How the Internet Improves and Harms the Learning Process

How the Internet Improves and Harms

How the Internet Improves and Harms the Learning Process. It is unnecessary to explain how the Internet is changing the life around us. Those of us who remember the time without it can easily recall that period as pre-Internet. The world was so much different those days. Today, the online world made its way into all areas of our lives, including our professional and private lives. Education, as well, did not become an exemption. However, it is hard to judge whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

Overall, it is fair to tell that the Internet, in itself, is neither good nor bad. It is neutral. The way people choose to use it, however, is biased. It can be very wrong or very productive. Though, it is completely up to them to make those decisions. Of course, it is very different when it comes to children. For the young developing minds, the Internet, indeed, can become a dangerous place to be. They don’t know much about this world or the risks and dangers they can be putting themselves into by using the Internet the wrong way. However, this is our job as adults to protect them and show them the way. This article will show how the Internet’s main possibilities can be simultaneously good and bad for our children’s learning process.

The easy and fast access to the information

The current generations live with the privilege that was unheard of in the past. We have full and free access to any type of information. We can receive it at any time and any place. We even don’t have to wait. The time between thinking, “I need to get some help with my academic essay,” and getting that help is measured in seconds. The Internet gives us unlimited access to the information that humanity was collecting for centuries. Of course, this is a positive thing. It is especially great for the students as now they all have free and unlimited access to needed information at any time. This means that students became more or less equal in their learning. Hence, their performance rate depends mostly on their desires and hard work since they can always find the required information and resources.

On the downside, people are becoming more and more impatient. The delay in a few seconds seems like an eternity. We stopped valuing things that we had to earn in hard work. Instead, we are praising things that can take us less than minutes to achieve. In the past, students used to seek all the necessary information in libraries. They had to work to find the information they needed. In the process, they were also able to find a lot of interesting facts and data, as they had to read all the articles and books to find the exact info they came there for. However, these days, the information can be subtracted from a large book or article within seconds. A student doesn’t even have to run through the piece with their eyes. They can just use a search function. What’s more, way too many students are willing to find professionals online to pay to write essay for them if or when they don’t feel like working.

The easy access to all sorts of information made it less valuable for students. It is a dangerous place to be, as information should always be priceless.

Education is available to anyone

Education is no longer limited to the selected few. People from all over the world can get a chance to find needed classes online. Often, they even come for free. Many universities also share their lectures online so that people can learn distantly. Overall, the truth is simple. These days we don’t have to have a degree from a university to be educated. We can teach ourselves online and still have a chance at a career.

Perhaps, the only disadvantage of this fact is that traditional education may have to face a crisis in the near future. With more and more people being able to receive the knowledge and skills they require for work online, universities’ culture may fade. In most countries, education can be costly, unreasonably demanding, and last longer than people these days can or are willing to spend.

In contrast, the Internet offers young people a great alternative, which is free, or at least very cheap. Students can also pick very narrow courses or classes they are willing to take, skipping all the deemed necessary classes. It is easy to see why people who want to study engineering don’t want to spend their time learning philosophy or ethics. These days students already choose to make custom essay order online instead of working on the classes they don’t really want to learn. Hence, what’s the point of forcing students to do what they don’t see as necessary when they still have many alternative ways of studying?

On the other hand, universities used to be places that created intellectuals and promoted knowledge, erudition, and a certain lifestyle.

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