Game app development trends-that will dominate

Game app development trends

2020 saw a lot of unexpected changes. We won’t surprise anyone if we say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lifestyles of billions of people. Many game app development companies have to put up with this sad fact, and therefore adapt to new behavioral models of customers. In order to remain competitive, industries must develop rapidly. The mobile app market is no exception. Naturally, the emergence of new trends in the field of game app development is influenced not only by the epidemiological situation, and in order to stay afloat, you need to follow these trends, and it is better to be one step ahead.

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App Clips

App Clips are Apple’s stellar feature that blew up the tech world in 2020. With this innovation, users can view and use the app without having to install it on their device (all clips are integrated across the entire Apple ecosystem, including Apple Pay).

Do not even doubt that many developers and brands around the world will take advantage of this feature. The number of users accessing apps rather than websites dedicated to e-commerce or food delivery is on the rise. This fact, combined with the heavy use of post-pandemic habits (contactless shopping, mobile payments and wallets) will definitely influence the development of the App Clips feature.

How does this relate to games? Developers are implementing this trend everywhere. Games are no exception. In most new games, users can be either active participants or just spectators. But the developers have gone further. Now viewers do not just look at the monitor, as they used to watch TV. You find yourself in the thick of things, or rather your character. But as a spectator, you can just walk around the game and do nothing. Active players do not have access to spectator characters. If you want to implement a similar idea, contact Us.


5G technology is already having a big impact on the development of mobile applications, including games. As you already understood, this is far from the limit. According to forecasts, by 2025 the number of 5G connections in the world will grow to 1.1 billion (no matter how much more fearful people burn the towers).

The speed of the new network standard is a giant leap forward that will not only improve the speed of Internet connections on mobile phones, but also increase their functionality. What do gamers need? Of course, the response speed is high and the same for all. Therefore, this technology will take games to a new level. 5G’s incredible ability to connect up to 1 million devices per square kilometer could lead to the idea of ​​connecting everything possible. Thus, it will be possible to use the technology not only from a smartphone, but also from a PC.

Voice requests

“Ok Google”, “Hello Siri”, “How are you, Alice?” – in fact, voice recognition has reached a much higher level than you think. It is predicted that by 2030, 30% of web page views will not be done without voice assistance. VUI (Voice User Interface) uses voice recognition technology to facilitate the connection between a user and a device or a specific technology, not only to respond to requests, but also to anticipate desires. The undeniable market potential of voice search will not be overlooked by mobile application providers as VUI is growing in popularity even as you read this text.

The most interesting thing is that such a function should become mandatory in games. Voice control of your hero should further increase the speed of the player’s reaction to events on the screen. The aspect of managing female and male characters is also interesting. Will the voice influence this? This idea is already being actively implemented, and gamers have to wait a bit.

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