How to See Private Instagram- know all about how to do it!!

How to see private Instagram

How to see private Instagram?

Do you, too, wonder how to see private Instagram? Well, you are at the right place. We will explore every possible way to decipher how to see private Instagram accounts.

 But before we move on to how to see personal Instagram. Let us just first get familiar with what Instagram is and how it works.

So, Instagram is a social networking service that allows its users to share photos and videos globally. IG was imagined and given life by Mike Kreiger and Kevin Systrom initially and handled by them until the year 2012. Then in the year 2012, Facebook took over the platform with 1 billion US dollars, both stock and cash.  

You can if you wish to share any sort of videos or photographs that are under the platform’s guidelines. Further, you get this fantastic option to use filters of your choice. Additionally, you get to use hashtags, and you can either use the trending ones or create your own. Also, if you like to add the geographical location of your uploaded media, you can do that as well. 

Following the launch of this social networking platform, which was in the year 2010, it had just one million followers. But you wouldn’t be able to guess the numbers it has gained over a decade. As of this year, 2021, Insta’s users are around 1.074 billion, and yes, the numbers are rising every single day. 

Apart from all of it, Instagram also has a feature of making your account viewed by others in a way that you want. You can decide to keep it a private account or business account or keep yourself a public figure. 

Why people prefer to keep their insta or IG private?

How to see private Instagram
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To start with people, there are reasons why some people choose to keep a public account. It is mainly because they have nothing to hide or want anyone to see their media and their profile. More often, they might want to gain followers by the contents of their account. 

Then there are those who keep their account as a business account. The primary reason to put it like that is that they run a business (big or small), and they want it to grow by reaching other users. 

Finally are those who keep preferring keeping their Insta private. For this, there is no specific reason, there are plenty, and it could be anything from privacy to hiding something.

Given beneath are a few reasons that we think can be one of those.

You have control over who sees your media

You have control over who visits your profile and checks it or stalks it. When you have a private account, and someone wants to see your profile or follow you. Then they will first have to send you a follow request. And unless you accept it, they won’t be capable of inspecting into your private account. Hence, you get the control over your privacy.

Saving original content from being stolen

Setting your account as private saves your content from being stolen. There are copious websites that never try to do anything creative; and instead, they steal content from others. So if you get control over who can really look into your content, then you can save your work from being stolen.


Harassment can be another reason, as you might have seen mean comments over the photos or videos of celebs. Moreover, it at times leads to them deactivating their account or getting off the app for good. Although Instagram has a set of guidelines, and if you report those mean comments, they get resolved as well. But there is always a chance that it can happen to you. Moreover, you cannot stop everyone from saying things.

Also, it could be like they don’t want their media content to be seen by anyone other.

How to see private Instagram? 

So, how to see private Instagram, really? 

Well, there are quite a few ways through which you can see someone’s private Instagram. 

So, please stick with us till the last to find out the easy and best ways to get into someone’s IG private profile.

How to see private Instagram- by requesting to follow

How to see private Instagram
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Of course, this the old school and legitimate way to get a peek into someone’s private profile. You send a follow to request the account you are curious about and follow them legitimately.

For doing so, all you need to do is click on their profile and find the option of “follow.” (the choice is right below their profile picture and bio.) So once you click on that, the account gets notified that you want to follow and explore their private IG profile. If they accept your request, you then will have access to their personal Instagram.

So, if they accept your request, then viola! You’re into their account and can view all of their media content. Also, if they don’t, then we can always look for the next step. 

Make a forged profile to get in

So if even after sending them a legitimate request for following, they don’t accept it. Then it is likely that they either don’t want you to see their profile or did not like your profile.

So, what you can do is create an account that is not legitimate and resend the request to them. But, make sure to do a few things before sending them the request.

First, make sure your profile is like any other regular IG accounts. Also, it is preferable to create an account that has a female name to it. Add some media content to that profile, follow a bunch of other people. Once your account looks perfect, to be expected, send them the request again.

Take the services provided by Google, look for them over there

How to see private Instagram
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So you sent them the request, and they are yet to accept it. While waiting for them to accept, a thing you can do is seek Google for helping you out. Go on to your Chrome page and search their profile by their current username.

What usually happens when you search their names, Google keeps the record of their account till they were not private. So Google helps you see what their profile was prior they made their account private.

Once the search results come up, you go for Google’s ‘Image’ tab and seek what you were looking for.

View through a friend

If you have a friend who is already in their private account, then you and ask your friend’s help. It can even be a friend of your friend and ask if they will let you access in the person’s media.

This is a pretty easy way and to find out who is already following the person whom you want to. Instagram always shows a list of people who are common in your account and the other person’s account. So, if you find someone like that, it becomes more easy but if you cannot see any mutual friend. Then you can always ask them in person, or via Whatsapp or even IG itself. Afterwards, you find someone; all you have to do is ask if they will let you.

Search them on other platforms

App icons

Most often, if a person is using one social networking media, it is likely they use others as well. Like you, for instance, are using IG, then chances are you have other accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr as well.

Likewise is the chance in their cases, so you can go on other platforms and search them over there. It is probable that you might find them either on one platform or the other. Also, at times information regarding their other social networking accounts are in their IG’s bio. Their Snapchat userId, Pinterest username and much more, you can find them there as well.

By using apps that show private Instagram 

If you look online, there are several apps and sites that claim to help you see private Instagram accounts. That too, without logging in or following them, all you need is their username.

You can seek any of all those apps and view the private profile of the ones you want to. What you would need to do is imitate and patch the profile’s username. Afterwards, the apps will let you view the media contents of the profile you want to see.  

The bottom line on how to see private Instagram

insta account
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The bottom line on how to see private Instagram is quite an easy task. But only if you are aware of the right tools and how to use them. There are many ways, and the easiest is to send a follow request from the front and be legit about it. And if that does not works, then trying a fake yet legit profile can help you a lot. However, it would be best if you did not create it unless it seems like the last resort.

The ensuing most helpful stuff you can do is comb for them on different social media stages. Also, about other platforms, you can find from their given bio over IG. Because chances are if they are using Instagram, they might be using different social networking platforms. So, you can find their Snapchat’s username, Twitter handle, Facebook account, and more.

You can then use the help of your mutual friend, even Google their username and look in the image tab. Or even there are apps that are made to help you see private Instagram accounts on the platform.

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