Galaxy S10 vs Pixel 3 – Which Android Phone To Get? [New 2021]

Galaxy S10 vs Pixel 3 - Which Android Phone To Get

Are you considering buying Galaxy S10 vs Pixel 3? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

Samsung is accustomed to controlling the Android smartphone marketplace using its Galaxy S and Notice telephones controlling the lion’s share of sales and attention. In the past several decades, however, other Android mobile manufacturers have made strides in knocking Samsung off its own game, with Google specifically inducing some sweaty brows across Samsung headquarters.

Google’s Pixel telephones have grown up the rankings of Android devices due to its Pixels’ exceptional cameras and pure Android encounter. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are great examples of the offering smartphone shoppers that the very best camera phone if they debuted in the autumn of 2018. (The Pixel 4, published this past autumn, improved about the cameras much farther, though we believe that the iPhone 11 Pro is the ideal camera phone you can get right now.)

However, Samsung is clearly up for the challenge. Before this spring, the business rolled out a brand new Galaxy S10 lineup, which doesn’t only present improved cameras and a brand new UI, but also updates the processor and the appearance of Samsung’s flagship mobiles.

Are these modifications sufficient to vault the Galaxy S10 before this Pixel 3? As you consider whether to purchase Samsung’s most up-to-date flagship or elect for a lower-priced Pixel version, here is a closer look at how the different variations of this Galaxy S10 and Pixel 3 compare.

Galaxy S10 vs Pixel 3 Comparison

Galaxy S10 vs Pixel 3 Comparison


We might have commended the Pixel 3 to get its improved layout in our inspection, but let us face reality. It is a Small plain Jane. Comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn’t get it any favors either.

The new Samsung wows with its front-filling screen, which drives the boundaries back with dual-curved sides and a publication Infinity-O front-camera arrangement. By comparison, the Pixel 3’s Frankenstein brow and Buzz Lightyear chin make it look like a relic in the remote past. We are talking, for example, 2010 here.

Matters are a bit more interesting back, as the Pixel 3 embraces a distinctive divide shiny/matte glass complete. By comparison, the Galaxy S10’s all-shiny glass rear feels a bit more, dare we say, generic. And, of course, smudge-prone.

Fear not, however. Both phones have an IP68 rating so that they should not be allowing the foreign matter in their valuable innards in a rush.

Holding the two phones side-by-side, you might discover that the Galaxy S10 is that the marginally bigger of both – however, there is not all that much inside. They are almost identical regarding thickness, and the Galaxy S10 is a mere 9g heavier.

Which serves to create the Galaxy S10 all the more remarkable Once You consider its specs


Both the Samsung s10 vs pixel 3 versions use OLED displays, although not all OLED panels are made equal. As a company which also has a flourishing display company, Samsung enjoys an edge over other phone manufacturers, along with the Dynamic AMOLED display the provider uses about the Galaxy S10 is among the most remarkable displays we have seen on a smartphone, using increased brightness and decreased emission of blue light, which may lead to eye strain.

The Pixels top Samsung’s new phones on the color array, together with all the Pixel 3 covering 202 percent of their sRGB spectrum, in contrast to 148% and 136.5 rates for its S10e and S10 Plus, respectively. That Might Be the consequence of Samsung’s telephones tethered into a Pure color setting that is supposed to be realistic.

The S10 Plus leaves those colors more correctly, though, using a Delta-E rating of 0.29. That is before the Pixel 3 XL (0.35) and Pixel 3 (0.44). (Numbers nearer to 0 are more significant) The Galaxy S10e fared the worst on this evaluation, using a Delta-E review of 0.57.

The displays on Google’s older Pixels battle with brightness, together with the Pixel 3 hardly topping 401 nits if we measured it using a light meter. That is better than the Pixel 3 XL and its 362-bit result. Suffice it to state, Samsung’s phones outshine the Pixels, together with the Galaxy S10e hitting 603 nits while the S10 Plus struck 625 nits when we shone a flashlight during its sensor. Nevertheless, you won’t need to think about making out what is about the S10’s screen in bright sunshine.

Samsung S10 vs Pixel 3 Camera

The Galaxy S10 holds nearly all the cards in regards to a hardware encounter using the Pixel 3. All except one.

While Samsung may have improved the S10’s camera offering with a triple-sensor set-up, it is well worth mentioning that the Pixel 3 beat all comers in 2018 using only a single camera. As a result of Google’s unparalleled application smarts, the Pixel 3 reels the best smartphone pops in the industry with minimal fuss.

There was indeed an exact distance between the Pixel 3 along with also the Galaxy S9 camera at the 2018 shootout. It is likely a significant challenge for the Galaxy S10 to prove itself a game for your Pixel 3, let alone the premium of both.

Huawei has provided a precedent for carrying the battle to the Pixel 3 camera using brute force, courtesy of its triple-camera Mate 20 Pro. The S10 offers hope to get a similarly elastic shooter, using a telephoto lens plus a wide-angle lens blending with a variable aperture primary detector.

On the selfie front, the S10 provides a 10-megapixel f/1.9 unit, although the Pixel 3 goes using a book dual-camera 8-megapixel front camera.

Video: Galaxy S10 vs. Pixel 3 camera comparison


Assessing the performance of a variety of S10 and Pixel 3 versions comes down to a story of 2 Snapdragons. Published in 2018, the Pixel 3 and 3 XL operate on that year’s top-of-the-line Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 845. But since the Galaxy S10 is brand-spanking brand new, it’s the benefit of a more modern cellular processor, the Snapdragon 855.

This gives Samsung telephones a substantial advantage. Qualcomm states that the Snapdragon 855 provides the most extensive performance increase for one of the chip manufacturer’s processor updates, and according to our S10 benchmarking, we are likely to agree.

The Galaxy S10 Plus flipped at a multicore rating of 10,732 on Geekbench 4, which steps the general functionality – the best score we have ever listed for an Android cellphone. Lest you believe that’s precisely the S10 Plus’ 8GB of RAM performing the heavy lifting, the Galaxy S10e tallied a score of 10,513, and also the version we tested came with 6GB of RAM.

Both those scores far reevaluate what Google’s most delicate mobiles produced. The Pixel 3 XL listed a 7,684 score on Geekbench 4, although the Pixel 3 was completed in 7,316.

The results were the same when we analyzed images using 3DMark’s Sling Shot Extreme benchmark. The Galaxy S10 Plus’ rating of 5,486 paychecks marks the Pixel 3 (4,400) and 3 XL (4,396).

The Galaxy S10 Plus additionally improved upon the Pixel mobiles’ functionality in a real-world evaluation where we transcode a 4K movie to 1080p. It required Samsung’s new mobile for 2 minutes, 26 seconds to complete the job. Therefore the Galaxy conquers the Pixel 3 XL by 16 minutes.

Google’s telephones are not any slouch on functionality, and if problems have surfaced with the Pixel 3, Google has rolled out software fixes in reasonably short order. However, the Snapdragon 845 within the Pixel 3 and 3 XL can not keep up with the improved Snapdragon 855 powering Samsung’s latest apparatus.


Samsung’s new One UI features hope that the business has heard from the application errors of yesteryear. It is a cleaner, more inviting, and less clumsy OS skin compared to the TouchWiz years.

But it is likely to get to knock it out of the park to beat Google’s very own Android encounter from the Pixel 3. We have seen from Apple that the sort of profits you create every time a hardware maker has complete charge of the program environment and the Pixel 3 follows match.

It is a remarkably fluid, intuitive, and fast experience. What is more, it being a Google telephone, you receive all the firmware and security updates as and if they are ready. Samsung, on the other hand, hasn’t been one for timely software upgrades.

The Galaxy S10’s software appears to be the most acceptable Samsung attempt in certain years. But we are still giving the advantage to the Pixel 3 along with its own homegrown Android Pie OS.


For a little while, the Pixel two XL was among those longest-lasting flagship telephones you can get, topping 12 hours on our battery life test. (We put the screen brightness to 150 nits and then browse the internet over LTE on the telephone before it runs out of battery life ) However, the Pixel 3 and 3 XL took a step back with these telephones turning in below-average instances of 8:27 and 9:30, respectively.

The Galaxy S10 Plus places those telephones to shame when it comes to longevity, using a 4,100-mAh battery-powered. (The Pixel 3 and 3 XL attribute 2,920-mAh and 3,520-mAh power packs, respectively.) The larger battery-assisted the S10 Plus turns into a period of 12:35, beating the Pixel two XL by 30 minutes. The Galaxy S10e produced a pedestrian time of 9:41, which was better than the outcomes from the Pixel 3 version, although the Galaxy S10 lasted for a better-than-average 10:19.

Samsung’s phones have yet another trick up their sleeve to get electricity management. Much like Google’s Pixel telephones, the S10 lineup supports charging. However, the Wireless PowerShare attribute found in every S10 model also enables you to flip your Samsung phone to a wireless charging pad. Just place a system which employs the Qi regular to control wirelessly along with an S10, and it’s possible to power up that gadget.

The Pixels can bill up fast, with assistance for 18-watt quickly charging using an included cable. Buy a Pixel Stand; also, you’ll control your Google telephone wireless in 10 watts. The Galaxy S10 additionally supports rapid wireless charging on devices that are supported.

Cost and availability

The Google Pixel 3 sent in November 2018 also available to purchase now from retailers’ assortment. On Google’s official storefront, costs start from £739 for its 64GB version, moving around £839 for its 128GB version. The bottom 128GB Galaxy S10 prices £799, while the 512GB SKU prices £999 SIM-free.

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So, which one should you purchase?

As you can not go wrong with either of these mobiles, each one will serve a different set of individuals more efficiently.

Suppose you’d like a telephone with the very best screen money can purchase, appreciate things such as expandable storage plus a headset jack, need the performance that comes with three back cameras, or adore the concept of getting your fingerprint detector concealed underneath the display. In that case, the Galaxy S10 is going to be an ideal fit.

Instead, if you need the best smartphone camera money can purchase and wish to be sure you’re always running the latest edition of Android, Pixel 3 makes the best sense.

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