How To Print Files Using A Mac

Print Files Using Mac

How To Print Files Using A Mac. There are several basic tasks that any Mac is designed to complete without any effort. It could be simple internet browsing, document processing, audio, or video playing. And while every model tends to come with its own features, advancements and new capacities, these tasks are some of the most basic functions that all devices must be able to handle.

However, the benefit of owning a Mac is that your device should be fully capable of doing so much more than just that. For instance, one very common task that most people should be able to know how to accomplish is printing files using their Macs. After al, despite the digital age having transitioned most of our functions and data online, physical content is still necessary for a variety of reasons. Whether you need to print out important ban formation, filling out employee files, print out photos or even printing out physical event tickets. The fact remains that printing is still a high essential function. And in all likelihood, if you have owned a Mac for awhile, you probably already know how to print out documents. 

However, for those who may have just transitioned from PC to Mac for the first time, you may be looking for some help and are still getting used to the new macOS system format. So, we will quickly walk you through how you can perform simple printing procedure using your Mac. And while this tends to be common knowledge, it always helps to know how to accomplish these tasks more efficiently than perhaps what you may be used to. But before that you first need to make sure that you have all the cables and equipment to perform this task. 

Once your printer and Mac is ready, connect your devices either wirelessly or through a usb-c cable. If you don’t own one, then you can buy one from Lention. These cables are universally compatible with most external devices and will also provide you with an extensive array of features and accessibility options. You can also consider purchasing a usb c hdmi hub. This will help you expand your Mac’s connectivity ports and add more external devices at once. Eg. other printers, monitors, keyboards, speakers, etc. Once ready, you can also opt to preview the document that you intend to print out. This will allow you to see how your final product will come out before printing it out on to a sheet of paper. In some cases, you may end up cutting have your information out due to incorrect formatting, for example. It’s pretty much the same as spell-checking a document before sending it, to ensure that there are no problems. It also helps avoid unnecessary paper wastage or printing ink, especially if you are limited in terms of supply. 

If the file is stored on your Mac, simply head to where it is saved and view your document by opening the file using the Preview app. This will allow you to examine the file. And ensure that everything is organized and in order, before starting the printing process. If the file is located on an external storage drive that is also not a problem. You can either transfer the file over to your Mac before starting the preview and printing process. Or do it directly from the external storage space. If you use an SD Card for example, then we recommend a usb c multi hub from Lention. This accessory will help you clear space on your internal hard drive, by transferring any large files or data to an SD Card, instead. Moreover, the benefit of Lention’s hubs is that they are multi-functional. This means that you can also plug in multiple external devices as well, eg. monitors, speakers, microphones, etc. Plus, you can also charge any mobile devices you own, at the same time.

Once this is done, you can double check to see if your printer is still connected to your Mac and is showing up on your list of connected devices. If you used a wireless connection, make sure the connection is paired and stable. If you used a wired connection using a cable, make sure that they are properly plugged in on both devices. In this respect you should also consider purchasing a laptop angle stand as well. These accessories will do well to keep your Mac stable on any desk or workstation. This in turn helps avoid any accidental drops, slippage or breakage while working. Plus, they come with adjustable angles and height to accommodate any form of work or play.

You may also need to download the relevant printer software for the printer in question. Some printers such as HP require that, so you can also check to see if there is a printer app that you need to download. However, as stated, not all printers require that. In which case, you can also check to confirm that they are in sync, by heading to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners. If your printer shows up as online on the left hand side window, then you are good to go.

In terms of starting the printing process, the universal command to begin the process is Command P. You can also opt to use the normal way which is to open the file, head to the menu bar and click File > Print. Once you are in the print preview page, you can complete any extra changes or format adjustments that you may want to make, before clicking the final print button. In short, it’s a pretty straightforward process, much like it is when using the Windows OS.

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