iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 6S – Which Phone Is Better? [New 2021]

iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 6S - Which Phone Is Better

Which iPhone should you purchase: The iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 6S? Here is all you want to understand.

Though I have written guides that will assist you in selecting between the iPhone 8 along with iPhone 8 Plus and if you should await the iPhone X, then there’s possibly a larger question: If you update to Apple’s brand new iPhones at the first location? Assessing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 6S mainly, the solution isn’t relatively as straightforward as you may imagine.

Here is the breakdown…

Comparing iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 6S

Comparing iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 6S

Screen & Design

Much like the iPhone 7, too, there is simply no difference in the screens of this iPhone 8 along with iPhone 6s. Each supplies a 4.7-inch screen using a 1334×750-pixel resolution at 326 PPI. Both phones also provide 3D Touch. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 features a genuine Tone screen, which matches the ambient light of the space you’re utilizing it in, and you’re going to see a difference due to that.

The iPhone 6s comes from 32 or 128GB, whereas the iPhone 8 comes from 64 or 256GB. A massive distinction is also from the processor every single telephone packs. The A11 Bionic chip at the iPhone 8 will probably operate complete circles around the A9 located from the iPhone 6s.

In terms of the layout, both attribute aluminum bodies with curved corners, but the iPhone 8 adds an excellent glass rear paneling for it (for wireless charging capacities). This gives it a glow like the iPhone 4 used to possess. Due to the glass, the iPhone 8 is only a bit thicker and thicker than the iPhone 6s-although, not by far. The iPhone 8 also does away with all the antenna rings on the rear of this iPhone 6s. Therefore it is a cleaner layout.

Another benefit the iPhone 8 has is its Splash, Water, and Dust Resistant, whereas the iPhone 6s isn’t. As color choices proceed, the iPhone 6s provides four options, whereas the more recent iPhone 8 offers three.

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iPhone 6s – The iPhone 6s runs on the 1.85 GHz dual-core 64-bit CPU along with 2GB of RAM. Performance from the installment has been leading at launch and the proceeding decades. Still, it’s now beginning to show its age-related to entire understanding – especially with much more intensive AR and gambling software.

iPhone 8 – The iPhone 8, on the other hand, carries Apple’s A11 chipset that’s a whopping 50 percent stronger than the iPhone 6s’ system on a chip. That’s a massive difference, and you’ll find the difference. This type of performance sets the iPhone 8 on a level with most Android mobiles launched in 2019 – nearly three years following the iPhone 8 first launch.


Where Apple has blazed a path using the iPhone 8, however, is functionality. Compared with this iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 newest A11 Bionic chipset is 25% faster at a high rate, 70% quicker when idling, and 70% faster multitasking. Pictures are 30% quicker.

And to put this in full context, the iPhone 7 had a 40% faster CPU and 50% faster GPU than iPhone 6S. So yes, this is a sizeable multi-generational leap, which means the iPhone 8 isn’t just the industry’s fastest smartphone. Still, it’s very likely to stay faster than Android competitions well into 2019, too (yes, 19).

You will also find a quicker (600Mhz to 300MHz) and much more efficient 4G modem at the iPhone 8 (even though competitions have 1GHz service), and Touch ID is as fast as ever – crucially – still there afterward Apple controversially eliminated it in the iPhone X in favor of Face ID.

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iPhone 6s – The primary camera on your iPhone 6s is a 12 MP shooter, which is included with support for Apple’s dual-tone flash and HDR. On the front, you have a 5MP camera to get selfies and video phoning. It is an adequate setup that could produce fantastic benefits, even by today’s standards. It will pale compared to Apple’s brand new iPhones, though, which have taken attention A LOT further.

iPhone 8 – On paper, the iPhone 8 camera appears quite much like the iPhone 6; it is nevertheless a 12MP camera, even although this time you’ve got a faster aperture (f/2.2) and bigger pixels, which allow in additional light. The front camera is a 7MP installation, so that is an improvement also. Things get very interesting would be to do with all the technologies within the iPhone 8 – it features Apple’s AI-powered Picture Signal Processor (ISP), which dramatically improves performance within the iPhone 6s. In reality, the difference is like day and night…

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The iPhone 8 includes a little bigger battery than the iPhone 6, in 1821 mAh versus 1715 mAh. However, Apple states that both mobiles essentially have the same battery life for most items (thanks to its A11 becoming a little more power-efficient than the A9). Here is how the battery life contrasts between in Chat Time, Standby Time, Internet Use, Video Playback, and Audio Playback:

  • Chat time: iPhone 8 – 14 hours. iPhone 6s – 14 hours.
  • Internet usage: iPhone 8 – Up to 12 hours. iPhone 6s – Up to ten hours.
  • Video playback: iPhone 8 – Up to 13 hours. iPhone 6s – Up to 11 hours.
  • Sound playback: iPhone 8 – Up to 40 hours. iPhone 6s – Up to 50 hours.

Storage And Price

By now, you will see the iPhone 8 gaps with the iPhone 6S are a Combination of good and bad news, and that is the same with all the storage and price:

  • iPhone 8 – 64GB ($699), 256GB ($849)
  • iPhone 6S – 32GB ($449), 128GB ($549)

While Apple has increased the cost of this iPhone 8 and then cut the favorite 128GB mid-tier, you finally double the entry-level storage. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6S remains on sale, and it has obtained a further price cut (it was cut following the iPhone 7 launching), making it much less costly than the iPhone 8 – however you will get less storage.

Hence, if some can be tempted to purchase the 128GB iPhone 6S and save $150 within the 64GB iPhone 8, I would choose the more recent version since it’s going to be supported for two years more is a personal call.

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The iPhone 8 makes for a polarising update over the iPhone 6S. Very little has changed along with just two of the greatest will split opinion (glass back, no headset jack) on the surface. The additions of fast and wireless wired charging are also not without substantial additional cost, and the base cost of this iPhone 8 makes it the priciest 4.7-inch iPhone Apple has ever produced.

That said, if you favor the 4.7-inch form variable, there’s not anything else on the marketplace that can touch the iPhone 8 about photography and performance. The iPhone X using its striking design changes, will receive all of the attention, but the phone is postponed, and the iPhone 8 fits nearly all of what it could do for $300 less.

Many will see the iPhone 8 as perhaps Apple’s least intriguing iPhone so far, and it is not the slam dunk upgrade iPhone 6S owners may have anticipated. However, the iPhone 8 can be undoubtedly the best small form factor smartphone it is possible to purchase without a doubt.

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