iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: Which Is Better Phone? [2020 Update]

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8

Are you considering between Apple iPhone XR vs iPhone 8? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

The iPhone XR is, in ways, the beginning of a new array from Apple, falling somewhere between the iPhone 8 along with also the iPhone XS, but it is the iPhone 8, which it is the apparent successor to.

Their layouts vary, as do many of their specs and features, but the iPhone XR is the most affordable of all Apple’s new handsets.

They also have various other similarities, which to allow you to determine how these two phones compare, we have placed them head-to-head across a selection of categories.

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 Comparison

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 Comparison


The iPhone XR and iPhone 8 have a glass rear and a metallic framework, but in the front that they seem quite different, as the iPhone XR includes a notch in the display and hardly any bezel.

The iPhone 8 includes a huge bezel above and beneath the screen, the lower bezel home, a house camera, and a fingerprint scanner.

It has a more dated appearance and one which not one of Apple’s newest phones game, but it is guaranteed to appeal to a few.

The measurements and weight disagree too naturally, together with all the iPhone XR coming in at 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm and 194g, while the iPhone 8 is 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm and 148g.

The iPhone XR comes in a broader selection of colors: black, white, blue, yellow, coral, and red. However, the iPhone 8 comes in gray, silver, golden, and crimson (along with the red model is not widely accessible any longer).

Specs And Features

Despite launching a calendar year apart, few specs are distinct on the iPhone 8 and XR.

You get precisely the very same cameras, both visit 128GB, and you receive wireless charging. We ought to point out. However, the XR has fresh camera features such as Portrait Mode, Depth Control, and Animoji on both the cameras.

A new processor, the A12 Bionic, is welcome, but you should not choose between the mobiles on this premise.

The critical differences here are the display and the fact you will need to utilize Face ID on the XR using its lack of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

The greatest, and we imply that reasonably literally, the difference is your display. The iPhone 8 will be your previous handset to provide Apple’s formerly classic 4.7in screen.

Both have precisely the same LCD IPS panel technologies (the XS versions are OLED) and provide a pixel density of 326ppi. So you have got to determine if you would like the big 6.1in screen on the XR full with topnotch and mandatory gestures.

The iPhone 8 is your one telephone here to support 3D Touch. That might be a deal-breaker for you.


The screens on iPhone XR and iPhone 8 probably represent the most crucial difference between the two versions. iPhone 8 gets the recognizable 4.7-inch display. However, iPhone XR measures it around 6.1 inches, which feels and looks enormous. Due to not needing a house button, the screen on iPhone XR can move all of the ways to each of four borders; however, as with other iPhones that do so, it also gets the annoying notch near the peak of the display.

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OS And Electricity

The iPhone XR ought to be a fair bit more successful than the iPhone 8 since it’s a new Apple A12 Bionic chipset, although the iPhone 8 includes an old A11 Bionic one – although that is still a powerful chipset.

The two chipsets have six cores. However, the speediest souls from the A12 Bionic are around 15% quicker compared to A11 Bionic, whereas the high-efficiency cores are about 50% lower electricity. The A12 Bionic also has a 50% faster GPU and an improved neural engine.

In terms of applications, the iPhone XR ships with iOS 12 on board, even though you will have the ability to upgrade the iPhone 8 on this program.


The iPhone XR and iPhone 8 might have precisely the same resolution camera. Still, the iPhone XR takes better photographs thanks to smarter application suggestions supported by the new and improved A12 core processor.

Both of the iPhone 8, along with also the iPhone XR, have comparable rear-facing 12MP f/1.8 cameras and identical front-facing 7MP f/2.2 camera. But that does not mean they will take the very same pictures. The iPhone XR is powered by Apple’s brand new and improved A12 heart processor, which supplies a huge growth in support for AI tasks. This means smart new application suggestions to improve your photographs.

These suggestions include clever HDR, which functions by enabling the iPhone XR to take four pictures rather than a single and then stitch them together to get a sharper, more detailed image. The iPhone XR also includes portrait style, which allows you to adjust the field’s depth after the photograph is taken, giving you more control on how sharp or fuzzy you want the history of your topic to be.

Fundamentally, if photographs are your primary concern, you will be better off using all the iPhone XR. Below are a few plans. Be aware these programs are all provided on a 24-month contract. But you have the choice to repay your telephone over 12 or 36 months with Vodafone.

Battery Life

iPhone XR – The iPhone XR’s battery will get you approximately 13.5 hours of battery life with combined use. Also, it features wireless charging, which the 7 lacks.

iPhone 8 – The iPhone 8 utilizes a slightly smaller battery than the iPhone XR, as well as. Because of this, it is going to get you about an hour or so of battery life on average compared to XR. In this regard, the iPhone XR is unquestionably exceptional. But, it lacks performance in contrast to more giant Android mobiles.

Cost And Availability

You will have the ability to pre-order the iPhone XR on October 19 and send it on October 26.

It’s a starting cost of $749 / £749 / / / AU$1,229 to get 64GB, increasing to $799 / £799 / AU$1,299 to get 128GB and $899 / £899 / AU$1,479 to get 256GB.

The iPhone 8 can be had today and starts at $599 / £599 / AU$979 to get a 64GB version, with costs increasing to $749 / £749 / / / AU$1,229 to get a 256GB one. Therefore the newest phone is a fair bit more costly.

Which Is Better?

Indeed, the better choice between both of these versions is the iPhone XR. The screen alone gives it the upper hand. And by eliminating the home button and minding Face ID, iPhone XR will keep up with different iPhone versions. With upgraded RAM and processors, iPhone XR is also the latest version of both, so it is more likely to have the ability to run newer programs and operating systems as they emerge.

Even though iPhone XR is the greater of these choices, there are still items that you may like iPhone 8. It holds on too many recognizable features and designs that produce an iPhone. Matters like the home button and 3D signature are equally lost out of iPhone XR. And it’s smaller and lighter, which may be significant for you.

Deciding between iPhone 8 and iPhone XR depends upon if you need something newer and more contemporary or want to remain with something you are more comfortable with. Hopefully, this guide has answered any questions you might have had about the model and allow you to choose your own new iPhone!

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