How to Get a Virtual Number for PayPal Verification?

Today, many choose PayPal as the main payment system for business and personal use. The system offers instant money transfers, reliable protection of personal information, protection of the buyer in case of non-receipt of the order or its non-compliance with the specified criteria, etc. Also, PayPal cares about the privacy of its clients a lot, but there are still many users who, for some reason, do not want to use their real numbers when verifying. That is where you should go to to get the virtual telephone number.

What Is a Virtual Number?

A virtual or online number is a telephone number that functions over the Internet. It can be implemented remotely, no wires and expensive gadgets are required. There is no necessity to connect your device to a base station; all you need is good Internet. In addition, you can get calls to your number using call forwarding.

Using an online number for PayPal verification will protect your personal data. It will be impossible to trace the connection between your real number and the account registration in PayPal recorded on another telephone number.

Moreover, an online telephone number will allow you to set up a business anywhere, and your customers will be able to use multichannel telephone numbers. The use of online number technology offers many useful features like call recording, integration of phone calls into the CRM system, voice menu, recognition, and analytics of conversations.

How to Buy an Online Number with HotTelecom?

To get a HotTelecom online telephone number, follow the instruction:

  • Register your account on the site.
  • Choose the number type you need (disposable SMS number, voice number, etc.).
  • Select your country from the list.
  • Choose the tariff.
  • Confirm the purchase.

Typically, customers receive their virtual numbers within 24 hours after the purchase.


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