Is It Beneficial to Work as a Live Online Casino Dealer in Canada?

Casino Dealer in Canada

The online casino industry creates a massive number of various workplaces all around the world. We are talking about thousands of administrators, managers, customer support specialists, and other professionals and Casino Dealer in Canada. All those humans are mainly working remotely from their homes. In most cases, employees of online casinos are not facing clients directly while they are playing. 

Still, some professionals need to guide and help organize the whole gaming process cycle for particular users. In most cases, those people are called dealers and work with various types of card games, roulettes, and lotteries. Many Canadian people work as dealers. So, it’s essential to understand the benefits of their profession. Please, keep reading if you would like to know more.

Main Benefit: Work from Home

According to the list of TOP 5 best Canadian online casinos with live dealers provided by, lots of great gambling and betting clubs might not base their headquarters directly in Canada. Many of them are registered in the UK, Malta, Lithuania, and other countries. So, is there any point for those casinos to place an office in Canada and provide all necessary conditions for employees to work on-site? The answer is certainly no!

Nowadays, billions of employees work from home. The main reason is that they require a good computer and internet connection to perform all their duties in most cases. Still, many companies prefer to hire workers who work from headquarters and offices. But, online casinos are mainly don’t support this policy. As a result, almost all gambling and betting industry employees work from home, including live dealers. Among the top benefits of the remote job as a live dealer is the possibility to create an individual working schedule, saving a lot of time, and an excellent live-work balance.

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Employer Will Provide you with All Necessary Equipment

Many modern employers provide their employees with the necessary equipment for effective job performance. Some companies even offer laptops or PCs for various remote positions. Various life-hack websites are mostly recommended to avoid jobs that do not provide you with all the necessary instruments for effective job performance. We would like to tell you that live online casino dealers in Canada also prefer to stick to this rule. Among various equipment, which new dealers will be provided with, you will find:

  • A uniform (mainly with an online casino logo)
  • Decks of cards, chips, card shuffle machines, etc.
  • Gaming table (mainly with an online casino logo)
  • Web camera
  • Microphone
  • And other required equipment

So, as a new dealer, you will avoid any further money spending on all the required equipment. Still, you need to read carefully through the job offer and contract if you decide to become a live online casino dealer in Canada. The main reason is that you might need to reimburse any damaged equipment in some cases. Also, if you will quit the online casino dealer job someday, you will need to send all the equipment back to the head office.

Easy to Begin and Work

Many modern jobs require a degree, some previous job experience, and sometimes a recommendation from your university, supervisors, or previous employers. Still, in most cases, you don’t need to fit into any of those requirements to start work as a dealer. To begin your career, you just have to:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have no criminal records
  • Be communicative and polite
  • Have some general knowledge about casino games
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In some cases, your employers might have some additional requirements, but mostly this job is not the case. However, one of the main benefits of working as an online casino live dealer is that this job is pretty easy to do. You need to perform a simple dealer activity and politely entertain the customers of your online gambling or betting club.

Competitive Salary

So, here is one of the main and best benefits that a live Canadian online casino dealer job will bring. It’s a competitive and fair salary. According to some statistical data, the average annual salary of online casino dealers in Canada is around $ 35 588. You might think that it’s not as much as it can be; but still, it’s as good as $ 18.25 per hour, which is far more than the average minimum wage per hour in most Canadian provinces. For example, it’s $ 15.00 per hour in Alberta, $ 15.20 per hour in British Columbia, and only $ 11.25 per hour in Manitoba.

Also, as we already mentioned, as a live online casino dealer in Canada, you have a very flexible schedule. So, you can efficiently work in a few different jobs, study, or perform any other tasks without any risks of being burned out or losing your money.


You might think that Canada’s live online casino dealer is not the best job. Still, we’d like to inform you that this job might save you if you get into a challenging life situation. And even moreover, in some cases, it might be the beginning of a new, great, and life-changing career.


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