Is Green Energy the Ultimate Alternative to Save our Planet?


The wheel and fire are considered the first and the greatest inventions of human civilization. Little did the first humans know that these two inventions would be the cause for hampering the ecosystem of the future world. 

It is because these two inventions of the wheel and fire (energy) are the foundation of our modern technological advancement. Needless to mention, when it comes to energy production, we are all aware of its methods and the devastating effects they leave on the ecosystem.

What is meant by green energy?

Before we understand the term green energy, we should understand that the conventional methods of energy production usually involve the burning of fossil fuels to generate energy or in simple terms electricity. 

It is common knowledge that when fossil fuels are burned, then there is an emission of greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. that hamper the planet’s ecosystem largely.

Green energy is where the method of electricity generation does not leave any carbon footprint for the planet. As the world is propelling more towards technological advancements, the methods of such power generation are getting advanced as well. The most common green methods of energy production include:

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Geothermal energy

To some extent, nuclear energy can also be considered green energy. However, since the hazards associated with nuclear energy production are quite high, hence they are often not considered as alternative methods of energy generation. You can also check the current electric rates in texas to see the impact of how green energy sources can also help homeowners save on energy costs.

Imbibing Green Energy in our Daily Lives

Coming back to the question asked at the very beginning of this article, the answer would be yes, to save our planet from impending doom; green energy is the only alternative. As more and more people are becoming aware of the concept of green energy, the energy industry has seen a positive shift towards these alternative resources. 

Many national governments also provide green energy at a much-subsidized rate to increase its use.

Many websites are available all over the internet, for example, Utility Bidder, which provides analysis of the best suitable plans. A quick analysis of such sites would often show that the emphasis is more on renewable energy sources than on conventional ones. Moreover, renewable energy sources often cost less as well thereby increasing their sales largely.

 Where one renewable source is abundant, for example, wind power in the Netherlands, almost every household especially in the countryside has a personal windmill in their yards so that there is no external dependency for power in the household. 

The surplus energy created is often sold to the government thereby maintaining a steady supply of energy without disturbing the ecosystem greatly.

Whether using green energy or not, energy wastage should never be encouraged. The dual combo of designing energy-efficient appliances, automobiles, buildings, types of machinery, etc. along with increasing the use of renewable energy sources would only be able to save our planet from the various ecological hazards, like climate change, wildlife extinction, etc.

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