Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 Comparison: Which Is Greater? [New 2021]

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 Comparison

Are you considering between Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

Samsung Galaxy series was a very prosperous smartphone collection for Samsung. When launching that the Galaxy S3, Samsung established the standard for other businesses and aided Samsung to dominate the mobile handset industry. Samsung started Galaxy S3 with the finest hardware specifications and fine software tweaks that helped Samsung dominate the smartphone industry.

Back in 2012, using Galaxy S3, Samsung overshadowed Apple’s heritage; this was the first time Apple felt that the warmth and Samsung cheered the achievement of Galaxy S3. However, Samsung has larger dreams this season, and with the launching of the new Galaxy S4, it’s apparent that Samsung won’t let it go smoothly to some of its rivals.

Galaxy S4 is a huge 5-inch handset using a few fractures through hardware features (except that the plastic layout). In the software section, Samsung has nailed it by providing some features which let you control many features before touching your apparatus.

Here’s a thorough comparison of which Samsung has improved in S4 once we compare it with S3.

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3

Display And Design

Samsung consciously kept the layout of this S4 close to that of the S3. They have exactly the very same measurements, almost the same burden (the S4 0.1 is oz lighter, although this is not apparent if you maintain them equally). Just a couple of aesthetic differences to differentiate them. The most obvious difference when considering them side-by-side would be the bigger screen on the S4, and that is only seemingly since there’s less bezel compared to S3, especially at the base. That sometimes causes a problem with the S4’s house button. Our horn occasionally taps on the screen when attempting to push it because there is less bezel.

The gap between a 5.0-inch screen and a 4.8-inch one is minimal in regards to bodily measurements. More important is resolution – that the Galaxy S4 becomes a complete HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, whereas the S3 has a 1280 x 720 HD display. The advantages of complete HD on this tiny screen are just felt in certain cases, like watching films and playing some games.

The S4 has the benefit when displaying quite tiny text from e-books or Internet pages, but in the default size text, crispness appears the same. The S3’s screen is brighter at 100% by simply enough evidence; however, the difference is not striking. Going by appearances alone, the screens are not substantially different. Behind the scenes, Samsung resisted the screen sensitivity for your S4 to add extras such as Air View (leaning a finger over the display to receive additional data) and the capability to work with the screen using gloves.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED displays running in a resolution of 1280 by 720 (also referred to as 720p or even HD). The pixel per inch (PPI) density of this board rests at 306, and it is an adequate amount. Still, Samsung utilized a PenTile subpixel structure, which is notorious for its fuzz. It reveals around specific picture elements, for example, text. In reality, the screen of this Galaxy S3 has ever represented a weak place when compared to other Android flagships.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 uses a 4.99 inch Super AMOLED display running at a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Samsung has officially joined the 1080p club together with all the Samsung Galaxy S4. The telephone features the only complete HD AMOLED display on the current market, and it could be some time before other firms catch up with Samsung in this region.

The screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is quite crisp, something that’s reflected in its pixel density of 441. We will have to wait for a longer time with the apparatus to determine whether Samsung has managed to temper the conventional issues of AMOLED panels (oversaturated colors, thus an erroneous color reproduction). Still, the brightness and contrast rates appear to be on par with what the Samsung S3 has to offer you.

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 arrived in 2 variations: one with LTE which using that a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC (1.5 GHz dual-core Krait CPU, Adreno 220 GPU, and 2GB of RAM) and a 3G variant that utilized the Exynos 4 Quad SoC (1.4 GHz quad-core A9 CPU, Mali 400MP) and 1 GB of RAM. Even though the Exynos 4 Quad is somewhat quicker in certain benchmarks, the two variations are roughly equally strong complete.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may even come in 2 variations: a North American variant which employs a Snapdragon 600 SoC (1.9 GHz quad-core Krait CPU, Adreno 320 GPU, and two GB of RAM) and a global version that will utilize Samsung’s brand new Exynos 5 Octa (a 1.6 GHz quad-core A15 CPU plus a 1.2 GHz quad-core A7 CPU paired at the big. Little arrangement, and a PowerVR GPU), and 2 GB of RAM.

The Snapdragon 600 has been proven to be blazing fast, and we are going to have to wait until we get the Exynos 5 Octa into some benchmarks to determine where we stand; however, the version will provide a noticeable improvement in functionality within the Exynos 4 Quad within the Galaxy S3.

Internal Storage

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S3 may be paired with SD cards up to 64 GB in size (kudos to Samsung to maintain this attribute) and include 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB of storage.


If anyone features emphasized the gap between a few goodies and ALL THE GOODIES, it is the cameras around the Galaxy S4 and S3. The S4 does not only have more pictures – 13 into the S3’s 8-megapixels – it’s a more involved camera program, and image quality is better. The S3’s camera program has many alternatives that allow it to take much better photographs and a few interesting sharing features, including the capability to link to other Galaxy phones for immediate sharing in a little group.

The Galaxy S4 camera adds to this photo manipulation and enhancing modes, making for print-worthy shots. Please have a look at our deep dive into the Galaxy S4’s camera for specifics.

Bottom line: when obtaining the best photos from your camera phone is a priority; the S4 is your better option. If a fantastic camera is wonderful to have but less significant, you won’t be let down by the S3.

Video: Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3 – Camera Test Comparison


The Samsung Galaxy S3 utilizes a 2100 mAh battery and also usually provides a decent battery life. Hopefully, the Galaxy S4 and its 2600 mAh battery will provide exactly the identical freedom. The larger, crisper display will certainly draw more energy, but maybe the big. Little structure would offset the greater electricity consumption. We’ll return to this part once we’ve analyzed the Samsung Galaxy S4 for battery lifetime.

Software and UI

Galaxy s3 comes from this box using android 4.0 ICS and is upgradable to androids 5.0. Jellybean (upgrade is currently available via OTA or Kies air).

Some unique features are

There is S Voice, a voice recognition support, such as Siri needs information link.

Smart Stay employs the front-facing camera to occasionally assess whether it may recognize a set of eyes looking at it. If not. It turns off the screen to conserve electricity.

Smart Call that dials a contact number for you by increasing the telephone to your ear in the contact information display or messages.

NFC and S ray to move photos and videos quickly involving other S3.

Smart Alert Phone will vibrate when you pick this up to allow you to know more about the notification.

Social Tag, Recognize faces out of pics and mechanically provide to text the picture to the folks featured in the picture.

Pop up play; It is possible to perform multitasking while viewing a picture or movie by allowing pop up play with the movie will play at a movable widget that’s movable.

Galaxy S4 comes from this box using android 4.2 jellybeans and will easily receive androids 5.0 shortly. Some unique features:

  • Smart pause, While viewing a movie that the camera will monitor your eye moves, you will pause the movie when you look away from your display and restart when you look at it.
  • Smart Scroll, It assesses whenever you’re taking a look at the display and will proceed with the webpage as you lean the phone back and forth.
  • Air gesture: You can flick through the pictures, answer phone calls, change audio and o, scroll, and web pages before touching the display by simply hovering your hands over the monitor.
  • S4 Knox security attribute protects malicious programs that users may download by dividing play and work profiles.
  • S voice Push, Samsung’s alternative to the Nokia drive attribute of Lumia show, activates your vehicle. You can dictate messages, request navigation, or program-read messages to you by simply using your voice.
  • S wellbeing, This attribute can handle your everyday workout and your wellbeing report by utilizing some accessories.
  • Group play, A set of Galaxy S4 telephones can share photos, audio, files, play games with no WiFi access point.
  • Story record, Samsung’s response to HTC Zoe characteristic of HTC One, S4 permits you to record the event by utilizing the location, weather information, memos, videos, and photos.
  • Double cameraIf shooting photos from 1 camera wasn’t sufficient for you; then, you can now capture photos or videos with the cameras of this telephone concurrently with options to put in many effects.
  • S translator, Samsung adjust sound, auto-fix touch sensitivity, IR detector, and Samsung accommodate screen, and these are a few other new features added to this telephone.


Though the Galaxy S4 is your newer and overall greater phone in the newspaper, the Galaxy S3 is not that far behind. It was a fantastic phone as it cost $200 on contract and it is a much greater telephone today that it is $100 less. Many clients do not require the quad-core functionality, a fancy camera, even a high-resolution screen, or even a mountain of fresh features they may never use. And that greater battery life is significant to many.

A top of cell mobile is critical, also, and also the Galaxy S4 gets the hardware to keep it applicable for the duration of a regular carrier contract and probably outside. The more recent Galaxy is worth the asking price.

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