How To Buy The Best Gaming Monitor?

Gaming Monitor

The display monitor is the window to the soul of your PC. Hence, without the right product, you won’t be able to do anything on your system. When it comes to gaming, the whole thing will look lackluster and make it impossible for you to enjoy the graphical masterpiece.

Due to this reason, it’s always important to get the best possible gaming monitor available in the market. And, through this article, we’re going to help you precisely with that.

So, let’s get started.

What Should You Look For A Gaming Monitor?

Unlike a normal monitor, a gaming display works quite differently. Hence, besides the usual, you’ll also need to go through some other features regarding the same.

Option – 1: The Refresh Rate.

Yes, it’s true that having a high refresh rate won’t help you defeat the toughest boss. But, it’ll surely help your screen to pump out more visual data and information at once.

Therefore, you’ll be able to play the whole battle smoothly, without experiencing even a little bit of lagginess. The fluidity of each movement will also seem much more natural.

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Option – 2: Resolution.

When it comes to choosing the resolution of your PC monitor, you should always try keeping an eye on the GPU. For example, if you’re using a 1050ti graphics card from NVIDIA, it’ll be best if you used a 1080p display at most.

On the other hand, playing a high-end game on a 4K monitor might require a 3090 card from NVIDIA or something as powerful. So, it’s best to go for a budget option at the beginning.

Option – 3: Adaptive Sync Feature.

The adaptive sync feature is all about synchronizing the refresh rate between display monitor and your GPU. This, in turn, will help you experience buttery-smooth gaming. Usually, the adaptive sync feature comes with two different flavors, including –

  • FreeSync by AMD (a royalty-free option), and
  • NVIDIA G-Sync.

The latter one, in essence, is much more affordable from almost every aspect. However, when it comes to efficiency, the NVIDIA one works the best. Here are two options you may choose depending on the feature you’re considering using –

  • Dell S2417DG (24-inch monitor, which supports 165Hz refresh rate and G-Sync).
  • AOC G2590FX (25-inch display with a 144Hz refresh rate and supports FreeSync).

Both of them have a 1ms response time. But, the first one is currently priced at USD 470 and the latter comes with a USD 214 price tag.

Option – 4: The Size Of The Display.

The display size of a PC monitor always comes down to what you want, really. 

However, in this case, you should always remember that the resolution, screen size, and pixel density tend to be related to each other. For example, the higher the pixel density, the more informative and clear the whole image will appear. 

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But, it’ll also require the same power and efficiency from your GPU to pull off the processing of so much information quickly.

Thus, if you’re going for a budget-friendly GPU, opting for an 18-inch monitor is going to be ideal for you. I use the same thing from Dell with my 1050ti and it works amazingly.

Option – 5: High Dynamic Range.

If you’re playing a game like God of War (2018) on PC, even if it’s the pirate bay version, it can’t be enjoyed thoroughly without a high dynamic range.

Hence, in case your monitor doesn’t have it, the graphics will look outright bad, honestly. It can’t show you the details of Kratos’ face, his expressions, and anything else.

However, remember, an HDR monitor will come with a premium price tag. Thus, you should only go for it if you’re thinking about buying a monster gaming rig.

The Bottom Line

Buying a gaming monitor, especially in today’s world, isn’t an easy job at all. For that, you’ll need to have a high budget, know about what you need specifically, and so on.

In this article, we have explained five things that you’ll need to keep an eye on when buying a high-end gaming monitor. However, if we’ve missed out on anything, don’t forget to let us know all about it in the comment section below.

We’ll surely add them the next time we update or audit our content!

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