How to Stay Safe This Summer with a Sun Hat – Insights and Tips by the Pros

Come summer, you will be heading to the stores to buy sleeveless short dresses, and open-toe sandals. And other articles that tend to expose more skin and leave you feeling and looking cool. However, when the sun is beating down on you for long periods. You will do well to arm yourself with good-quality sunscreen. A large umbrella, or a sunhat to combat the heat and potential sunburn. According to experts, while getting a healthy dose of sunlight on your skin is great for producing Vitamin D. Exposure for too long can have several skin issues like hyperpigmentation. And cancer because of the harmful UVA and UVB rays in the sunshine.

Understanding Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) Rating

Sin protection is a matter of covering your skin well. And not giving in to the temptation of exposing your skin to the sunlight. Whatever clothing and accessories you wear. They should have an adequate level of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). While all clothing can protect you from some UV radiation. Hats with a high UPF rating do the best job. While you can get hats with UPF ratings ranging from 15 to 50 or even more. You should choose hats with the maximum UPF rating because of better protection. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you should aim to buy a hat with at least a 30 UPF rating. Hats help protect your face, neck, and scalp, which are the most common places where skin cancers occur. While you can and should also apply sunscreen products. You need to know that you should apply them on all exposed surfaces for effective protection. Also, heavy sweating and water activities can result in the sunscreen losing its effectiveness.

Another thing you can do to protect yourself against UV radiation is to wear bright-colored clothing that reflects sunshine better. Dark-colored clothes may not be everybody’s idea of a day out in the sun, but they help absorb the hazardous radiation and protect your skin better. According to dermatologists, a large-brimmed hat, UV-filtering sunglasses, and a high UPF sunscreen work the best. As far as sun protection is concerned, wearing a hat gives you the best safety, especially when it has a wide brim that shades your face, forehead, neck, ears, and shoulders. If you find straw hats appealing, be sure not to choose a hat with a loose weave since they will not deliver the protection you should have, says a report in Oprah Daily.

Some of the Best Hats You Can Try Wearing This Summer to Look and Feel Cool

Derby hats:

Popular all over America as the hat the rich and the famous wear to the races, the Derby hat, also known as the Kentucky Derby hat, features a brim ranging from six to ten inches wide. With its singular looks, the Derby hat is a splendid fashion statement by itself and can turn even more heads when paired with a pretty sundress or a wraparound. For a striking look, you can try matching the Derby hat to a striped crop top and trousers. The Derby hat became a popular women’s sun hat at the races because it delivers excellent protection from the sun to the face, neck, and shoulders.

Visor hats:

These hats are very distinctive because they comprise only a brim and nothing else. The design gives matchless convenience while giving you the sun protection you want. The bands at the back allow you to adjust the size according to your head, and because your head is left uncovered, the sweat evaporates easily, keeping you cool. A visor hat is as good for chilling out as it is for playing a game or sport.

Bucket hats:

Despite their rather unglamorous name, bucket hats are among the most popular accessories for summer travel. The brim is completely adjustable since you can fold it into any shape you want, depending on the style you want to sport and the degree of protection you desire from the sunshine. However, perhaps the most compelling reason for buying a sun hat is that you can fold and crush them in any way you like to pack them in your luggage, and they will spring back into shape when you shake them out.

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Fedora hats:

If you had the impression that the fedora hat was only for conservative business meetings or get-togethers, you will be happy to know that it is among the few hats equally at home at a meeting with a banker or lazing around on the sunny beach. A fedora goes perfectly with all attires you can think of, formal or casual. With a brim measuring from four to six inches in width, you can be sure you will get enough sun protection.

Panama hat:

A popular sight on sunny beaches the world over, the Panama hat, despite its name, originally hails from distant Ecuador, where the local craftsmen weave it from the leaves of the Toquilla palm. Panama hats remain a mainstay of women’s fashion because they look good while being very comfortable, flexible, and light. A gender-neutral hat, women can wear the Panama hat as easily with a summer dress as with shorts and a crop top.


When you are looking to buy a hat for sun protection, you should aim to focus on quality and not the bells and whistles. It is better to buy one high-quality sun hat because you will generally be able to wear it with all attire and on every occasion without going out of fashion. Choose a material and color suited to your face so you look good in it. You can choose to wear a wide-brimmed hat in a contrasting color for the best effect. Hats with short brims will look out of place; however, if you are short, you should ideally select a hat with a brim that does not cross your shoulders. People with round faces should try a hat with angles and vice versa. A high-crown hat with a medium brim in a color the same as the outfit you are wearing looks the best if you are of short or medium height.

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