iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS: Which Phone Is Better? [2020 Update]

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS

Are you considering between iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

Though the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are receiving lots of the headlines due to their triple-camera set-ups, it is the cheaper iPhone 11 that many individuals will probably wind up purchasing. Just examine the sales numbers for a year’s outstanding iPhone XR in case you require proof.

Bearing that in mind, we believed it’d be a fantastic idea to compare the iPhone 11 together with all the iPhone XS. Can Apple’s brand new mid-range smartphone outgun its incoming flagship?

If you merely need a list, these bullet points should provide you with the gist of our findings. Otherwise, keep reading for the complete lowdown.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS Comparison

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS Comparison


The iPhone 11 is much more visually striking than the iPhone XS in several ways. To begin with, it is slightly bigger. Also, it comes in six colors rather than three dull ones.

These colors consist of white, purple,” Product Red,” green, white, white, and black.

The iPhone 11 also includes a fresh tempered glass back. Its camera home sticks out slightly, and Apple added shapes to one bit of back glass instead of taking the ‘easy’ route. Most firms would use another piece of glass to the camera cap.

Both telephones are a metallic and glass sandwich. Glass panes sit front and rear, a group of metal runs around the sides, holding them collectively.

The alloy used is different, though. Apple uses aluminum in the iPhone 11stainless steel in the iPhone XS. This is a classic instance of ultra-high-end meeting only ‘ordinary’ high-end layout clashing. As aluminum is thicker than steel, the iPhone 11 can also be more vulnerable to scuffs and dings than iPhone XS.

The bezel surrounds the display can be slightly thicker from the iPhone 11, as they had been at the iPhone XR – although that is a byproduct of this LCD technology utilized.

However, there’s one practical layout advantage to this iPhone 11, since it’s more hardened glass than the iPhone XS. Both phones have water resistance tested at 2m depth for half an hour.

Specs And Camera

If it comes to internal specifications, the iPhone 11 provides the iPhone XS a fairly extensive run-around.

The iPhone XS runs on Apple’s A12 Bionic CPU, and it will be a competent actor. Apple recently boasted that it continues to outperform its Android rivals, a few of which started six months into a year.

However, the iPhone 11 operates on the same next-generation A13 Bionic chip that forces the iPhone 11 Pro, that’s that the iPhone XS’s successor. The A13 Bionic chip has 8.5 billion transistors into the A12 6.9 billion, leading to a 20% increase for CPU and GPU. Additionally, it has a much greater system learning smarts, allowing it to perform times quicker.

We do not think you’ll see a massive update; nevertheless, adding performance ought to assist the cellphone in lasting better over the years and stay fast for several years to come. Both devices appear to have 4GB of RAM, as stated by the Geekbench benchmarking program.

Storage choices, at least in their foundation, have not felt especially roomy on iPhones. Both the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS begin with 64GB, together with the 11 additionally offering 128GB and 256GB. It is slightly different for the XS, which also comes at a 512GB flavor. As usual, there is no expandable storage to choose wisely and prevent the 64GB alternative.

Both telephones have dual-12-megapixel detectors, using an essential f/1.8 broad sensor plus a leading unit. However, the way they operate is quite distinct, and the iPhone 11 is a considerable step forward concerning photography.

The iPhone XS goes using a telephoto approach, allowing a 2x optical zoom, but the iPhone 11 goes oppositely, using an ultra-wide lens to get a 2x zoom-out. Hardware aside, Apple is adding some nifty new camera tips which should indicate the iPhone 11 out. Chief among these is Night Mode, which promises to improve intense low-light shots radically. The Deep Fusion attribute, meanwhile, will produce a composite of numerous shots at different exposures to make one high-detail picture, and this is exclusive to this iPhone 11 series.

So, are the images onto the iPhone 11 better? That is simple: Yes. There is much more detail packed in the shots, along with the Smart HDR does not overexposure as much as before. Colors are also more vibrant, and also the ultra-wide lens provides you a little more variety.

One spec the iPhone XS defeats the iPhone 11 on is its screen. In 5.8-inches and 1125 x 2436, it may be a touch smaller than the 6.1-inch 828 x 1792 iPhone 11 equal, but it is sharper and usually nicer. The older flagship also packs an OLED panel instead of the iPhone 11’s LCD, making for a more lively, contrasty picture.

The iPhone XS is your last Apple phone to game 3D Touch screen technology, meaning it is sensitive to stress, so the iPhone 11 is not. Apple is phasing 3D Touch in its software, but specific programs and games will continue to create use of it – for a little while.

Video: iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS Detailed Camera Comparison


Those phones’ screens are incredibly distinct, even when they do seem similar in arm’s length. Both possess the timeless iPhone notch fashion, first started from the iPhone X, which doesn’t help comparisons.

Apple’s brand new iPhone 11 includes a slightly bigger display, at 6.1 inches into the iPhone XS’s 5.8 inches. Along with the technology behind the surface is different.

The elderly iPhone XS has a high pixel density, using 1125 x 2436 pixels to this iPhone 11’s 828 x 1792. Both attain a retina’ display, meaning that a real difference in sharpness won’t be observable to the naked eye in the distance, but people searching to close for you will discover it.

Panel technologies differ too. Apple’s iPhone XS features an OLED panel with nearly infinite blacks and incredibly deep, rich colors with lots of pop. The iPhone 11 comes with an LCD screen using a universal backlight, meaning elephants will not look black in a dim area. Colors on both components are pleasing, no matter how the LCD on the iPhone 11 is quite color actual.

But, Apple utilizes a number of the top LCD panels round, so don’t believe this is a motive to turn up your nose in the iPhone 11. Brightness ought to be similar also. Apple speeds the iPhone 11 in 625 nits, and many readings state the iPhone XS oversees marginally over 600 nits; both may suffice to get a bright day outside.

Side by side, the iPhone XS will probably seem somewhat warmer than the iPhone 11. But both you can argue the excess size leaves the iPhone 11 better for the games and video, even though they are not always quite as eloquent once you look seriously.

Look And Feel

Neither of those phones embraces the brand new design that many could have hoped for. Both the iPhone 11 as well as also the iPhone XS resemble their immediate predecessor.

The iPhone 11 is the follow-up to the iPhone XR, although the iPhone XS inherits its iPhone X appearances. The iPhone XR followed the layout template determined by the iPhone X. Therefore, both phones share identical lineage and appear quite similar.

When we were to earn a judgment, we would say the elderly iPhone XS arguably feels better due to premium parts usage. Its frame is constructed from desirable stainless steel, although the iPhone 11 is created out of cost-saving aluminum.

Also, we favor the iPhone XS’s smaller footprint, making it a lot easier to wield in 1 hand. But, that is mainly an issue of personal taste.

We must also mention that the iPhone 11’s somewhat divisive square camera module, making the iPhone XS’s lozenge-shaped unit look subtle by comparison. Those who prefer their telephones to stand out will probably favor the iPhone 11, which comes in six glistening colors: purple, white, yellow, yellow, black, white, and red. The iPhone XS comes from dull old space gray, silver, and gold. Both telephones sport IP68 dust and water resistance rating can stand till a dip in the tub or pool.

Battery life on the iPhone 11 is a lot better than the more compact XS and much more on par (if not better) than the giant iPhone XS Max. Both mobiles support rapid charging; nevertheless, neither include anything but the slow 5w charger in the box.

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The iPhone creation camera comparison is a bit challenging. Both phones have double back cameras, but in which the iPhone XS’s second camera has a telephoto lens with 2x magnification, the iPhone 11 comes with an ultra-wide lens.

If you would like optical zoom in to a new iPhone, you will need to update to the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, which costs around $300 / 300 more.

All four of those phones’ back cameras possess 12-megapixel sensors but is an ultra-wide greater than a zoom? It is dependent on circumstance. If you would like to catch a significant group of individuals or emphasize a structure’s scale, you are interested in having an ultra-wide. Want to get closer to the action? You will need a zoom.

Zoom is probably more critical in creating people’s pictures’much better,’ so many still use digital zoom instead of moving to write with a conventional 26mm-ish lens.

The iPhone 11 does have some real benefits, though. Apple’s new Night style unifies nine exposures to find precisely the same type of glowing, high dynamic range shots you could get out of a Huawei P30 Pro. Low-light picture quality continues to be an iPhone weak stage for many decades now. The newest model works nicely to counteract this – being a powerful competitor to the likes of’Night Sight’ about Google Pixel 4. The new model is likely to produce a critical difference in difficult lighting situations and has to be seen to be believed, pulling brightness from nearly black. It will function best when used along with a tripod nonetheless.

Its camera program also allows you to see some of the primary camera view regions, convenient once you’re unsure if you will need a broad perspective. The broad includes a 120-degree perspective of the spectacle, which Apple likes to call a “2x zoom out”.

Both the back cameras can also shoot video in 4K, 60 frames per minute, and dynamic range enhancement. The iPhone XS’s most crucial camera can take 4K/60, but we can not be sure if it will get all the same processing updates in a software upgrade. Video from is exceptional, comprehensive, and with lots of pop – can be relied on to capture exceptional moments.

The iPhone 11 also has got the upper hand for selfies. Its detector was updated to 12MP, from 7MP from the iPhone XS. And Apple has had a hand in creating its term, “selfies”. These are slow-motion selfies, basically brief slow-mo videos you will probably discuss on social networking or WhatsApp with buddies.


Given the iPhone XR has been a surprise battery champ in 2018 and the longest-lasting iPhone, it’s not surprising that its successor could prove to have similar ambitions. The iPhone 11 includes a bigger battery pack than the iPhone XS, along using a lower resolution display and much more power-efficient chips; it defeats the old version conveniently.

Even though both will see many people through a mean day of usage with minimal difficulty, the iPhone 11 frequently has a fee to spare to the following day, which is invaluable in some specific scenarios. If battery life is a prime consideration, this version is much more deserving of your hard-won moolah.

Both devices are compatible with suitable quick chargers, although the iPhone 11 comes just with the standard iPhone 5W charger, which will take approximately 3 hours to fully revive your gadget. The iPhone XS includes an 18W charger at the box, and this will charge considerably faster, which will be a lot handier at a pinch.

Every device also supports wireless charging but comes with a wireless charger in the box.


Apple sells the iPhone 11 from £729/$699, and it is available today. The iPhone XS is no longer officially available from Apple, but until recently was accessible from £999/$999. It does not require much shopping around on the internet to find it readily available for a little less than this, but the iPhone 11 stays significantly more affordable.

Should iPhone XS owners upgrade to the iPhone 11?

Not really, not at this stage before the following iPhone is anticipated to fall in September 2021. In case your iPhone XS still functions, and you are enjoying it, stick with the iPhone XS.

The iPhone 11 has greater camera laps than the iPhone XS, and I am a massive fan of this iPhone 11’s ultra-wide camera. Nonetheless, it’s nothing just like the iPhone XS takes awful pictures.

Sure, if you are a photography enthusiast, maybe you may justify updating it into the iPhone 11, or perhaps the iPhone 11 Pro. However, the camera improvements are barely worth the energy and cost of updating – you would still be spending a couple hundred on a single generational update.

If you discover the iPhone 11’s exceptional camera appealing and other items, such as the newer processor and much better battery life, proceed! Just know that you would be passing up the zoomed lens, which you may discover on the $999.00 iPhone 11 Pro.

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