Integrating Google Drive With Slack: How to Connect + 7 Features to Boost Productivity

Google Drive

As many know, Google Drive has been the backbone of workplaces organizing work and meeting deadlines. It is a tool that improves productivity, but what if you were looking to increase its potential? All the tools included allow teams to collaborate and work together to meet project goals and deadlines.

That’s where Slack comes in. Although it was created as a communication tool, it allows the integration of other applications that can help boost productivity. By integrating Google Drive, it becomes possible to create and manage tasks and work through all of them at a faster pace. It allows teams and individuals to meet deadlines comfortably and achieve work goals. Thus, here’s a look at how you can connect your Google Drive account to Slack and how you can use it to build productivity.

Simple Steps to Connect Google Drive With Slack

  1. Visit the Slack application directory to install the Google Drive application to your workspace. Slack has its own directory from where you can search and find apps to integrate into your space.
  2. Once you’ve located the app within the directory, you can click “add” to install it. Once installed, you can move on to connecting your Google account to the relevant Slack workspace.
  3. After connecting your account, you can set up file integrations, notifications, and other features for productivity.

7 Productivity-Boosting Features With G-Drive Integration

1. Email integration: With the email add-on feature, it has become possible to access and respond to emails from within Slack. By connecting your Google Drive account, you can use the add-on to view your Gmail account and your emails. With notification features, you can use Slack messages to inform you about incoming emails. You can also create and respond to emails from within Slack and send them to your contacts within your workspace. It helps save time and minimizes the need to jump between apps. 

2. File sharing: With the Google Drive Slack integration, file sharing becomes more convenient. You can grant access to specific team members in your workspace and share links from within the app. The integration makes accessing all file types through Slack easier and making needed edits without hassle. 

Calendar sync: By connecting your Google account, you can also sync your calendar with Slack to keep regular updates about meetings, team activities, and more. You can also create events on your calendars, such as schedule meetings across time zones, client calls, collaborative meets, and more, and update your team members with these changes. Notifications can be sent by way of Slack conversations so that there is no need to switch between applications to view information. 

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4.File collaboration: Besides file sharing, it is also possible to collaborate on files created from within Slack. This advantageous feature can be used with team members and clients to constantly keep the other updated with the latest changes or additions. It is possible to make real-time changes and notify others of what’s going on, which further helps save time and increase productivity.

5. Comment replies: By integrating Google Drive, you can set notifications to stay informed on changes made or comments added to a file by fellow team members or clients. You can use Slack conversations to receive and view notifications and even respond to them from within the app. It helps in saving time and makes things quicker, thereby improving the efficiency of your work.

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6. File searching: When you integrate Google Drive with Slack, it becomes easier to share files. It is a simple and quick way to share files and allow people to view and make changes. You can grant access to specific team members and notify them about it through Slack message notifications. Since small tasks like this speed up, it improves the productivity rate among all team members.

7. Creating new files: The Google Drive integration allows you to create new files from within Slack to get things done faster. You can create documents, sheets, slides, and more and share them from within Slack. It makes things more quickly for you and your team, thus improving productivity for all.

Why Should You Integrate Google Drive With Slack?

Google Drive has always been a productivity tool for creating and organizing files. It is highly effective for teams to collaborate on work on projects together. Integrating with Slack establishes a clear communication channel, allowing users to stay updated with all the work and meet deadlines. By using features such as email integrations, time blocking, calendar sync, and more, teams can achieve a better balance between tasks and become efficient.

Slack and Google Drive are beneficial tools for boosting workplace productivity. The integration of the two means that teams have the opportunity to streamline their tasks and meet deadlines with ease. It also allows individuals to become more organized and balance their functions for maximum productivity. 

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