Iphone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Which Is Right For You?

Iphone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Colorfy is here to help you discover the ideal phone for you between iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Smartphone rivalries do not come more heated compared to Samsung vs. Apple. Both firms have unbelievably loyal followings and hugely-impressive five-star testimonials for their most recent flagship handsets out of yours truly, T3.

But, YouTube station PhoneBuff has sought to distinguish between the most recent offering from the two firms – both the Apple iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – by pitting them against one another in a brutal fall check.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Overview

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Overview

The S10 Plus is fundamentally the same as the S10, however, using a few beefed-up specs. It utilizes a 6.4-inch Quad HD+ screen using Samsung’s brand new Dynamic AMOLED technology. The Dynamic AMOLED display makes the S10 Plus among the first phones to encourage HDR10+, meaning that it’s fantastic contrast and reduced motion blur.

Beyond this, it employs the hottest Snapdragon 855 processor and includes 8GB or 12GB of RAM – using, multitasking, and gaming should be a cinch. Additionally, it has dual cameras around the front, unlike the XS Max’s only camera. The S10 Plus also includes three back cameras compared with this iPhone XS Max’s double back cameras.

All of this technology prices $999 – that is the same cost as the XS Max’s smaller brother, the iPhone XS.

As soon as it’s a battle to state that any telephone costing almost a grand is anything near the value, you get a great deal of phone for this cost and all the S10 Plus.

Apple iPhone XS Max Overview

Apple iPhone XS Max Overview

The XS Max is a scaled-up variant of this iPhone XS. However, contrary to the S10 Plus, which features many improvements across the S10, the only real modifications to this XS Max in the XS are a bigger screen and bigger battery.

The display is a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED panel, which is excellent for watching movies or gaming. The battery is enormous in 3,174 mAh – that is up from the 2,658 mAh battery at the XS. However, it’s far more compact than the 4,100 mAh battery at the S10 Plus.

The cameras, processors, storage, and RAM choices, and everything else is all unchanged. The bulge in battery and screen dimensions is represented with a $100 bulge in cost from the XS, making the XS Max $1,099.

When we analyzed the XS Max, we voiced concerns that the restricted improvements could not justify the XS cost rise. We also felt the XS Max fought to take advantage of its additional screen real estate.

Comparing iPhone XS Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Comparing iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


Punch holes notch? Frankly, the Galaxy S10 Plus cutouts, which houses its double front cameras, are nearly as distracting as the top-notch for its TrueDepth camera and other sensors on the XS Max. I give Samsung a little credit for letting you conceal front cameras on the S10 Plus but turning that entire area into a black pub looks worse.

The Galaxy S10 Plus gains a lighter and more compact framework compared with XS Max. Samsung’s telephone is much more than an ounce lighter than Apple’s, at 6.17 oz versus 7.34 ounce. More to the point, the thinner body around the S10 Plus (2.91 inches vs. 3.05 inches) makes it somewhat more comfortable to use with a single hand.

The S10 Plus also features a 3.5millimeter headphone jack for people who prefer wired headphones.

All in all, the XS Max feels somewhat sturdier as a result of its stainless steel ring and durable glass; it lived multiple drops in our evaluations. We have yet to execute fall tests on the S10 Plus.

We enjoy having six color choices on the S10 Plus instead of only three for the iPhone. You may even decide on a ceramic end if you are willing to splurge for the 512GB version.


The Galaxy S10 Plus supplies a sharp contrast, a 6.4-inch Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED screen that is somewhat more compact than the 6.5-inch OLED panel to your XS Max. Samsung’s phone gains from a more excellent resolution, at 3040 x 1440 pixels, in contrast to 2688 x 1242 pixels to the iPhone XS Max. However, the iPhone’s display brings ahead in different regions.

Though the Galaxy S10 Plus may get as smart as 625 nits (if you shine a flashlight onto its ambient light sensor), the iPhone XS Max may reach 606 nits in almost any circumstances. Because of this, the display on the XS Max looks thinner, whether you are inside or out.

As soon as I loaded every telephone with the identical 4K background of a mountainous landscape, the iPhone XS Max’s screen delivered a brighter image, and the color was more vibrant. It is possible to toggle between vibrant and natural modes on the Galaxy S10 Plus; however, the colors looked overly saturated in vibrant mode.

The Galaxy S10 Plus’ screen turned at a marginally better color-reproduction score, at 136.5 percent of the color gamut, in contrast to 123 percent for the XS Max. On the other hand, the panel onto the XS Max notched a far better color-accuracy score (Delta-E) of 0.22 to the Galaxy S10 Plus’ 0.29.


The XS Max and the Galaxy S10 Plus have plenty of loud, but I favor Apple’s apparatus. The iPhone speakers delivered wealthier and louder sound once I snapped Bastille’s “Happier” on Spotify.

The vocals were balanced using all the snaps from the backdrop. The S10 Plus seemed similar to an FM radio, even although the iPhone XS Max is nearer to a miniature speaker.


Iphone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera

We have not had proper hands-on time with all the S10 Plus; nonetheless thus, we can not predict this one just yet. The cameras on the current iPhones and high-end Samsung versions are hugely impressive.

But, Samsung has chosen to present its camera hardware with a significant bulge compared to the older S9+. You have three back cameras with diverse fields of view and a depth-sensing front camera alongside a 10Mp wide-angle front lens.

On the other hand, the iPhone features two 12Mp back cameras and one 7Mp depth-sensing selfie camera – precisely the same as you get to the iPhone XS.

All told, we are probably leaning more towards the S10 Plus. Its innovative factor speaker technology and additional hardware to make it seem like a camera. However, because we have seen on Google’s current mobiles, the hardware is not everything. Watch this area for our complete in-depth look at the cameras.

Video: Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison


The Snapdragon 855 processor from the Galaxy S10 Plus, paired with 8GB of RAM, has the closest yet to beat the iPhone XS Max’s A12 Bionic chip. On the multicore part of Geekbench 4, which measures general functionality, the S10 Plus notched 10,732 compared to 11,420 about the XS Max.

The XS Max also made considerably faster work of our video-editing evaluation, taking only 39 minutes to transcode a 4K movie to 1080p utilizing the Adobe Clips program. The Galaxy S10 Plus required 2:26 on precisely the same evaluation, but Samsung says that its mobile will be optimized for Adobe’s forthcoming Rush video-editing program.

The S10 Plus pulled forward to the 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme graphics evaluation, scoring 5,648 (about the demanding OpenGL ES 3.1 evaluation). The XS Max came behind that indicate, together with 4,339.

In general, I felt just like the XS Max was a little more responsive when I used the side of the phone by the side for jobs such as rotating the telephone into landscape mode. The Galaxy S10 Plus has been a step behind.

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Safety and Exclusive Features

The Galaxy S10 Plus carries a fresh approach to safety with its vertical fingerprint detector, embedded right into the screen.

All in all, the technology operates nicely, provided that you do not tap the screen too fast. And unlike Apple’s Face ID, you do not need to look right into the S10 to unlock it. However, Face ID usually is more dependable, producing fewer false negatives if you visit unlock your cell phone.

With Wireless PowerShare, you may use the Galaxy S10 Plus to charge different gadgets or phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds, by merely putting them on the telephone’s rear. The XS Max does not provide such a characteristic.

The Galaxy S10 Plus includes a few different features the iPhone XS lacks, such as a microSD card slot for growth and headset jack.


Contrary to the too-close-to-call camera conflict, there is no real competition here. The S10 Plus includes a significantly bigger battery than XS Max (4,100 mAh performs with 3,174 mAh( respectively), and Samsung has outstanding battery control technologies.

The S10 Plus also features speedy wireless charging. It contains advanced (although not first) wireless power-sharing so that you can wirelessly control any other Qi-certified apparatus together with your S10 Plus – a buddy’s XS Max may be a great one, to begin with.

Video: Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone XS Max Battery Test

Final Verdict

On balance, the S10 Plus isn’t merely a much better phone than the XS Max, but also it is a marginally superior value.

The S10 Plus includes a much better screen than the XS Max. It is very likely to have only as great, if not much better, cameras than XS Max. And, it retains consumer-friendly features like the headset jack and expandable storage.

The XS Max is a big, imposing, and well-made mobile. However, the S10 Plus handles to better or match the XS Max in nearly every facet. If you are eyeing-up these two phones and can not select one, we would advise you to opt for the S10 Plus.

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