HBO Now vs HBO Go – Which One Should You Pick? [2020 Update]

HBO Now vs HBO Go - Which One Should You Pick

The fantastic news for those lovers of the HBO station is that it’s currently streaming two solutions, HBO Now vs HBO Go. An individual can watch their favorite TV shows, films, and other HBO specials easily and onto multiple devices with such streams.

Let Colorfy help you know the differences between HBO Now and HBO Go and one of those two are the ideal alternatives for you?

What’s HBO Now?

What's HBO Now

HBO Now is HBO’s standalone streaming service, which features collection, documentaries, films, and specials from HBO. It does not need any cable or satellite TV programs to get it. This is great for people who desire access to their favorite shows without needing to spend money on a cable or TV program.

It may be retrieved via the HBO Now app or via your own desktop computer. But do bear in mind that HBO Now is only available to clients from the USA and particular U.S. lands.

What’s HBO Go?

What's HBO Go

Unlike HBO Now, HBO Go needs a cable Program. Once it provides the same content as HBO Now, HBO Go is a streaming service that’s contained in your HBO subscription via your TV or cable provider. Also, it offers you access to HBO’s articles as you’re away from your TV.

Remember that you want to get an existent HBO subscription to be in a position to avail of HBO Go. You can download HBO Proceed from Google Play. As an alternative, you may get it in your App Store.

HBO Now vs. HBO Go Comparison

HBO Now vs HBO Go Comparison


So, what exactly do the 2 services cost? Well, this is where things get a little tricky.

HBO Now prices a flat rate of $15 a month. It is a stand-alone package, so it does not call for a cable subscription to utilize. On the other hand, HBO Go is totally free using an HBO subscription – but that is the only real way to get it. Thus, to utilize HBO Go, an individual has first to have HBO, and also to own HBO, an individual has to be paying for satellite or cable.

The huge majority of users get HBO Go through a satellite or cable subscription. The monthly fee for HBO fluctuates between providers and programs, and at times specific offers will further decrease the purchase price. Some providers have dropped HBO subscriptions to as small as $5 per month, but you might be paying anywhere from nothing (through an introductory offer) to $20 along with everything you pay for cable.

Some providers provide HBO accessibility to internet-only clients, who will then get the information online. An HBO subscription may also be inserted into solutions like Amazon Prime Video, PlayStation Vue, and Hulu (HBO isn’t now available on Sling TV because of a contract dispute). In case you’ve got among AT&T TV Today’s latest programs, you won’t even have to pay additional. HBO (and HBO Go accessibility) is contained as part of your AT&T TV Now subscription free of additional charge.

If you are a college student, you may have the ability to get HBO Go at no cost through your college. HBO’s site has detailed instructions about the best way best to see whether your college provides no-cost HBO, but essentially, if you visit your place of study listed under HBO Go’s listing of TV providers, you are all set.


Regardless of if you’re subscribed to HBO Now or HBO Go, each of the amazing shows, series, films, and comedy on HBO are made available for you. And you might also obtain access to the majority of content on both the services simultaneously as their first broadcast.

The program’s interface on both the services is very similar and simple to use, assisting you in obtaining access to both featured and new content in only a couple of measures.


Now that we’ve covered all of the instruments that both the services are offered on, it’s time to discuss their various shortcomings.

Fortunately, there aren’t numerous constraints, and most of the flaws must do with the apparatus the 2 services support. In this aspect, we could declare that HBO Go is your complicated service of both.

To utilize the HBO Go on a compatible device, you have to authenticate to the support using a satellite provider or a cable. This may be somewhat tiresome, but there isn’t any limitation to the number of devices that could be connected to your accounts.

HBO Now also permits you to join the unlimited number of apparatus to your accounts, but you don’t require the authentication part. When you sign into an HBO Now account, you can flow up to so long as you would like.

But, the services will limit the number of movies you’re attempting to flow at the same time.

Therefore, if you’re streaming several videos at one time on both of these services, you could encounter a message which reads ” You’ve exceeded the number of simultaneous flows,” which will either make you sign to restart your apparatus.

If you have one or approximately a couple of devices simultaneously, you don’t need to encounter any constraints.

Devices Supported From HBO Go Vs HBO Now

HBO works on virtually all devices such as Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, the cell phone, pc, Android TV, Chromecast, as well as PlayStation. See a listing of supported devices here.

HBO Go can also be available to flow on many devices, but not all the TV providers encourage HBO Proceed all apparatus. Ensure that your TV provider supports your device before attempting to flow.

It is possible to stream HBO Proceed on your cellular phone, Android TV, PlayStation, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, and a whole lot more.


To put it differently, content on the two platforms will be the same. Subscribing will provide you access to HBO’s library of movies, series, specials, and even documentaries. Thus, you should not be concerned about missing a series whichever service that you subscribe to.


The two HBO Go, and HBO Now will provide you access to HBO’s whole library of amazing content. Including TV shows, documentaries, special displays, hits such as Game of Thrones, and films from four major Hollywood studios.

The significant difference between both streaming solutions is in the way you get into the content. HBO Go could be streamed on many devices with all the login credentials provided by your cable operator.

HBO Now was established only for Apple TV originally but is currently available on all significant streaming providers.

The very best aspect of HBO Go and HBO Now is that they support simultaneous streaming. This essentially means that simultaneous streaming enables different family members to view their favorite shows on various devices at precisely the same moment.

Benefits Of HBO Vs HBO Now

The two HBO Go and HBO are just available in the United States and a few US territories. Should you reside outside the USA, you can’t make the most of those streaming solutions.

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Which is better?

From the conflict between HBO Go and HBO Now, which comes out on top? The response to this question depends almost completely on you. Both services have little idiosyncrasies, but nothing that makes one the obvious choice over another – everyone only appeals to a specific consumer: Cord-cutter or cable contributor.

HBO Go makes the most sense for men and women already subscribed to HBO since (surprise!) You have it. It is a toss-up for people who have cable without HBO since the cable provider might or might not provide HBO for under $15 per month.

HBO Now is aimed at people who choose to eschew conventional cable subscriptions in favor of Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, along with other à la carte streaming solutions, such as PlayStation Vue. If you have cut the cable, HBO Now isn’t only your very best choice, but it is almost your only alternative for seeing HBO’s articles – legally, anyway.

Considering that the record of HBO Now-supported apparatus has caught up with its older sibling, the gaps between both are strictly circumstantial. To put it differently, the decision is yours.

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