Google Fi vs Verizon – Which Is Better? [2020 Update]

Google Fi vs Verizon - Which Is Better

Are you considering between Google Fi vs Verizon? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

Previously called Project Fi on its first release, Google Fi has grown into among the most flexible mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) available now. As an MVNO, Google Fi uses either one of the Main cellular carriers from the U.S. – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Nevertheless, clients have more flexible options concerning cellular networks or information programs.

Concerning infrastructure, MVNOs do not have their own mobile towers in addition to preserving and constructing them. Because of this, MVNOs normally have less expensive plans in contrast to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Is there anything Google can not do? The technology giant is currently dominant in regards to browsers, productivity package, and email support, and today Google has come to be a cell phone maker and cell phone plan provider.

Nonetheless, in the following guide, we’ll discuss in-depth the substantial comparisons of Google Fi vs Verizon predicated on the internet protection, customer service, costs, and cellular phone programs. To provide you with a comprehensive introduction, we also have Another write-up on how Google Fi functions

What’s Google Fi?

Previously Project Fi, Google Fi is a telecommunications service and wireless community by Google which provide wireless solutions to readers according to local access provided through a ecosystem of local access providers. Touted as a different wireless company, Google announced Project Fi from 2015 to become a mobile virtual network operator which unites Wi-Fi and mobile networks from various telecommunication providers to enable easy connectivity and speedy online access.

Google Fi leverages other carriers’ networks, allowing readers to conveniently change involving three 4G LTE networks and linking to more than 2 million protected Wi-Fi hotspots as you proceed about locations. It utilizes multiple networks to offer you easy access to fast internet in more areas and better relations to Wi-Fi, providing the finest mobile and information protection. And the best part, you simply pay for the information you use.

What’s Verizon?

Verizon Wireless is a top fixed-line and wireless solutions provider in the USA with headquarters in NYC. It provides wireless products and services to a wide assortment of consumers, including companies and government agencies. The business was initially founded in 2000, when Bell Atlantic and Vodafone merged their US wireless operations to make Verizon Wireless. Verizon Communications was formed after that year upon approval of the acquisition of their local phone business, GTE.

Verizon began trading on the NYSE under the VZ emblem on July 3, 2000, and started trading on the NASDAQ market on March 10, 2010. The early evolution of LTE and also the initiation of the 4G agency in December 2010, was a huge coup for Verizon Wireless. From the end of 2011, Verizon’s 4G LTE network reached 200 million readers in 195 markets across the USA. Through time, Verizon has established itself as among the fastest-growing telecom operators on earth.

Google Fi vs Verizon Comparison

Google Fi vs Verizon Comparison

Coverage and Performance

Now that Google Fi has combined the contest, it attracts a special advantage that may surely match Verizon. Simplicity and versatility are Google Fi’s finest resources. Google Fi uses three major cellular carriers, namely, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Mobile. Consequently, you’re 100% guaranteed that you are getting the most from the 3 big carriers irrespective of your place around the U.S.

Google Fi’s notable benefit is you don’t have to select 1 system for the whole plan. In case you’ve got a smartphone purchased straight from Google or even a Google Fi-compatible smartphone, then your cellular phone can easily switch involving the 3 networks to locate the very best network sign and strength potential.

If you’re in a place where T-Mobile is quicker than Sprint, your cellular network will change to T-Mobile’s infrastructure, with no input. Your smartphone does all of the work on the desktop, making it more suitable for you. If you would like to know which cellular phones are compatible with Google Fi, then you may go to Google Fi’s compatibility checker.

Possessing a smartphone that’s incorporated with three of the significant networks in the nation is really helpful. Especially, T-Mobile’s system has broader coverage in contrast to U.S. Mobile and Sprint. Additionally, Google Fi users that have a 5G-compatible smartphone may enjoy the advantages of getting T-Mobile’s 5G system at no cost.

Last, Google Fi has access to Google’s nearly two thousand free public Wi-Fi hotspots which are protected by the organization’s own VPN.


For people: Google Fi keeps matters easy: there is just 1 plan, and it costs $20 to get access to some line with unlimited text and talk; information prices $10 per gigabyte in addition to that. At the start of each monthly billing cycle, you enter how much information you expect to utilize from the Google Fi program; Google will credit you for anything beneath that, or cost you more if you go over on the next bill. The speed is always the same: $1 per 100MB.

To maintain its support from becoming too expensive, Google Fi provides Bill Protection, which kicks in as soon as you transcend 6GB. At the stage, the program efficiently becomes infinite — that the information costs stop at $60, and whatever you use beyond that’s totally free. That usually means that a month of Fi can not be more costly compared to 80 for one user, even though it’s significant to be aware that as soon as you transcend 15GB, Google Fi is responsible to prioritize your slow and service your rates.

By comparison, Verizon uses a whole lot more traditional (and complex ) structures. You will find typical capped data programs in the three levels – 2GB, 4GB and 8GB – which may be utilized separately or shared with your loved ones. These prices $35, $50, and $70 a month before fees and taxes, respectively. Additionally, you must factor in line-access charges, which include $20 each user.

The very best alternative for individual users would be that a 5GB program for $55, which gets got the access fee and autopay discount built into the purchase price. Every one of these programs allows you to carry over the information you do not use for another month. But if you proceed, you are going to be billed overage fees if you don’t opt into Security Mode, which reduces your rate after you have burned throughout your monthly allotment.

Phone selection

As the country’s largest provider, Verizon sells a vast choice of phones. As of the writing, its site now shows 29 versions, which range from the hottest iPhones and Galaxy S handsets to Motorola’s budget-minded offerings as well as the odd Red Hydrogen One. And out of Google Fi, Verizon is the only provider to market Google’s Pixel mobiles.

The breadth of options is a fantastic thing, as well, since a CDMA-based carrier, many unlocked phones aren’t licensed to operate on Verizon. This means that you’ll have an easier time purchasing your telephone in the carrier straight than bringing you to it.

Conversely, Google Fi sells only six versions on its own shop: the Pixel 3 and two (and their XL versions ), Moto G6 and X4 and LG V35 ThinQ, and G7 ThinQ. These telephones are the only ones that encourage Fi’s network changing and Improved Network attribute, which paths all cellular and Wi-Fi traffic via Google’s protected VPN.

You are able to attract most unlocked handsets into Fi – Google includes a beneficial tool which will say if your phone is compatible – they have to be GSM unlocked and especially will not support both of these aforementioned perks. They also might expect a little fiddling to operate properly on Fi; Google states iPhones’ APN configurations have to be altered for both SMS and MMS to operate, for instance.

Customer Services

If it comes to customer support, the two carriers compare positively. Verizon has performed well both times we have evaluated client support before (and we are going to upgrade our positions shortly ).

The Verizon website is an especially great source for asking questions, and we have had fortune lobbing questions in their social networking agents. I have found Verizon has great tools for tracking data usage, and it is pretty great about warning me once I am going to exceed my information for the month.

Google Fi can also be fairly transparent, and also the expertise of calling customer support or handling your accounts is made simpler by the provider’s nifty and well-designed program. It provides direct connections to talk within text email or telephone using a service representative and also shows the time you may expect to be waiting until you reach out.

In reality, everything you would ever have to change could be accomplished through the Fi program — from placing data-usage warnings to seeing your billing document. This makes it one of the handiest customer experiences we have encountered among carriers.

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The Verdict

Now that you have made it this far, you are probably wondering about the verdict — Verizon or even Google Fi? It is safe to say it completely depends upon the number of people will be discussing the program, and naturally, your own preference.

As previously mentioned, there are several smartphones that are harmonious with Google Fi. Nevertheless, if you are prone to buying Pixel 4, subsequently Google Fi is certainly the provider to go.

If you are more of an Apple or even Samsung aficionado, then it is definitely rather challenging to complete. Concerning pricing, we have all known that Verizon is more costly, but naturally, you will undoubtedly have better internet speeds and broader coverage.

Last, if you are a digital nomad or enjoy traveling a great deal, Google Fi’s cheap international prices are a benefit.

Have you ever tried using Google Fi or Verizon? If so, we would like to hear your opinions below! It will also help other visitors to think of the greatest option.

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