How to track lost mobile with IMEI Number? | Three ways to find your lost Android SmartPhone

how to track lost mobile with IMEI Number

How to track lost mobile with IMEI Number? IMEI Number is the easiest way to find the current location of the smartphone you misplaced. But, wondering how to do it? You will find out in this reading. 

In the 21st century, all our data remains accessible at a single click. From pictures to documents you downloaded years ago, you can find them all on your smartphone with a solo search. Isn’t that convenient? However, with such convenience comes great responsibility. The reason being, if you misplace your smartphone, it means you have lost all the documents, pictures, videos, playlists, personal contact lists that you saved over the years. 

According to crime statistics related to smartphone theft, it is a widespread criminal activity. The highest level of smartphone theft is observed in public places such as metros, railway stations, restaurants, parking lots, street food markets, etc. Hence, the statistics speak that every year, 70 million smartphone users misplace their phones. Either to theft or shake-off in public places. 

Source: What Mobile

You will be stunned to acknowledge that Android Smartphone developers have focused on these statistics and prepared the phone user for such unfortunate events. That’s right! You may not know this fact, but all Android smartphones come with an IMEI number. It is a unique 15-digit code that permits the authorities to identify the phone’s database. Indeed, the IMEI Number acts as a social security number for phones. 

Thus, likewise using an SSN, a person can be identified among billions. Similarly, there are billions of smartphones in use on this earth. And therefore, using an IMEI Number, the authorities can locate your phone among billions. 

So, today we present a thorough guide on how to track lost mobile phones. Here are the three most accessible alternatives to do so. Let’s take a glance: 

Method 1: How to track lost mobile with IMEI Number? 

What is the IMEI Number?

To begin with, IMEI Number stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This method is the 1st ranking among the best ways to track mobile because it does not require the lost phone to have internet access, SIM card, Network, or even needs to be switched ON. 

GSMA Association remains responsible for attaching an IMEI Number to every phone of every brand model in the United States. Brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and 1200 others strictly have an IMEI number allotted to them. Now, this 15-digit unique code is singled out for each mobile. Henceforth, there’s no chance that your Android Phone cannot be tracked with zero possibility of overlapping with another mobile of the same model and design. 

Moving on! Here’s a fun fact for you. Even broadband devices hold an IMEI Number. Thus, in case you misplace your broadband device, which rarely happens, this guide will help you, unspeakably. 

How to find my IMEI Number? 

There are two different ways to locate your IMEI Number. But thankfully, both ways are easy, and you can adopt any method to find your IMEI Number, irrespective of where you are! 

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Way 1: 

  • Dial “*#06#” using your phone.
  • A Unique ID box will pop-up on the screen.
  • Note down your IMEI Number. 
  • Click OK to remove the dialogue box. 

Way 2:

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Tap on the “About Phone” option.
  • Observe the IMEI Number.
  • Note it down. 

It is noteworthy that you will see IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 only if you have a mobile phone with a dual sim feature. This is because, when a mobile goes out of Network, the phone’s IMEI switches to the IMEI 2 and offers the second SIM’s network service as primary. 

Source: Android Jungle

Therefore, if your mobile phone has misplaced or stolen, you will need to block both IMEI No. in order to secure the service of both SIM cards. 

For iPhone users, there’s a third way to find the IMEI No. It is embedded at the back of the iPhone device. 

It goes without saying that in all three methods to find IMEI. So, no, you will need your smartphone in hand. But, how would you find it if it goes missing? Therefore, it is advised to note the IMEI No someplace safe beforehand. 

Furthermore, your Apple ID account can help you track IMEI No for lost iPhone if you are using an iPhone. 

How to track lost mobile phones using IMEI Numbers? 

Sincerely note that it can be a long-lasting process to find your IMEI Number without a phone. Thus, please mention it beforehand. A copy of the IMEI Number is also noted on the bill or the box in which the device had been packed in some brands. So, if you have access to the same, you are good to go!

To track your lost mobile phone using the IMEI Number, you will need to follow the given instructions. Please follow: 

  • Download the IMEI Tracker App.
  • You can pick an app based on rating and reviews on Google Play Store.
  • Start the App.
  • Give it necessary permissions such as storage of the device.
  • Further, enter the IMEI Number you want to track.
  • A real-time map address will appear after the search is complete.
  • The process may take a long time. Hence, please wait. 

To carry out this tracking process, you can use other family member’s smartphones. All you need in hand is your IMEI Number. 

By tracking your phone, you can either go to the address and try to find it. If not, you can simply block your SIM Cards in order to avoid the consequence of potential misuse. 

Method 2: Track your lost mobile using Google Maps

In the past few years, Google has assembled quite an advancement when it comes to security and Network. That’s right! Using Gmail ID and password, you can instantly sign-up on gaming apps. Furthermore, a Google Account alerts you when you have been login to other devices and confirms whether it is you to log in or not. 

So, there is not a chance that Google missed on securing smartphones from theft. Therefore, here’s a guide on how you can track your lost mobile using Google Maps. Please follow the instructions below: 

  • Open your browser (not in incognito mode)
  • Visit 
  • Here, sign in/login with your Gmail ID and password. 
  • As soon as you do so, your mobile’s current location will appear.
  • In the event that your mobile has been switched off, the map will show the last location of your mobile. 
  • Thus, making it possible to find again. 
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Now, Google has provided this feature in maps, especially for handling cases of cyber fraud. For example, if your smartphone has stolen, the robber can misuse your data. Or, sell it on the dark web, which is definitely illegal. 

how to track lost mobile using IMEI Number
Source: Samsung

To provide protection in such cases, you can use Google Maps to either lock your phone, erase your phone’s data, or make an alerting alarm noise. All three options help in dealing with the protection of sensitive content in the phone. 

Does this method work if the phone is switched off?

The simple answer is NO. While trying to use the “Find My Phone” feature on Google maps, your stolen phone must be switched on and connected to a wireless network/mobile data. Thus, if your phone has stolen, keep refreshing the Google Map “Find my Phone” page until the robber switches it ON. 

Method 3: Use Bluetooth tracker to find your lost mobile

Well! This method does not fit the scenario where your mobile phone is stolen. However, if you are a person who regularly forgets after putting your phone under the cushion or behind the vase, then a Bluetooth tracker can definitely help you. In order to activate and link the Bluetooth tracker with your phone, you will need to synchronize it. After you do so, every time you miss your phone, all you need to do is activate the tracker. As a consequence, your phone will loudly ring, making you aware of where it is. 

How to protect your phone from misplacing or theft? 

More often, smartphones in public become a target. When you miss your phone, and the chances are high that someone has stolen it, all your sensitive data remains at risk. Processes such as how to track lost mobile with IMEI Number may take time. Until then, your data remains at risk of being copied by the stealer. 

Here are five ways you can protect your phone’s data while it has misplaced or stolen: 

Use a Strong PIN

Have you ever seen memes relating to complicating PINs or patterns to unlock android phones and chuckled? But, do you wonder what if a thief stole that phone? He’d just get rid of it because such a strong pattern is rarely to guess. Thus, it is recommendable for smartphone users to use a strong PIN. A pin as easy as 1234 or 7777 is easily pickable. 

To be honest, stealers try to unlock phones with standard pins at first. If it does not unlock, they get a professional service. Therefore, there is one benefit of using a solid PIN/password. It gives you some time on your hands to “find my phone” and erase everything. 

Create a backup

Imagine if losing 1-day backup for WhatsApp Chat can be so painful. What would happen if you avoid creating a backup for your entire device’s data? You will lose everything without a possibility of restoration. Thus, it is opinionated to create a backup right away using Google Account or Cloud Services. Even if your phone has stolen, you can add your Google Account to another device and access all the data for restoration purposes. 

Freeze or Block your Debit Card

In today’s era, there are no phones without the user’s banking details in them. If your phone has “ran off with” and the stealer has successfully unlocked it. Then, you can lose everything unknowingly because mobile money transfers are quick and unrestorable. 

how to track lost phone
Source: Wells Fargo Stories

Hence, it is recommendable to freeze your debit card and bank account when you realize your phone is no longer there. 


Have you lost your mobile recently? Tell us about your incident in the comment section. Unfortunately, the world can sometimes be cruel. And, to protect ourselves from this cruelty, we can only take precautions. Thankfully, IMEI Numbers are now easy to access and help you discover your stolen phone’s accurate location. For more information on how to use IMEI Number? Summon us. Bookmark us for new updates on cutting-edge tech tips and tricks. 

Thank you!

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