8 moments (a few VPNs take twice as long, or even much more )

Speeds to our UK servers that are closest were on our evaluation 75Mbps connection around 7 percent down rates with the VPN. Some providers handle maybe 1-2Mbps more, but we are not about to whine.

We crossed-checked our outcomes by conducting some tests in the US place, employing an ultra-fast 600Mbps connection.
The performance was not wrong at a consistent 100-110Mbps, a significant improvement on the 20-30Mbps we saw last moment.
A few VPNs are much – Speedify handled 275-400Mbps – however, Ivacy has sufficient power for functions.

Windows testing

Colorfy realized that it has usability problems, although the customer of privacy appears excellent.
The customer opens using a collection of places, in its Smart Link page. This may be changed simply by selecting another alternative, although the default location is set to Automatic. The default place changed to Australia when we picked Automatic Secure Download on the sidebar again on Smart Connect.

The link status screen is reduced. Suppose you join with Automatic mode, for example. In that case, the customer tells you you’re linked to automatic’, in place of the country (significant, if it may be picking a server on a different continent.) And while VPN apps exhibit your new IP address, this customer has a Show My IP’ link. Clicking this opens the default browser on a page on the Ivacy website. This works, however, it is hardly convenient or professional.

The customer doesn’t decrease to the system tray, staying as a button in your taskbar. Change this in Preferences, and it’s going to decrease to the system menu. However, Ivacy makes no use of the choice. Many VPN clients have complicated right-click menus due to their menu icons, letting you choose places, favorites, connect, disconnect Preferences, and more; however, Ivacy’s list contains the two basic things: Open and Quit.

The Windows kill button did not work for us. When we closed our VPN link (OpenVPN, IKEv2, or L2TP), the customer discovered and reconnected, but our net connection stayed busy. Our information was not protected by the tube, as well as our actual IP was exposed before the new link was created.

Ivacy has fixed two problems, while this is a functionality. Deciding on the TCP or UDP protocol properly acquired us a link, rather than L2TP, as occurred during the inspection. And it would help if you run the client until it is possible to alter system-level settings, such as DNS and IP escape protection.

Put all together, and even though the customer has some intriguing features, we have a good deal of worries about how they are implemented. There are a few issues, and we’re going to bet there are more that we did not have enough time to uncover.

Ivacy VPN Client Support

Computers have been included and problems inevitably appear to arise. With VPNs, the amount is astronomical: servers may return, IP addresses may get blocked, and some range of configurations could need adjustment. Fantastic customer support makes a difference if you are in one of these frustrating conditions. Let us see what type of customer service Ivacy VPN has.

Ivacy VPN has 24/7 customer service through email and chat. I half expected a VPN this cheap could have cut corners in their client service Ivacy VPN. My favorite kind of calling service is live chat since it is faster than email and telephone most of the time. If you are one, you are out of luck. Alright, so we understand how it is possible to reach customer service if you want them– but can users rate their client encounter?

If you’re purchasing Ivacy VPN via Amazon, you will see they have an overall customer rating of 3.2 from over 80 consumer testimonials. The reviews have been mixed, with approximately 40 percent giving five stars and about 30 percent providing Ivacy VPN the cheapest one-star score. I looked at the reviews which said customer service I discovered that 66 percent of these were negative. One user said never to hear a reply and submit a support ticket. Yikes. I would say that consumers have experienced in regards to the useful customer care of Ivacy VPN. I will tell my experience with customer service was favorable. I utilized their live support to ask questions relating to this guide, and I had answered in moments.

Final verdict

Ivacy offers a pile of advanced features for a seriously low price, but unblocking performance and speeds aren’t high, and we noticed significant issues with the Windows client. Bargain hunters may want to check it out, but do some intensive testing before you buy. Colorfy hopes that this guide can help you to decide to buy or not this Vpn.

Ivacy Vpn Review FAQs

Is Ivacy VPN Safe?

Yes, Ivacy VPN includes coverage, which means that you may feel comfortable your privacy has been protected.

Is Ivacy VPN free?

You may register for a seven-day trial of Ivacy VPN, but then you’ll need to pay between $2 and $10 for a monthly subscription.

Is Ivacy VPN useful?

I would advocate Ivacy VPN not, although as a fantastic solution for Windows users to Mac users. The programs are low in cost, and also for Windows, it has all of the features I am searching for just like Netflix access and a kill button. But because everybody has different motives, it’ll break down much.

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