Headphones vs Earbuds – Which Is Better? [2020 Update]

Headphones vs Earbuds - Which Is Better

The odds are that this disagreement has sprouted in your thoughts from time to time. Headphones vs Earbuds, which is the better choice to fulfill your cravings for music either at home or outside? Well, the solution is a bit more straightforward than you might imagine.

In the following guide, Colorfy will be talking crucial points on the differences between an earbud plus a headset. We will also be having a look at the benefits and disadvantages that every listening devices have. After all, you’d finally have formed a choice about which one suits your personal preference.



The most important difference between headphones and earbuds is that cans are worn over the ear. Before we look at the pros and cons of headphones, look at a number of our favorite wireless headset.

The Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

The Studio Wireless headphones by Beats are among the very comfy on the ear headphones on the market. They provide exceptional audio quality, work along with a wireless headphone, also possess active noise-canceling technology.

Beats claims the rechargeable battery may give the consumer up to 12 hours of wireless listening. Even though the cans are rather big, they fold up into a compact shape, making them very mobile. Each of these fantastic features includes a hefty price: $380. But if you’re searching for high quality, comfortable wireless headphones, and do not mind shelling out the money, the Studio Wireless headphones are undoubtedly those for you.

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Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

The Bose QuietComfort headphones are advertised as additional comfy, so if relaxation is important to you, they would be the thing to do. Apart from their comfort level, these cans were designed to improve audio quality. The Bose QuietComfort is tremendously effective for canceling out the noise; Bose claims they could make air travel simpler and more pleasurable. They’re lightweight and fold up, which makes them mobile. The only downside to these headphones is they are costly. If sound cancellation is significant to you, you can grab a set of the Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones for $299!


On the ear, headphones offer you a superior sound since they occupy the region just outside your earbuds. This works in stark contrast to sitting in your ear canal, such as earbuds. This produces the noise feel fuller. Also, it will help to block out some other ambient sounds.

If you are somebody who likes to get in his corner and dismiss absolutely everybody and everything else happening in the fitness center, above the ear headphones may be for you personally. In the ear, it can eliminate some of the ambient sound congestion. However, some men like to know and listen to what’s happening about them, so it boils down to personal taste.


On the reverse side, headphones that go over your entire ear may snare sweat around your ear. Your mind releases the maximum heat of any body area; therefore, when tight-fitting cans are suctioned on your ears so they could become really sweaty and uncomfortable.

In addition to this, when you wear headphones, you will also need to forfeit your own hair or put on a hat on account of the tight-fitting ring. If you are trying to impress a woman in the gym, headphone hair is not the thing to do, which may not be the best option.


Unlike headphones, earbuds are inserted directly into the ear canal. They frequently are available in numerous sizes and are shedding their wires and getting wireless. Read about two of our favorite wireless earbuds below!


Earin described themselves as the “smallest wireless earbuds that can be found on the current market,” and rightly so! Weighing in at 3.5 g each, Earin is intended to be flexible and compact, while at the same time refining acoustics and electronic equipment together. Without wires or unnecessary performance, Earin is ideal for music-lovers on-the-go! And will not cost you up to the wireless cans; you can catch a set of them for $199.

Apple Airpods

Apple’s launch of the new earbuds, called Airpods, was probably among the greatest news from the wearable planet this season. Taking away the headphone jack in the new iPhone revealed that Apple is hinting at the need for longer wireless technologies. With revolutionary technology, the Airpods can feel when they’re on your ears and immediately begin playing audio.

They also associate with Siri, letting you make telephone calls, play audio, or request directions. The Airpods can comprehend when you’re talking and operates using a particular microphone to filter out external sound. They have an incredibly long battery life, improved wireless link, and may pair seamlessly with almost any local iOS device. Additionally, they’re small and easily portable.

Contrary to the Earin, Apple’s Airpods are cheaper, ringing in at $159. Having a less expensive cost and all its features, the Airpods would be the most popular wireless earbud available in the industry.


Earbuds that arrive with the G-shaped ear bits remain on your ear very well. It is possible to go on a jog, do box jumps, jump rope, or play a basketball game together and have complete confidence that they won’t fall out. This is definitely the most significant point to me when I work out.

The more commonly sphere-shaped earbuds tend to drop out too easily and do not allow for rapid moves since they will fall off. Earbuds are not bulky in this manner, and with the ideal earpieces, they will make certain to keep in your ear.


Many earbuds include strings, and the world is growing more and more wireless regular. Cords may be annoying when you try to work out because they may get caught on gear and become ripped from your ear. Because of this, the majority of the reasonably priced pairs arrive with strings. There are lots of cordless earbud choices on the market, but the battery becomes a problem. While the wires can be cumbersome, at the least, they won’t expire on you halfway through a deadlift.

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Headphones vs Earbuds Differences

Headphones vs Earphones Differences


Headphones are large and protect your whole ear, but it does not seal the auditory surface. Open-ear headphones let external sound indoors to help you keep conscious of the surrounding.

If you’d like a sound cancellation feature, you can buy a closed-cup version. These are fantastic for wearing in visitors, active airports, and busy roads.

Earphones completely seal your eardrums. Most models include various tips. If you figure out how to locate the ideal tip size to your ear canal, then you’ll have the ability to wear them.

Audio Quality

No one wants to purchase a music device if it does not seem amazing. Headphones houses 30-53 mm drivers, and that explains the reason why they are sound lively. Top-end models include over 1 driver within them. In practice, multiple big drivers can create different frequency ranges and increase loudness. Thus, the sound quality of cans is far superior compared to earphones.

Many earphones incorporate 8-15 millimeter diameters. You’ll need to crank the volume up to the maximum to enjoy songs to the fullest. But if you mainly hear tender, mellow songs, earphones will serve you nicely.

Noise Cancellation

The big earcups of cans active and filter a fantastic quantity of background sound. The only to have an adequate sound cancelation out of earbuds is to grow the volume.

Comfort and Portability

This is the place where earphones glow. The toned won variant of cans, these tiny gears adhere firmly into your ear canals throughout a rigorous exercise, running, and swimming (when the buds are more waterproof). If you would like to listen to music at the fitness center, while playing sports or even jogging, earphones are undoubtedly the better choice.

Headphones are tight. The cushioned earcups will make your ears warm and sweaty after some hours of usage. It is perfect for gaming and watching films inside. But when you’ve tiny ear canals or have some ear disease, headphones will probably be far comfortable to wear compared to earphones. But lots of brands produced technical earphones.


Conclusion – Which One to Choose?

Selecting between earbuds and headphones will boil down to personal tastes. Would you rather have the convenience, reliability, and affordability at the cost of slightly lower audio quality? The earbuds ought to be sufficient to fulfill your cravings. For people who prefer something with a bit more oomph, high-quality audio, and flexibility – the headset will have the ability to give a vast selection of alternatives.

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