How to Jumpstart Your Inbound Marketing with Social Media

Inbound Marketing with Social Media

Everyone has been going loco over social media. It basically provides us with the means of communicating, shopping, researching, getting updates on the latest news, and even finding friends – basically almost everything. With over 3 billion active internet users, 2.1 billion have social media accounts. This makes social media a perfect platform to engage with your audience. What’s a better strategy to promote and boost your business than to be on social media, right? Here are ways How to Jumpstart Your Inbound Marketing with Social Media.

1.  Create a plan

Inbound marketing requires strategic planning. You have to schedule when to post and what to post online.  Learn to organize which content to post at the time of the month to achieve your goal. Each month, set a list of objectives to achieve, brainstorm ideas with your team, and write content from your topic in relevance to your brand.

2.  Know your audience

For every marketing strategy, you have to identify your target audience first. When social media is involved, you have to pinpoint which platforms are the best to reach your target audience. Do they use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, or all of these? Take note that the usage of platforms varies for different audiences. You can also determine which time the audience engages on these platforms. So that you figure out which is the best time to post for each day.

If there’s no audience, then your brand will be all for nothing. That’s why identifying the consumer is among the most essential keys in marketing. For effective marketing, understanding the different needs of your audience will help a lot. You must gauge your audiences’ interests in order to capture their attention, and create content that is well-fitted for them.

3.  Produce great content

It is important to be critical of what you feed your audience. Creating content that is relevant and timely is a must. Through your blogs, articles, videos, infographics, webinars and more, make sure to provide them with valuable information that they can apply. Don’t just bombard them with promotions. By producing informative content, you will be able to capture people’s attention and build your own network, eventually.

4.  Keep it interactive

Hard truth be told, your website would be empty at first. No one would know it exists unless you do something that would result in creating traffic into your website. The question is how?

You have to help your audience be entertained and find what exactly they are looking for and answer their queries. When someone visits your blog, take this opportunity to engage with them. These visitors can be your potential subscribers, leads, or customers in the future.

You can create your own Facebook challenge, Twitter hashtag or even survey the customers. Challenge your team to craft unique content to which people can relate, engage and even share with their own circle.  Remember that our goal is to have higher engagement. So, create content that will create interaction with your audience.

5.  Stay updated

Every now and then there are new platforms with different features. Get ahead and start utilizing these. Look for an emerging platform that is receiving a lot of attention and has a large base of users. This will eventually jumpstart your social media marketing strategy. Explore these new features on each platform, and make sure to include this in your strategic plan.

6.  Write more but be unique

Blogging is still one of the best ways to promote your content. When it comes to making purchases, it is considered as the third most influential digital resource. It is also the fifth-most trustworthy source for valuable information on the internet. Basically, blogs are used in making informed decisions. So, there is really a need to create blog posts.

Keep in mind that when writing, you need to be unique and creative. You should be able to distinguish your brand from the others, and you have to stand out. It is the time where you show off your strengths and advantages by leveraging the blog posts and articles which shows your accomplishments.

7.  Take feedbacks from audience

Marketing exists to serve the audience. Since your main goal is to please your target audience, why not get them involved to help in identifying what they want to see, right? Customer satisfaction is a reliable way to help you boost in building your brand. So make use of your marketing to get your audiences’ feedback and voice out their suggestions.

We don’t just collect information from social listening. Through audience feedback we can tweak and make improvements on the marketing strategy. You can also evaluate your marketing strategy and see what worked well. For the methods that the audience like, you can retain it and find more ways to level it up. However, for those that don’t sit quite well with the audience, you can enhance it. Constant improvement is what we seek in marketing.

To promote your content in marketing, you have to engage with your audience and build your network. Social media is the number one tool to reach out to your audience. Social listening to the audience on what they want will help your business grow. With appropriate marketing, you can attract a lot of people and boost your market.


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