How to make a bathroom comfortable?


For a comfortable and safe life, it is very important to observe the principles of ergonomics during repairs. These simple rules will allow you to create the most comfortable space throughout the house.

Many people think that using visualizations or 3D modeling is only suitable for offices or restaurants. However, it is not. The flat should be as comfortable as all other rooms where a person is located. To plan your accommodation, you can use a special application –

In this article, we will analyze the main features of the ergonomic bathroom.


If you are remodeling a new space or doing a renovation that allows you to make dramatic changes, the first thing you might think about is the number of bathrooms. It is believed that two bathrooms are the best solution for large houses. One bathroom – for the “active” zone (near the kitchen and living room), the other – for the “passive” zone (near the bedrooms).

In the case of a two-story house, bathrooms can be placed on each floor. And, if possible, it is better to provide a separate room for the toilet. It will avoid unpleasant moments when someone and guests or family members take a shower, occupying the entire bathroom.

If you decide to make one bathroom, it can be divided into several zones that will help create an ergonomic space:

  • area for water procedures (shower, bath, sink);
  • personal hygiene area (toilet, bidet);
  • laundry  and storage of care products (washing machine, cabinets and shelves).

It is the minimum that is necessary for a comfortable life.

Sink arrangement

The standard height for installing the sink is 80-90 cm from the floor. In the case of a double sink, the distance from the center of each of them must be at least 90 cm. In this case, the distance between two separate sinks must be at least 10 cm. It is also recommended to install the sink at a distance of 20 cm from the wall.

Arrangement of mirrors in the bathroom

Mirrors can be chosen primarily in accordance with the size of the sink and the bathroom itself. For example, if your bathroom has two sinks, then it is better to use two mirrors or one, but large and long, to cover two cabinets at once.

Another example is a small bathroom. If you choose a large mirror, the bathroom may appear visually larger.  With a small mirror in a small room, on the contrary, the bath will seem even smaller.

How to plan an ergonomic bathroom:

  • take measurements and determine the places for sewerage;
  • determine if it will be possible to move the plumbing (there are many shapes and sizes);
  • choose shelves, fixtures and other bathroom accessories, taking into account the dimensions of the space;
  • select the necessary fixtures and materials for finishing.


These basic rules will help to properly use the space and take into account all the nuances.

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