How to Find the Best Bongs Online?

the Best Bongs

There are too many bongs on the market to count, but not all of them are quality bongs. If you want bongs for cheap price and don’t want to spend more than $100 online, this article is for you.

With the increasing growth of the cannabis market, online stores are selling more and more bongs. According to reports, the demand for cannabis (medical and recreational) is predicted to grow consistently at a growth rate of at least ~17 percent to ~23 percent per annum. 

The following article will explain ideas to find the best bongs online


  1. Look for Reputed Stores

Reputable online stores will get more and more positive reviews on their websites. Also, you can see the testimonials of customers who have already bought items from reputed stores.

If you want to avoid purchasing fake ones, only buy bongs and glass smoking pipes from well-known shops that offer refill warranties and authenticity certificates.


  1. Read Reviews Before Buying One

Whether you are buying bongs for smoking or decoration purposes, reviews play a crucial role in deciding your choices. Even though studies are subjective, reading them will help you know the product better.

Reading reviews will help you understand how long it takes to clean a particular bong or other essential aspects.


  1. Go For Online Specials

Saving some bucks is always the primary target while buying something online. Even though most websites have a ‘sale’ section, you can check out weekly specials on social media platforms because many glass smoking pipes are on sale during holidays and new seasons.

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  1. Compare Designs and Prices Online

Before hitting the buy button, see what other online stores are offering. If you find bongs of the same design at lower prices elsewhere, then go for that one. Some standard methods are ‘tree percolator’ and ‘heart percolator.’ These are cheap compared to their effectiveness. You must also choose a suitable material like Himalayan salt, Pyrex, or bamboo.


  1. Check out Additional Offers and Discounts

Coupon codes work like magic when getting the best bongs for cheap prices. Most online stores will offer free shipping if your cart value is $100 or more, and you can get a one or two-percent discount if you pay through credit cards like MasterCard or Visa. 


  1. Read Return Policies and Warranty Conditions Carefully

Most online bong shops offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, while others offer 90 days warranty period.

If you buy bongs for a cheap price for smoking purposes, only buy from stores that provide a refund policy. Warranties can be provided for certain parts, add-ons, and perc bongs. 


  1. Choose the Payment Mode Carefully

Going through their online shopping basket will show you a list of billers from which you can make payments. According to reports, most vaping devices are purchased with debit cards because they provide a higher level of anonymity.


  1. Free Shipping and Decent Packaging

Always choose a flat-rate shipping option if you want additional discounts on your purchases. Services like free shipping and proper packaging will get more positive reviews from customers. You can also ask for a custom box or bag to make the bong safer while it is on its way for delivery.

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  1. Don’t Fall for Cheap Replicas

Some online stores offer low-priced bongs, which might seem too good to be true. To avoid that risk, check authenticity certificates and reviews on previous customers who have bought similar products from that store before purchasing. You will get a cheap replica instead of a quality product in most cases.


Final Thoughts

Bongs are mostly purchased online because of their cheap prices compared to retail stores. Even though some online bong shops offer low-quality products, you can find cheap and best bongs with the help of this article. Now that you know the tips to find the best bongs online go for a quality one from a reputable store.

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